Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Basic Black Tuesday

Last night I was spoiler hunting and didnt even notice this photo as being new. I knew watching Game of Thrones first would put me in a frame of mind not conducive to True Blood sleuthing, that show leaves an impression. Anyway look at our vamps, they are hanging with Nan and did Stephen forget to remove his real life wedding band?  It's good to see Ausiello showing TB some love again on TVLine.com
Much has been made about True Blood‘s upcoming fourth season being one big witchapalooza, but what about the vamps?! Yep, they’re still around — and in the throes of a massive PR campaign to repair their tarnished image in the wake of all that Season 3 nastiness.
Leading the charge will be vampire mouthpiece Nan Flanagain, played by newly series regular-ed Jessica Tuck, pictured below holding court with fellow full-time Blood suckers Stephen Moyer (Bill), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd (Eric) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica). “We’re living in a post-Russell Edgington world everyone,” Nan reminds her flock in the June 26 premiere, “and we win back the human public one smile at a time.”
But the road to redemption will be a bumpy one, according to executive producer Alan Ball, who reveals that Marnie Stonebrook — the spiritual medium character played by Fiona Shaw — will prove to be the vampire community’s biggest threat. Teases Ball: “She is going to discover a way to have power over them.”

Thanks to Santress too.

According to Radaronline this is the song for episode 2, "You Smell Like Dinner"

I will admit to something so cornball by my city bred standards, don't judge. I have been commenting in Ausiello's columns about lack of TB, I even emailed him.  Since last night the guy has made up for it, yet he didn't use one of my missives! Maybe I scared him? I don't know or care, all is right and I'm an Aushole again. Let's play!

Question: It’s been a while since we’ve had any really good True Blood scoops. Please change that for us. —Jessica S.
 As I 
 revealed on TwitterMonday night, Cliff Clavin left a nice surprise in my mailbox Monday afternoon: the first three episodes of Season 4! I can’t wait to watch them sometime this weekend! Kidding! I’d barely sat down on my couch when I had those bad boys finished off. And you know what? I’m going to declare that the show gets off to its strongest start yet. The trouble is, there’s not much I can tell you without spoiling one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) twists in the series’ history. But give me a second, I’ll think of something… Oooh, there’s a very subtle clue in this trailer. Also:
An unlikely new romance takes shape.
* *i***** *******e* ***s.
Pam is at her bitchiest best.
| Jessica makes Hoyt dinner — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| There’s some big real estate news — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| Sam comes dangerously close to exposing his naughty bits.
Question: I can’t help but notice an alarming lack of True Blood spoilerage. What’s the deal? —Sarah
 The deal is you need to sit yourself down and pay attention, because you know that surprise romance I teased above? I think it’s the same one exec producer Alan Ball is referring to in this next quote, which was a response to my question about which couple he had the most fun writing for this season. “The one that I had the most fun with is one I can’t reveal, because it comes as a surprise,” he tells me. “But certainly Eric and Sookie, as fans of the books will know, get a lot closer this season, and that was really fun.”
Question: I love love love Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood! Please tell me we will see her in Season 4. —Hayley
 Oh, hell yes. Queen Sophie Anne is actually at the center of what will probably go down as one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

Scrappy Doo! Go to Eonline to hear that cute shifter talk in this new video.

True Blood's Shapeshifting Kid Brother "Still Has a Big Crush on Jessica"

"There's just something about the first vampire that you get the hots for," says True Blood star Marshall Allman, about his character Tommy Mickens' crush on baby vamp Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).
Sam Merlotte's (Sam Trammell) shapeshifter sibling tells us that Tommy's feelings will continue to affect his character in season four, saying, "He still has a big crush on Jessica. But how that plays out...I don't know, but Tommy will forever—that's his first crush. She's hot. Superhot vampire. He could meet a new hot person, but there's just something about that first vampire that you get the hots for." Well said, young pup.
Plus, what did Marshall reveal about where things stand between Tommy and Sam after that whole season-three finale shooting incident?

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