Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Has Part 2 of The Premiere

Wow, now I know that article saying no more previews was talking out their booty. The second part of the first scene for season four!

20 years of eating light up fruit, oh Earl, you must have some case of the runs, fae style. Queen Mabe makes an entrance, fairy bitch! So Ball made a big leap from the books by making vamps such a threat to fairies by drinking them dry, my reaction right now is a big shrug and a sigh. Fairyland is a nasty ghetto with cracked out fruit? Niall please save us.

Sookieverse has the same opinion as I did of  that Fairyland crap, so glad this seems to be the end of it, though I will miss Miss Lloyd.

Screencaps are up @ Skarsgardfans for this preview too

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