Friday, June 17, 2011

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I'm disappointed, no Askars at Comicon as per Screenrant

HBO is bringing a bit of Westeros and Bon Temps to Comic-Con 2011, with the recently-announced panels for their hit series Game of Thrones and True Blood.

With two cult-hit series on their hands, HBO is once again tapping into their core audience at Comic-Con. While those in Hall H are likely dreading the fanatic craze that Twilight is expected to bring, it appears that Ballroom 20 has just received its television counterparts – both in size, and in fanaticism.
Not to be outdone by the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, True Blood will be making its fourth consecutive Comic-Con appearance on Friday, July 22. Moderating this year’s panel will be Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack – and, as always, True Blood is bringing with it a large portion of the series’ cast. Accompanying series creator Alan Ball will be: Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thorton), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam De Beaufort), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby).
Of course, I’m sure that many True Blood fans will be disappointed at the fact that Alexander Skarsgård won’t be attending (especially after they see what happens in the first few episodes of season 4), but hopefully Jason Stackhouse himself, Ryan Kwanten, will help quell the hordes of fans interested in seeing some of the series’ more “familiar” faces.
While this is the current list of those expected to attend, there’s always a chance that schedules will be changed as Comic-Con 2011 grows closer.
Make sure to keep an eye on Screen Rant, as we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the panels, and interviews with your favorite stars, over on our Official Comic-Con Coverage Page. 

Alan Ball talks about the 3D filming in today's NY Times, it a long interview and worth the time.

Q-You told The Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago that you filmed a 3-D scene during production on the current season. Is there anything more you can say about it?
We were asked by HBO to shoot one scene in 3-D as an experiment, and we did. And it looks fantastic. I don’t if anybody will ever see it. I personally think 3-D is kind of cool, but until I can just sit and watch something without having to wear goggles, 3-D is not going to make something that doesn’t work, work. HBO has been so good to me, I’m happy to say, “Absolutely, we’ll shoot the scene twice. We’ll shoot it in 3-D and we’ll shoot it regular. Here’s your 3-D version so you can look at it and you can decide what you want to do.” That’s pretty much all we did.
Might they show this in movie theaters to promote the new season? Or as a special broadcast for viewers with 3-D television sets?
I don’t think they’ll broadcast it. But I do think they will look at it and decide if, down the road, they want us to do an episode in 3-D. Or at some point are they going to say, let’s shoot the show in 3-D? But I think all that is premature. It was an experiment for them. I’d love to shoot the show as a hologram, as a fully immersive, three-dimensional experience. Of course.

Last week, we tackled some of your burning questions. This week, it’s round 2. The countdown to the June 26 premiere of True Blood is on! Here’s some stuff to tide you over.
Hi. I am a HUGE fan of True Blood. I know this season is primarily about Sookie/Eric, but this Bill fan wants to know if the former couple will have any decent scenes together as well? Will Bill be pursuing Sookie or is he too busy with his new power position? — CK
I know you’ve seen the first eight minutes, but the next eight will definitely answer your question about whether Bill cares or not. That said, Bill’s storyline is sometimes very twisted, but mostly just full of twists.
I’m gonna be selfish here by not asking for couple news. All I want is Eric! If not Eric, Alcide will do. Have your pick, thanks. — Shaden
Eric is constantly underestimated, and he’ll prove that in the first episode when he comes into possession of something extremely valuable. Also, episode 2 has some pretty great Eric moments, especially the last scene.
Let’s get some scoop on Jason, please! Bill, Sookie, Eric — love ‘em all. But haven’t heard a thing about Jason! — Gloria
Ryan Kwanten has talked about some dark and disturbing scenes that are in Jason’s future, and he was right on point. One scene in episode 2 might even require eye covering if you’re squeamish.


Fourth Fan Question Answered...

By Gianna Sobol
Does Alan Ball already know how True Blood will end as a series finale?
Although the writers follow the books, they also let the show evolve and grow in ways that feel organic to them. We've seen this over the last three seasons. When I asked Alan if he had an idea for how the series will end, he said, point-blank, "No. The show is not anywhere near it's finale. I have no clue how it would end."

HBO's Inside True Blood Blog

Nothing we don't know but a fun watch-

From Marc Malkin's Eonline column

"It wouldn't be True Blood if we didn't up the ante a million percent and add like 50 new characters!" Carrie Preston told us of the series' upcoming fourth season at last night's L.A. Film Festival premiere of Bernie.
While Preston says her character, Arlene, won't be doing anything raunchy enough to ruin her relationship with Terry (Todd Lowe), she promises the sex factor of the show, which is back June 26, is "off the charts!"
"You've got a lot to look forward to if that's the kind of thing you're into," she laughed.
And for those of you who are like us and are hoping for more shirtless Joe Manganiello than ever, Preston ensures, "You'll be satisfied. They like to get the clothes off those boys as much as they can."
One guy you won't be seeing showing some skin on the show? Preston's Lost star hubby Michael Emerson who was also at last night's premiere.
"I'm friendly with Alan Ball..." Emerson said when we asked if he'll ever pop up on the hit HBO series. "He'll say, 'I've gotta get you on here!' And I'll say, 'Yes, I'm ready!'" Edit: Didnt I say this yesterday, hey they are reading this blog, lol!
But as for taking part in the series' many scantily clad sex scenes, he said, "that would not be the role that I would be auditioning for."

From XfinityTV's Julie Zied 

True Blood’: Rutina Wesley Promises Happier Tara in Season 4

After suffering through three season’s worth of indescribable trauma, in last year’s “True Blood” finale, perpetual victim Tara Thornton made an executive decision: she chopped off her hair and hit the road on a journey of self discovery. On June 26, when “True Blood” returns for a fourth season, the angry, fearful, braided-haired Tara will be a thing of the past. In her place will be a calmer, happier Tara – with a new hairstyle to match. In a recent interview, Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara, talked about what brings these changes about, and explained why summer’s guiltiest pleasure keeps getting better.
What was behind the decision to chop off Tara’s hair last season? Did you ask to do it, or did [creator] Alan Ball want it?
We sort of made it together. It seemed right for Tara to have change. I had also talked about possibly changing my hair next season, and it just sort of seemed to make sense. It was like her trademark in a way. For me as an actor it was nice to have braids. You don’t see that a lot on television. What’s nice, is that with Tara’s new hair, it’s sort of a little bit softer. This hair frames my face differently and I think now with Tara we’ll see her have a little bit of happiness, and she’s sort of found herself. She’s got this inner strength and she’s gonna smile and laugh. It’s like she’s breathed in a breath of fresh hair.
Does that happiness involve a love interest, perhaps?
You’ll have to wait and see. I will say this – I think because Tara has found a way to love herself, she can finally find a way to open herself up and love others. If you’ve ever noticed, when someone gets too close to Tara, she runs away. I think she has issues with men in general, and commitment – probably because of her upbringing. I think now she’s had time to think about herself and what she wants. Now she’s gonna be able to live her life fully and I think be open to love.
Ding, Ding, Ding, we have our going gay character.

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