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Not a spoiler but it sure would be fun to go-

True Blood Makeup Artists to do a Panel at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show
By Shanea O'Connor

Have you ever wanted to learn how all of our favorite True Blood actors are kept looking so good? Or how Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) looked like he had been fried to a crisp in last season’s finale? Well now you have the chance to find out. The makeup artists and special effects team responsible for these kinds of tasks will be doing a panel this year at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) in Los Angeles.
True Blood Fan Source

From Indian Express
The Shape of Things to Come
Ian Spelling
It’s time again for the rivers of blood to flow and the naked bodies to glisten. Yes, True Blood fans, your favourite show is about to kick off its fourth season on June 26 on HBO, and Sam Trammell can’t wait.
Trammell, of course, stars as the shape-shifter Sam Merlotte alongside Anna Paquin as the telepathic barmaid Sookie, Stephen Moyer as the vampire Bill Compton, Marshall Allman as Sam’s younger brother, Tommy, and several other actors and actresses who portray the series’ assorted people and creatures. “There’s so much I want to tell everyone and so much I’m not allowed to say,” Trammell says cautiously. “Usually we’re allowed to talk about things, but this season there are just a couple of big things that I’m not allowed to even bring up. We’re always reinventing ourselves as a show, so there are a lot of new characters this year, and, yes, there will be plenty of skin, and I’m sure we’ve already gone through gallons and gallons of blood.”

“Last season, by the end of it, Sam was in a real state,” the actor continues. “His buttons had been pushed by many people, and it ended in this eruption where I beat up that were-panther, started drinking, and I had a flashback to when I killed a couple of people and was betrayed by a girl I was seeing and committing petty crimes with. Hung over, still kind of reliving that flashback, I went to Tommy’s house, saw that he was gone, suspected that he may have stolen the safe with all of my money, and chased him down.’ Viewers then saw Sam fire his gun ... and nothing more.

“What you didn’t see is whether or not I shot Tommy,” Trammell says, “and what had happened with Sam is that he took two steps back. He’d gone to Bon Temps to start a new life and no one knew about this side of him, where he had a criminal background and these anger issues. So in Season 4, I’m dealing with that eruption that happened at the end of Season 3 and also with Sam’s past catching up with him,” he says.

Even better, Sam will be getting a love interest during Season 4—and, no shocker, she’ll be a shape-shifter. Janina Gavankar, late of The Gates (2010), will play the character of a schoolteacher named Luna. “Luna is a very interesting character and Sam is very attracted to her,’ Trammell says. “She’s not just beautiful, but also mysterious.”
“So what you’ve got is that Sam has given up the danger of being around the birth family you saw in Season 3 for this new danger of being around this community of shape-shifters, and especially Luna,” the actor continues.

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