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Wednesday's Countdown to True Blood, 11 Days to Go!

Ausiello has some more for us today, but didn't we already hear this like maybe last month? Tara! We even had his puzzle thingee that I tried to make fit with her, along with everyone on Bookies Facebook page.

Spoiler Alert: True Blood Turns Straight Character Gay… But Which One?
True Blood has turned people into vampires, vampires into piles of gore, assorted wildlife into people, and Michelle Forbes into the ultimate party ghoul. But perhaps no transformation in the show’s colorful history will come as quite as great a shock as the one that we find out about during the HBO hit’s ferociously anticipated fourth season, premiering June 26: A major character, heretofore heterosexual, will be involved in a same-sex romance.
By the way, this is sort of related to the even bigger twist I teased in Ask Ausiello last week.True Blood has never shied away from exploring its characters’ fluid sexuality. Last season alone found Sam fantasizing about a roll in the hay with Bill, and a hidden agenda motive prompted Eric to seduce Talbot (before whacking him). And, of course, there’s resident bisexual Pam and openly gay Lafayette, the latter of whom is now settled down with Jesus.
So, who do you think discovers his/her True identity? Hit the comments with your theories. In other words, if you happen to know, keep it to yourself. Don’t ruin our fun little game! ( edit-so if we think we know don't ruin the game but post what you think, lol, Ausiello is smoking some good shit)
I’m not going to reveal any more clues about the character — who may or may not be featured in the above image — so as not to risk getting fanged by series creator Alan Ball. However, I will say that, having witnessed the big reveal, it doesn’t feel gimmicky. In fact, after the initial shock wears off, I imagine you will do what I did and go, “Yeah. Makes total sense.”

Some bits about the new season from Celebuzz's interview with Ryan Kwanten-

We are big True Blood fans here! How has filming season 4 been so far?

We are at the tail end, we have about another month to go. It has been a whirlwind of a season. We are certainly not getting smaller, it’s been taken to a whole new level.

What can we expect out of your character, Jason Stackhouse, this season?
Jason got it so low on the evolutionary totem pole, so every season he grows more than any other character. This season is no different and probably his biggest growth period. Now a young boy turns into a grown man, and trusts his disposition of authority. He is supposed to look after the family that Crystal left him with so there is a real sense of authority that he really hasn’t really had before. He has always lived a very selfish and self involved life and now he thinks of others before himself.

Everyone loves Jason the playboy, though. Is Crystal coming back or are you getting a new love interest?
Crystal does come back and there is some dark and disturbing scenes that happen. Jason is used to getting poked rather than punched but this is taken to a whole new level. He will be lucky to get out of here alive.

True Blood has such a die-hard fan following. Is it a little intimidating at times?
You work so hard on the show so to have people see the effort — it is a very nice feeling. Last week we were filming in a small town back-to-back and the whole town must have turned out to watch us shoot the scenes. Literally at all hours of the night! These fans could not of been more interested, it’s very cool.

A lot of these fans are petitioning for an Emmy nomination for you! Seriously, if you go through the message boards on True Blood fan sites they want Jason Stackhouse to get some love this year.
Really! Our fans are amazing. If people want to petition I am all for it, but I am not the best at tooting my own horn.

Really though, is it something you have thought about at all? It’s a possibility!
Oh no, not really. It’s just great being apart of something fans enjoy so much. It’s very flattering. has a teeny spoiler, why a fan would ask this, who the hell knows-
Will there by any chance be a wedding on True Blood this season? — Mary Ellen
NATALIE: I just rid my DVR of the stench of MaryAnn's putrid meat man and already you want to have another wedding? Sheesh! I bet I know why you're asking though. You're one of those cheaters who read the books and is now pretending to be really intuitive about the TV show's upcoming plot points. Well, I've got news for you, cheater, your fancy book-learnin' won't help you here! For while Jason and Crystal take their already unorthodox relationship — she's a panther, he's an idiot — to a whole new level of weird this season, it's not the same weird as in the books. Her motivation, for example, is very different, perhaps inspired by recent headlines.

From Ausiello-
Question: Thanks for all the True Blood scoop in AA last week — but what about Alcide? Got anything on my favorite werebeast? —Allison

Ausiello: He’s doesn’t actually show up until Episode 3 (airing July 10), when Sookie drops by his new suburban crib to ask a favor of him. She quickly discovers that his change of address is but one of two major surprises the big lug has in store for her.

From the Examiner
If you have read the Charlaine Harris novels about Sookie Stackhouse, then odds are that you probably have a pretty good idea as to what is going to happen between Jason and werepanther Crystal on this season of "True Blood." Unfortunately for you, there's one problem -- this series is changing course from what you would expect.
According to TV Guide, the two characters are going to see their relationship evolve in a very different way than in the book series -- and they claim that the story may in some ways be inspired by "recent headlines" in the news. It's a bit too early to tell what exactly that means, but odds are we'll find out soon enough.

Jason's relationship with Crystal has been one of the character's true brights spots, as he has seen everything from death to seduction to even heartbreak over the past several seasons -- and while some of it he has deserved, a good percentage of it was due to circumstances beyond his control.

Not a spoiler but the poster for Askars "Straw Dogs"-

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