Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweltering Wednesday, True Blood Is On Fire!

I think even if it wasn't in the 90's and humid, I'd be hot from all the TB news (though it could always be a hot flash coming on).

Let's start with a teeny spoiler from TV Guide's Mega Buzz.
Any scoop on the new season of True Blood? — Renee
On a show where the term dead is, to say the least, fluid, we'll discover yet another permutation when we witness a chilling resurrection. Tara has a new 'do — and a hilariously entertaining new job. And if I were to tell you that the hottest human-vampire couple among the Bon Temps faithful is no longer Jessica and Hoyt, would you be as sad as I am? Eric wouldn't be.

Now some goodies from the Digging Up True Blood Season 3 that was on HBO last night. The S4 preview in my last post by TrueBloodSource  was shown after these.
Thanks to Askarsgardnet, one of the very first sites for Alexander Skarsgard,  I think Lilja still runs it and I'm a member long time. check it out, she gets all the Swedish dish too.

My namesake!Talbot, wasn't he a great character?

Watch the rest on their youtube page, linked about, never can have enough Eric, who cares what season.

Sultanah was taking pics from the set last night, she has some great shots too. Go to her link to view.

From the latest Inside True Blood Blog

Gianna: Where are you shooting right now?
Dave: Right now we are at a practical location in Hancock Park, and surprisingly during the day!
Gianna: Anything you can share with us about the scene that's up?
Dave: It makes me cringe a bit and of course has a lot of blood in it.

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