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Monday's Spoilers, SIX MORE DAYS!

Jody from True Blood's Nest met Charlaine Harris and has some nuggets for us!
She answered every question thrown at her. When it was time for the lecture, we all got front row seating. Most of the stuff we have heard before, but here are a few things that I caught that I wanted to share:

The line “You pickin’ up what I‘m puttin’ down?” came from her daughter and friends and they were thrilled to see it used on True Blood
She has seen the first two episodes of Season 4 and said, “they don’t go where you think they are going.”
Quinn will be in the novella in The Sookie Stackhouse Companion book (you can pre-order it here) which is due out in August/September
She was asked what Alan has done that she wasn’t fond of and she said having Calvin Norris be a (now dead) meth dealer – I will say that she does like mostly what he has done
A fan asked a question if Sookie would end up with a guy in the books and she said yes, but of course wouldn’t tell us who
She was heading straight from Ohio to Los Angeles to the premiere on Tuesday (what a life!)

Missed this but Bookies found it for us to enjoy, from The Daily Beast, another interview with Alan Ball.
I like what he says about this year's werewolves, excluding Debbie Pelt, they are more like the book's weres.

“I always choose to look, as much as one can, at the supernatural not being something that exists outside of nature, but a deeper, fundamental heart of nature that perhaps humans… have lost touch with,” said Ball. “It’s a more primal thing than perhaps we are attuned to in our modern, self-aware way of life.”
Ball is not one for spoilers, but he is being even more adamant this year that details about the upcoming season aren’t revealed to viewers. What is fair game is that the supernatural elements within Season 4 of True Blood will include faeries and witches, the latter introduced in a storyline that strips Skarsgård’s vampire sheriff Eric Northman of his memory, and explores the fluid nature of identity and the way in which power corrupts.
But lest you forget: True Blood’s storylines are much like vampire blood, a highly addictive adrenaline-laced psychotropic drug. Last season, Paquin’s Sookie tangled with werewolves, the power-mad Vampire King of Mississippi eviscerated a news anchor on live television, and Sookie vanished into the light with her faerie godmother. (And those are just the highlights.)
While part of the show’s allure is the corkscrew unpredictability of its plotting, all of this careening around doesn’t always work; Season 3 seemed to go off the rails by the end, having revved up its narrative to an impossible speed.
For his part, Ball doesn’t look back once a chapter comes to an end. “Honestly, at this point, I don’t even remember Season 3,” he said. “I’m not a big postmortem guy. Maybe that’s just a way of avoiding even my own criticism, but there’s so much to be done now, so I just move on.”
That season answered one of the show’s underlying questions, revealing that Sookie was part faerie, the source of her inexplicable abilities (including telepathy and “microwave fingers”) and the reason why she’s so irresistible to vampires. While even Sookie herself felt that was pretty lame, the show will demonstrate that there’s more to the faerie court than just luminous fruit and superpowers… and that there’s a darkness to their nature. Likewise, a coven of witches—of which several returning characters are members—will present a new threat to Sookie and her vampire associates.
“For the first time, our vampires are facing a real enemy who is not another [more powerful] vampire,” Ball said of Season 4’s Big Bad, related to the coven of witches at the center of the storyline. “For the first time, our vampires have had their weapons taken away from them. There’s a really funny moment later in the season where they have to resort to conventional weapons because their powers are very effectively taken from them… The season may be a little touch more romantic than other seasons have been… It’s a real love story.”
Still, said Ball, the key to keeping the show working is to make sure that each of the characters—whether human or supernatural—have legitimate emotional concerns.
“It allows us to get away with the craziness because… hopefully you care about these characters and you’re invested in them getting what they want... or seeing them foiled,” Ball said. “Otherwise, it’s just special effects and abracadabra.”
We get to see… a pack [of werewolves] that is not an outlaw pack of vampire blood-addicted werewolves, but are just regular middle-class NASCAR race-going, country music-listening, suburban werewolves,” he continued. “We just try to keep the emotional lives front and center and the supernatural stuff, we try to keep it interesting and new while honoring the mythology.”

More screencaps of the latest promo from Barbara's site, I agree that the possesor of Marnie is from the Spanish flashback, is that Antonia?

 Hitfix's 10 things we learned in the first 8 minutes of 'True Blood' Season 4 (magic fairy balls! and wtf Queen Marnie?)

1-There are golden apples or lumieres in fairy world.
When Sookie arrives in what appears to be a fairy "heaven," she quickly deduces that the humans or other fairies there are a bit addicted to the golden fruit they are being served.

2-Sookie has a fairy godmother - really.
It turns out that the fairy that first met Sookie, Claudine (Lara Pulver) is actually her fairy…godmother. Plus, Fairy Godmother's can be guys too, but they are still called godmothers even if their real name is, um, Lloyd.

3-Gary Cole is Sookie's grand father Earl
In a stunner for Sookie, not only does she run into that self-hating telepath she met in Houston a few years, er months prior, but her grandfather Earl is alive and well. Strangely, he's been in the Fairy world for twenty years, but he thinks it's only been a few hours.

4-Meet Marnie (edit, totally wrong, it's Queen Mab,lol)
The fairy kingdom ruler Queen Marnie (Fiona Shaw, and at least we think she's a queen) reveals that after a vampire breached their realm (Sookie's love Bill Compton), she's decided it's become necessary to seal the portal forever. But what does she need Sookie for then?

5-We still don't know the secret of Sookie's powers.
Queen Marnie seems stunned when after trying to force Sookie to eat the lumieres she is able to blast her into the light tree. Sookie's turning into a regular Iron Man here with those laser-like rays.

6-Fairy world really looks more like Joshua Tree
When Queen Marnie (edit, this is making me lulz, dont they have a fact checker or editor?) crashes into the tree the illusion of fairyland and needless to say, the race's new home looks a lot like the Southern California Desert. Not pretty.

7-Real fairies have a lot in common with those aliens on "V"
Yes, fairies bring humans to their realm not for safe haven or to bare lovechildren, but to eat them. Makes you rethink that whole vampires are evil thing doesn't it?

8-Some fairies who want to seal off the fairy world to humans, another that does not.
"Good" fairies (go with me here) help Sookie and her grandfather escape the hard charging Queen Marnie and quickly provide exposition to explain they don't want to seal off the portal and intend to return to earth some day.

9-Fairies shoot magic balls.
All fairies appear telepathic, but most of them can also shoot energy balls out of their hands that can vaporize a human or another fairy in an instant. Perfect for the HBO iPhone game debuting any moment now.

10-Is Sookie human, half-human or fairy?
It's a bit confusing. It appeared the reveal at the end of last season was that Sookie was a fairy, but judging from Queen Mab's revelations she may be half-human, half-fairy? We're guessing we'll find out when she eventually makes it home to Bon Temps.

TVOvermind has answers and questions about the new promo-

What we know:

■Vampire and human relations are not great (to put it mildly), after Russell Edgington ripped out a news anchors spine live on air, it is perhaps understandable as to why humans are more than cautious regarding their safety around these supernatural beings that are much stronger, faster and deadlier.
■Fangtasia isn't a safe haven for vampires as human protesters gather outside. It looks like Hoyt (Jim Parrack) may be on the receiving end of a beating due to his allegiance to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).
■The American Vampire League is trying to rectify this issue by winning back humans "one smile at a time". Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) appears to be the poster boy for this campaign looking very dapper in his suit as he smiles and waves to the press.
■Witches are going to pose a major problem for vampires this season, if they can control the dead that means that they can control vampires.
■The witch coven will also be attempting resurrection spells, first on a bird and then on a human. Who will it be?
■Sookie wants to have a reading with medium Marnie (Fiona Shaw), who looks rather reticent to perform this task but later in the coven circle she is definitely in control.
■Sookie will be using her 'microwave fingers' once again but this time on the fairy plain to aid her escape.
■There will be a lot of skin on show (this is True Blood after all), in this promo alone we see Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Sam (Sam Trammell) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) all shirtless, Jessica in her underwear, newcomer Courtney Ford (who will be playing Andy Bellefleur's sister Portia) getting hot and heavy with someone and a naked Sookie.
■Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is in a perilous situation once again in the Fangtasia dungeon, this time at the hands of Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten), is it his involvement with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), and the coven that has landed him in this position?
■Jason is also in danger (again) as he is tied to a bed with only a werepanther for company.
■Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is after "everything" from Sookie and tells her that her "blood tastes like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle."
Questions that are raised:
■Why is Bill also dressed in goth attire? And why does it look like he is feeding on a human if he is the American Vampire League's poster boy?
■Why is Jessica being scanned and what with?
■When Jason jumps down from a tree he looks like he has had a rough time and what/who is he staking?
■Whose house is being blown up and is anyone inside? Arlene (Carrie Preston) sure looks pretty upset.
■What will happen when Bill encounters Marnie? Will she be able to control him?
■When Sookie returns from the fairy plain is it all over for her Grandpa Earl (Gary Cole)?
This promo is definitely packed with images and snippets of scenes that infers that this season is going to be an explosive one, with new enemies and old foes.

Glad to see Jussunique  back on youtube! Kristin said they filmed this last December.

From AOL, a really nice interview like another she did last week but Kristin is always a great read. Just the spoilers as usual, go to the link and get Pammed.

A background character who's stolen almost every scene she's been in, Bauer told AOL TV that this is Pam's year to shine.
"This year, the main thing that I felt was that I got to play her really edgy. It's a really different side of Pam. We haven't seen it, we've suspected it, but she hasn't been unleashed ever. This year I feel is her most raw."
Witches come to Bon Temps and turn Pam's world upside-down, but Bauer told us we'll see Pam get in on the action with a fighting style that resembles that of a "feral monkey."
"I discovered how little of a chess player -- a strategist -- she is," Bauer said. "She's a reacter. Also, we already did see when her maker is in trouble, she jumps right in. I was going to say 'and asks questions later,' but she doesn't even do that."
What's it like playing such a fabulously badass character?

[Laughs] It's fabulously badass! I can't even tell you the images that are going on in my head even from what we shot last week. Pam is even more badass than we've ever seen her this year. So, I had a freakin' blast. Recently I've been seeing pieces of it in looping. You never know if you totally pulled it off and if the image in your head is what you ended up creating with everybody. It's a big team effort and I think it's going to be pretty entertaining from what I've seen!

Do you have a routine to get into Pam mode?
I don't know why it's so fun to play evil characters -- although I don't even see her as evil anymore. I wonder if that's a big warning sign. [Laughs] I read the script, then we have the table read, then I have a wardrobe fitting -- and that's a huge piece of it -- and then on the day I spend two hours in hair and makeup. Then, I get in that wardrobe and I walk onto the incredibly convincing sets and look at whoever my scene partner is -- often Alex [Skarsgård], Anna [Paquin] or Stephen [Moyer] -- and we're just ready to roll. It helps too, to be in Season 4 because you have a feel for who this person is. Again, maybe I should be worried it's feeling pretty seamless.

So, there's lot of witches from what I understand.
Yeah, that's right and they wreak havoc in the vampire world.

A little memory wiping?
That's right. A little memory wiping. For Pam, this an enormous crisis. Her maker is not himself, especially not his harsher self. That's the guy she knows and loves.

You mentioned this was a big year for Pam ... she's very raw and doing a lot more. Do you have a favorite death Pam has caused?
Well, I can't say if Pam has done a kill, but I sure can tell you that she's wanted to. And it seems as if ... Pam seems to be the kind of dirty fighter. A nitty-gritty fighter. You know all this 'Matrix' type of fighting would not be her thing. She's very ... the two words that come to mind are feral monkey. [Laughs] That would be Pam. It was interesting to see her fighting style. Last year we saw a little of it. She pulled out a thing of silver and sprayed Bill. She's a dirty fighter.

Look at these little nuggets courtesy of True Blood News' youtube channel-

Trolling is paying off today, Watch with Kristin has some bites. I wonder if she is referring to Tommy as the one in peril or is it someone who has been around longer, Tara? 

Pencilneck: True Blood?It's probably nothing, but producers are casting for a body double for a character we love for the season finale. This character is in perpetual danger because he/she is such a fan favorite (and he/she has almost been offed before), so we're a smidge panicky that bad things may finally come to pass for this person. Eek!
LucyPevensie: You've got to tell us more about the Bill vigilante thing you were saying about True Blood!Bill installs a torture chamber in his house this season. Kinky sex, perhaps, or more likely he's hunting down his enemies and putting them on the rack for his own quasi-diabolical purposes.

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