Monday, June 27, 2011

More Post True Blood Ditties.

The Rest of The Season?

Whew LucyLocket wins the fan of the day award from me (I know others must feel the same, somewhere) how cool is this promo for E3? Thank you LL!

Barb of Skarsgardfans has a cure for your True Blood fangovers, read and see her photos at the site, here's just a bit. She put a lot of work into it, you'll enjoy it.

Yes finally Eric Northman fans were able to see a gift for Sookie from Eric. When Sookie arrives at her newly renovated home she sees a few new items. Of course Sookie is not amused. Notice the note on the door “Out with the old” . Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing in that little note? (most definitely).

Now why would Eric be giving Sookie a microwave? Hmmm let me think well perhaps to heat up a bit of blood for him? Too bad Sookie finds Eric’s carafe in her fridge and dumps it out.

The look on Sookie’s face is priceless when she discovers that Eric has built himself a hidey hole. And what a decent sized hidey hole it appears to be! We even get to see some of Eric in that hidey hole in episode 4.03 (from the snippet of trailer shown last night)
She also has some great screencaps from both episodes HERE and HERE, very very enlightening!

Here's the points of the ep in a listicle, first time reading Fancrash, looks good to me.

True Blood Monday Fangover.

1. Jason grew a goatee, complete with soul patch. Oh, and by the end of the episode, he’s just a dick in a box.

2. Andy needs a serious 12-step program to get over his V-addiction.
4. Pam is SO not cut out to be a spokesperson of the AVL.  And that’s why we love her. 8. Anger management, Sam-style, consists of a boozey dinner party, followed by everyone taking their clothes off.
9. We know that Eric owns a lot of property in and around the Greater Shreveport area. Including Sookie’s house.  For those of you who were paying attention (or are seriously Skars-obsessed) A.I.K. stands for Allmänna Idrottsklubbenliterally “The Public Sports Club.”  It refers to a Swedish Football Club based at Rasunda Stadium in Solna based in Stockholm County.
10. Lafayette’s hair. ‘Nuff said.
11. The return of Eddie and holy Minerva!

I found this GIF site this year while looking for Game of Thrones info, now they are doing episode GIFs for TB!!!!
Screenjunkies is for all of us TB Junkies.
3. To get over Franklin and the crazy vampire shit, Tara has been holed up in NOLA, living as Toni from Atlanta. Toni likes the underground girlfighting circuit, dinners by candlelight and long walks on the beach.

5. Human food is dead. Oh, and Jessica is HUNGRY. . .for something other than Hoyt.
6. Tommy Mickens now has the mother he never asked for, or ever hoped to have.  How’re those tuna noodle casseroles treatin’ you?
7. When Bill says, “Jump,” Eric is now obliged to say “How high.”

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