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At this point I had to look online to see how many more days it was to be sure. Those pics from the premiere last night had me staying up too late and now I'm all fugazi.  I'm sure this will be another day of spoilers, especially later in the afternoon. Let's get going.

(Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times / June 22, 2011)
Starting with just a teeny spoiler from Alex's LA Times' interview, read it all at the link-
 This season, Eric is at the center of the key storyline that sees witches rob the vampire of his memory, and he must rely on Sookie's kindness as he struggles to rediscover his true identity.

"It's a completely different side of Eric," Skarsgard said. "He doesn't know who he is so all that baggage is gone — 1,000 years of resentment and bitterness, the whole loathing humanity kind of stuff is gone. But there has to be an element of danger there still. I didn't want him to become too much of a little puppy.... I don't think it would be fun to watch him for very long if he was completely emasculated."

As for the romance brewing between Eric and Sookie, Skarsgard has the support of at least one cast member. "I think it's great for the show," Moyer said, pointing out that there's no rivalry between the actors. "I went up to him at the beginning of the season, and I just went, 'Look, I want you to do your job to the absolute best of your ability and I will not be around when you have to do that stuff. I don't want you to feel like you're looking over your shoulder and there's me at the monitor going, "Get your hands off her!" 'It's absolutely not how we roll. Me and him are mates."

Video from the Premiere last night interspersed with some S4 action.

From The Hollywood Reporter

'True Blood' Premiere: What's Next for Bill, Sookie and Eric?At the show's Tuesday night Season 4 premiere, The Hollywood Reporter gets the dish on the vampire series' big love triangle.

When we last left Bon Temps, Sookie (Anna Paquin) had cut her ties with vampires Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) after she learns that the former was a spy for the vampire authority from the later. As the battle for her heart waged between Bill and Eric in Season 3, Sookie winds up ignoring Bill’s advice and saving Eric from a sun-fueled death.It’s a hard battle to fight when both your love interests constantly find ways to screw the other over. Which is why Paquin says Sookie “is going it alone at the beginning” of the season.
“At the end of Season 3, she tells them both to get lost,” Paquin told The Hollywood Reporter at Tuesday’s Hollywood premiere.
While Paquin feels it “would be very impolitic to declare a side between Bill and Eric,” Team Eric may have the advantage.
ERIC AND SOOKIESuffering from a case of amnesia at the hands of a powerful coven of witches, “the Eric you thought you knew is gone and it changes the dynamic between Eric and Sookie as well,” Skarsgard says.
While the former vampire sheriff may still be physically strong, the tactically smart guy is gone and must learn how to navigate in the world, which is where Sookie comes in. One thing, however, remains: “The attraction to Sookie is still there,” Skarsgard teases.
So does this mean there’s a shot that the steamy shower sex scene between Eric and Sookie from author Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books is a go?
“Everyone wants to know if the shower scene will be in there that makes the fourth Sookie book the most popular book. We’ll see! I don’t know!” Harris told THR.
With his spy games for the vampire authority are now public record, and Sookie officially giving her former fiancé his walking papers, what’s next for Bill?
“Bill basically says Sookie’s needs and what she wants are more important than his own,” creator Alan Ball tells THR. “That’s love.”
So what’s a single vampire looking for love going to do? “Bill has decided to enjoy bachelorhood while he can,” Moyer says.
“He makes the decision that if you love somebody you have to set them free and the only way for him to possibly believe that there might be a chance for some rekindling down the line is to let her be the person that she needs to be,” he adds.
With no other choice but to let love go -- and enjoy bachelorhood -- Bill’s hope still springs eternal when it comes to a reunion with Sookie.
“I think he loves her so much that he knows he has to step back,” Moyer says. “Hopefully at some point, there’s a glimmer of hope in him that maybe somewhere down the line something will happen. But at the moment, he knows it’s not going to be now. She’s got some mending to do. He knows the first person who’s going to step into that bridge is Eric and he has to let it be.”

Also from The Hollywood Reporter, Ball talks more about his future involvement with the show-
With HBO’s vampire hit True Blood premiering its fourth season Sunday, creator Alan Ball is in talks to return for a fifth season of the Anna Paquin starrer.
“Right now I’m in the middle of negotiating for a fifth season,” Ball told The Hollywood Reporter at Tuesday’s Season 4 premiere in Hollywood. “I don’t know if I have any left in me after that. We’ll see.”
The showrunner, whose résumé also includes the cable network’s critical favorite Six Feet Under, added that he could see the show based on Charlaine Harris’ 13-book Sookie Stackhouse series “going a few more seasons.”
“I think if we did 13 seasons we’d have to address why vampires are aging,” Ball joked. “Maybe there would be a bad batch of Tru Blood. … With the supernatural thing you can always go places storywise that you couldn’t go on another show.”
Ball, who signed on to direct a dark comedy pitch he developed with Elan Mastai that landed at Paramount, said that Season 4 has been “really tough,” and while he’s happy with it, he’s “ready to take a big vacation right now.”“I’ll play it by ear and see how it happens,” he said.
Ball first hinted at the series continuing on without him earlier this month in an interview with Rolling Stone in which he said, “I don’t believe True Blood is 100 percent dependent on my participation. It has a strong following and a really strong cast, and there could be a future where I step back and the show would continue.”

Access Hollywood was at the Premiere, of course! More goodies at the site link.

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