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Last Thursday Before Premiere.

From TV Addict, they have a lot of TV spoilers at the link.
With TRUE BLOOD’s fourth season premiere just around the corner, I’m going to need something, anything, to get me through until Sunday! — Michelle
The TV Addict: Although there’s plenty to love about Sunday’s season premiere, Stephen Moyer fans in particular will get a real kick out of the season’s second episode which flashes back all the way to London’s punk scene circa 1982 to reveal a very cool bit of backstory about Bill Compton that sheds some much needed light on the current predicament he finds himself in. Oh, and if your tastes run more towards younger, blonder Ryan Kwanten variety, you’ll be happy to know that poor Jason Stackhouse will spend the entire episode tied to a bed for reasons we’re really not about to get into here.

MTV's Hollywood Crush always has goodies, to watch the video go to the link.

Quick! Someone better change the population sign in Bon Temps, Louisiana, because a whole slew of supernatural citizens are moving in! With the "True Blood" season four premiere just three (blessed!) days away, what better time to meet the new vampires, witches and shapeshifters moving into town? We caught up with the cast at this week's premiere event in L.A. and asked them to give a primer—a Character 101, if you will—on their juicy roles.

First up is Aaron Perilo who plays bloodsucker Blackburn. "I am a vampire, if you can see the pale skin," he joked, motioning to his face. "I'm pretty old, so I'm very fast. I kind of have an attitude. I don't know if it's a talent, but I guess I have kind of a bloodthirsty attitude where I like to get in trouble."
Trouble will follow the vamps wherever they go this season, thanks to a new coven of witches brewing up spells in Bon Temps, led by "Harry Potter" star Fiona Shaw who playsMarnie. "She's not a very good witch, but she becomes a very powerful witch as the thing goes on," she said. "It's been very interesting for me to play someone so out there, so weird, so lonely, so desperate, so isolated that it's been a very big challenge."
Holding hands in the circle with Marnie is Roy (played by Dean Chelcvala) and Casey(played by Fiona Dourif). Then there's Antonia (played by Paola Turbay), who's from another time altogether. "She is a witch from the era of the Inquisition," Paola revealed. "Her spirit is haunting the vampires. She's around and she's causing a lot of trouble."
Rounding out the roster is shapeshifter Luna (played by Janina Gavankar). "She's a school teacher by day and a shapeshifter by night," Janina mused. (And, we should add, Sam Merlotte's new love interest!) "She is a nice girl with a big ol' past who is just trying to do the right thing and be drama-free and keep it together and live a simple life in Bon Temps," she added. Bon Temps? Sorry, Janina. It's never that simple.

NY MAG's Vulture Blog sure is hot for TB this season, maybe they realize we fans are legion.Just posting the S4 stuff, as usual, go to the linkie for the whole dealio.

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on the ‘Brutal and Dirty’ Fourth Season, Surviving a Shark Attack, and Working Out

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on the ‘Brutal and Dirty’ Fourth Season, Surviving a Shark Attack, and Working Out
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images
True Blood's Jason Stackhouse is — as his partner in crime and punishment, Detective Andy Bellefleur, says — "prettier than most girls." But as actor Ryan Kwanten will attest, it takes more than an Adonis-like physique to play the strapping village idiot. (Though that helps considerably.) In season four of the vampires-and-werewolves-and-fairies drama, Stackhouse is a newly minted cop. This requires Kwanten to play his part with an air of authority, while looking good in and out of uniform. We spoke with the unflappable Australian dude ahead of the season-four premiere this Sunday night about Jason's "sweet" scenes with Sookie, his lack of superpowers, and showing Zac Efron who's the man.
This season is kind of Jason's dream: It entwines his protective instincts with his desire to be an authority figure.
He's always had this protective cloak, but then it gets behind his bungling-ness, his stupidity, and his naïveté. I get the feeling he started so low on the evolutionary totem pole, and now he's almost forced to swallow the naïveté and really step up and be a man. And he can only go up. Now it's a whole tribe of people looking to him for survival. The sheer virility of the man!
There's also this Deliverance vibe. Was that intentional?
Oh, absolutely! I'm glad that you said that! I think the rawness of that film … there was such a visceral response you got from it. [This season is] supposed to look brutal and dirty. Jason's life is very much on the line.
Will he ever acquire powers? 
I feel personally that he wants a superpower or some sort of supernatural ability more than anybody else on the show. The comical element, then, is to not give a superhero power to that guy who wants it the most. [But] we've been sworn to secrecy for a lot of this stuff.
Have you noticed that there's a certain Golden Girls–eating-cheesecake quality to the way Jason interacts with his sister?
Jason is really in a world of his own for certainly the first half of this season. Anna [Paquin] and I only have maybe two to four scenes together at most each season. Inevitably, we come together at some point — "Well, I almost died another time!" It's always about an emotional high point. There's a couple of really sweet scenes that I have this year with Anna. It's some of my favorite stuff to do.
How much do you work out for this role?
I don't work out for the role.
I just work out for my own sanity, to be honest. I grew up in a competitive, sporting environment. It's just sort of part and parcel of who I am. I'm one of three boys, and the easiest way for my mom to deal with all of us was to kick us outside.
Popwrap's Jarrett Wieselman has 2 castmembers for us today, isnt that special? More pics and Q&A at the site link

Chris Bauer: Get ready to change your expectations of every character!

He may lack the screentime, romantic entanglements or abs many of his co-stars boast, but Chris Bauer has spent the last three seasons turning "True Blood" into his personal playground. Transforming what could have been a totally disposable character into a multi-layered man that never fails to enrich and energize every single scene he's in.
The character in question -- the oft mocked Deputy Andy Bellefleur -- ended season three on the precipice of a V-addiction. Something that is picked up on right away when the new year kicks off this Sunday.
In anticipation of the premiere, I caught up with Chris and -- more than anything else -- was shocked to find out he sounds nothing like the gruff & grumbly gun-toting Southerner. But even I couldn't have guessed what, or who, inspired this affectation!
PopWrap: First of all, you sound totally different from Andy -- I bet that's the first thing fans say when they approach you.
Chris Bauer: Yep! That’s after I’ve grabbed them by the shirt, shaken them and screamed in their face: “don’t you know I’m Andy Bellefleur?!?!” [laughs] I can talk to people who say they’ve seen every episode of “True Blood” twice and I’ll tell them I act on it and inevitably they always ask, “who do you play?” I swear to god, their jaws drop when I tell them Andy. They eventually get it, but I don’t understand – do I look that different? I guess I do.
PW: It's probably a combination of the voice and the physicality -- Andy carries himself in a very distinct way.
Chris: It’s funny -- everything I do in terms of character traits is very intuitive but always last minute. Andy’s voice came from shooting the pilot. We went to rehearse with Ryan Kwanten, who I’d just met, and couldn’t believe what he looked like. Dude is 160lbs, less than zero percent body fat, has perfectly but naturally lit hair. I literally growled in disgust – “uggggggggh” – and that’s where the character came from. Andy is so unbelievably jealous that he can barely mumble anything, because he’s just dying to scream, “mrrraaaagh, I want that body!”
PW: Who knew we had Ryan's abs to thank for Andy's distinct mannerisms!
Chris: [laughs] Yep! And every second working with Ryan is a party. Our chemistry is so genuine. I love that guy. If you guys have fun watching them, just think how much fun I have playing them!
PW: Andy has been integral in Bon Temps since day one, but his role evolved and became so much more important to the story once death really came to town. Did you have an idea from the beginning that would happen?
Chris: Maybe. I remember feeling like the show had so much potential. But looking back over four seasons, it’s so gratifying seeing how Andy has integrated into the lives of other characters and the themes of the show because none of that is guaranteed when you work on a TV show, which is one of the thing is love about the medium. There is a symbiotic relationship you develop with writers where you don’t know where it will go, they don’t know where it will go – there are examples where it goes straight into the toilet and others, like our show, where it goes to the moon. It’s a little hustle, a little seduction, a little like a first date – over and over – where you try to get the writers to expand the dimensions of your character and when it happens, it feels incredible. Season four is a great example of that for me – they throw a lot of stuff my way this year I was so happy to get.
PW: Let's talk about that. Last season ended with Andy on the verge of V addiction -- are fans right in thinking that's one of his big storylines this year?
Chris: Yes, I think they would be on the right path because we’ve established that he’s an addict and the nature of an addict is that they’re always an addict. One day at a time is very true and every day is different.
PW: Not only is every day different, but in the world of bon Temps, the variety of possible addictions are also so different!
Chris: That’s so true. I hope this doesn’t sound like an opportunistic reach, but one of the things that’s super interesting to me is that given the amount of supernatural chaos Andy encounters on a daily basis, none of those circumstances fuel his addiction. It’s his emotional discomfort and struggle to be a human that leads him to those problems, which is a great irony.
PW: What else can you tease about Andy's season four journey?
Chris: This year, Andy makes great strides towards evolving in a little more complicated way and finding out his biographical detail and getting him involved more with others. Everything in that direction, to me, enhances the character and enhances the story.
PW: Ooh, biographical detail? Does that mean we'll get more Terry/Andy scenes?
Chris: Yea, Andy & Terry really remind themselves this season how important they are to one another. And I love every second of it – Todd [Lowe] is a total mix of contradictions and I love how he plays the part. I think it totally adds to the Bellefleur presence.

Now let's get on Joe, I mean move on to Joe's Q&A, I have to get a grip.

I can't think of a more fitting way to end PopWrap's "True Blood" Week than with Joe Manganiello. A man who exploded last season -- both physically and professionally -- as a result of bringing to life Alcide Herveaux, the only warm-blooded boy worthy of Sookie Stackhouse's heart.
Something he will continue to make a major play for this season, according to Joe, who chatted with PopWrap about the shocking developments in store for fans around "True Blood's" halfway mark. Not only will this game-changing course redirect forever alter Alcide as a character, but it promises to make good on Joe's extensive pre-"Blood" professional training.
Yes, as much as we all want to talk about his abs, Joe is particularly pumped that the show is giving him a chance to flaunt his acting chops.
PopWrap: What were you excited about coming into season four?
Joe Manganiello: I talked to Charlaine Harris last year at Comic-Con and she gave me some insight into what she was thinking when writing the character – and how he arcs throughout all the books. It became really clear that Alcide starts with the self-loathing that you saw last year – he felt like being born a werewolf was like being born with a curse. But as he goes on, that part he’s tried to hide from really comes out. Wrestling with that monster inside of him was something I was really looking forward to and I was excited that the writers took Alcide there this season – big time! There’s a point where I felt like I was playing a different character on a different show.
PW: Obviously Alcide's storyline is very Sookie-centric -- what do you think of his chances this season in that love quadrangle?
Joe: [laughs] I think you really saw how duplicitous the vampires were last season, and in turn how difficult that made it for Sookie to trust them. I think what’s refreshing about Alcide, and what I respond to, is how loyal and good hearted he is even when his morality was put to the test – like it was last season. He did the right thing even when it went against his own kind.
PW: Which only made him more of an outsider.
Joe: Yea, very much. And they brought in some of his backstory – how hard it was for him growing up as a werewolf. What a lonely existence is it to not truly be able to open up to other people, besides werewolves, so to meet someone else with an ability they didn’t necessarily want gave him another person to open up with. Which is really attractive to someone like him.
PW: Geographically where do we find Alcide this season?
Joe: Everything that went down in Jackson last year with Debbie & the werewolves – he killed Coot and another on the way out – forces him out of town. He can’t go there. He tries to start life over and he does that in Sookie’s neighborhood. And, of course, there’s another wolfpack where he moves. They just won’t leave Alcide alone, I’ll leave it at that [laughs].

These sites don't realize how fast we get everything, I saw this video as I'm sure most of you did already. I still love Michael Ausiello, he is a big fan of the show like us. I put his little piccie in to show some love and there's more at the link so go comment.

It appears the honeymoon is over for Jessica and Hoyt.
When True Blood kicks off its fourth season Sunday on HBO (9/8c), the interspecies couple find themselves navigating an unconventional domestic situation where simple issues like dinner protocol can trigger all-out war.
“That was a fun scene,” shares Hoyt’s portrayer, Jim Parrack, of the couple’s alternately hilarious and heartbreaking culinary showdown — which, as you’ll find out on Sunday, escalates into an all-out egg fight. “Once the eggs come out [it was all over]. I flicked the eggs in her face and we had an egg fight.”
Parrack’s leading lady, Deborah Ann Woll, admits the sequence rattled some folks. “A couple of people came up to us after they saw that scene and were like, ‘It was like mommy and daddy were fighting,’” she says with a laugh. “They couldn’t handle it.
“We got very messy that night,” she adds. “I think what made the [final cut] was a cleaner version, but we were covered [with egg] by the end of that shoot.”
Parrack says it was inevitable that the duo would hit a few speed bumps on the road to eternal happiness — if there is such a thing in Bon Temps. “You put together a guy who’s never had a girlfriend and a vampire — a new vampire — and you get all kinds of domestic trouble.”

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