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Sunday, True Bloody Sunday, Finally.

The previous post has all the episode info so this one is going to be whatever I can scrape up that isn't TOO repetitious.

Some Jessica info from The NY POST, longer article at the link-

Tonight’s season premiere skips a year in the show’s chronology, returns Sookie (Anna Paquin) from the land of the fairies, and introduces a witch, Marnie, played by theater actress Fiona Shaw, who spooks the daylights out of several characters. Jessica’s story line fits in nicely with these, and offers a funny yet turbulent glimpse of her domestic life with burly, kind-faced human boyfriend Hoyt (Jim Parrack).
“Everything on our show is so supernatural,” says Woll, “that it was fun to take a minute to show, well, how do you deal with chores and dinner when you’re in a mixed relationship and one person doesn’t ever eat?”
Ball says they’re the classic young lovers who promised themselves to each other too early. “These are two people who made this lifelong commitment when maybe they weren’t necessarily prepared,” he says. “Let’s just say the honeymoon is over.”
This season is about Jessica overcoming a self-hatred that Woll says permeated her character in season three, and which Woll believes is at the core of vampirism’s raging popularity. “We all have these darker thoughts and feelings in us, and we’ve come through some generations that said you ought to suppress that,” says Woll. “What vampires are representing is that you don’t have to necessarily be ashamed because you feel lust, or hunger.”

From HollywoodLife's interview with Ryan (some of it seems likes quotes from older interviews we've read before)-

So Jason’s the mayor of Hot Shot now. … How’s that going?
He’s someone that really shouldn’t be put in a position of authority or power, and I think strange things happen when someone like Jason is put in that that position. He can choose to either man up or back off from it. It’s a real test for Jason to turn himself from a boy into a man. It’s a good season for him. He started so low on the evolutionary scale that he can only go up anyway.
From the teasers we’ve seen, he also looks like he’s going to be in some trouble.
He gets very close to death, if not very much at death’s door. Nothing is what it seems on True Blood, and we very much continue that philosophy this season.
Now let’s talk about the shirtless elephant in the room. How much skin will Jason be showing this season?
Not much by Jason, actually. A lot of the other boys try their hand at it, though. Believe me, I’m not totally off the radar on that front, but compared to previous seasons, it is a little break.
How does Jason and Crystal’s relationship progress over the course of season four?
She’s very much under a spell, for lack of a better phrase. And Jason’s so in love with this girl that he goes along with it for a little while, but he very quickly finds himself in a position he may not be able to get out of.

A wonderful interview with Kristin Bauer at The Advocate, mini spoilers but you should really read it at the link.

Summer of Pam
Returning as Pam, True Blood’s bitchy vampire lesbian, Kristin Bauer van Straten talks season 4 spoilers, on-screen nudity, and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.By Brandon Voss
The Advocate: When members of the press receive advance screeners for a new season of True Blood, we also receive a letter from Alan Ball that lists the plot points he doesn’t want us to discuss in our coverage. Do you worry about getting in trouble for revealing spoilers or saying too much?
Kristin Bauer van Straten: I do. Honestly, I wish you could send me a copy of that letter. I’m not told specific things that I shouldn’t say, but I just feel like I shouldn’t say anything. But now I’m doing interviews, so would you like me to play the radio for you? [Laughs] It’s totally stressful.
What can you tell us about Pam this season?
Pam has a pretty wild story line this year. It’s not in the books, and it’s not something I think people would ever guess. It’s a unique, exciting story line that was really fun and challenging for me, and I think it will be pretty memorable. So we’ll see.
Pam is a major part of the fourth book, Dead to the World, which aligns with many of the themes in the new season. I hope that means we see a lot more of you this year.
We do see a lot more of Pam, and we see a whole other side to her.
We know from previews that Eric, Pam’s maker, has somehow lost his memory at the start of the season. How will that affect Pam?
She's got to take on a leadership role. Also, I’ve found out this year conclusively that Pam is not a strategist; she’s a reactor. Someone’s messed with her maker and messed with their relationship — he doesn’t remember anything, so he doesn’t remember their history or their feelings for each other — so she jumps right in to try to right the situation and make those who did this to him pay. She’s not a chess player.
Last season Pam unexpectedly became a motherly mentor to Jessica, the vampire newborn played by Deborah Ann Woll. Will we see that continue this next season?
Do we more of that, and I love their dynamic. It’s incredibly fun for me, and Deborah’s mentioned how much she loves it too. I also love the incredibly wrong advice that Pam gives her — “Did you call the hypothetical hardware store and buy a theoretical chain saw?” That’s so fabulous to me.

I love Scrappy Doo Tommy, so even though it isn't a spoiler I have to post it.

Santress did screencaps and this one is interesting, I think she has the most Vikingcentric Tumblrs of anyone, gotta love that.

A wee bit more from THR

The witches will enter the HBO show’s world when Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) tries to encourage Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) to get more in touch with his magical side by introducing him to a small coven of witches led by Marnie. At first, Shaw’s stumbling and awkward portrayal of the character can be very deceptive.
“She’s pretty bad, but she’s also pretty good,” Shaw says of her character. “She’s a pathetic person who becomes very powerful and maybe starts to abuse her power.”
So, on first take one would wonder what trouble this coven (which comes off in the beginning like a suburban housewife’s book club) could rain upon the vampires. But it doesn’t take long before we’ll see that there’s definitely an agenda and it’s something the vampires will want to shut down quickly.
“I think what [the witches] represent is the power of the human spirit and sort of the power of life,” Woo explains. “And they use that to perform their magic. Whereas, vampires are the dead. They represent death and it’s the contrast of life versus death, with human versus vampire that I think is the crux of this season. And the very thing that allows the vampires to be animated is the thing that the witches can control.”

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