Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Spoilers

From TV Guide

What's up with Sookie and the fairies on True Blood— Sarah  
When the show returns, Sookie will reconnect with some familiar faces in Fairyland. (Watch the first three minutes here if you want to find out who!) But the glowing lumières the fairies offer up as a snack notwithstanding, it won't be all sweetness and light. Sookie will have a lot of questions for Claudine, her fairy godmother. First up: If she's supposed to be Sookie's protector, where the heck has she been all this time?

True Blood (HBO)
Premieres:Thursday, June 26, 9/8c

Where We Left Off:So many cliffhangers: Sam shot his brother. Tara left town. Hoyt and Jessica moved in together while his mom bought a gun. Jason was left in charge of a brood of drug addicts. Eric told Sookie that Bill had set her up from the beginning. Sookie banished Bill and jumped into the magic hole leading to fairyland. Whew!

What's Next: So much, but here are the biggies: Get ready to meet a clan of witches, and watch for a new Eric… one who can't remember a thing!


We’re getting some interesting details about the upcoming season of True Blood straight from the source today!

While speaking to TV Guide for their Summer Preview, creator Alan Ball explains what Sookie will be up against:
“There are two factions at war: vampires and another fueled by witchcraft and power over the dead,” says creator Alan Ball. Battles go down and Sookie’s lightning-bolt-shooting fingers strike again. “We see her use her powers,” Ball says of Anna Paquin’s steel magnolia. “Other people see that too, and it’s going to complicate things.” She’s not the only one releasing her inner magic. Tara and Lafayette get mixed up with Wiccan medium Marnie (Fiona Shaw). And witches cast a spell on Eric: “Sookie will see a different Eric,” Ball says, but she’s still feeling heat with Bill and Alcide. “From the Team Eric, Team Bill viewpoints, one of those teams will be happy, one won’t.”

Episode 12, the finale, sniffles is titled "And When I Die"
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I love this song and Laura Nyro-

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