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One More Day Till True Blood!

Today is the last day of waiting and what sucks about it is that spoilers are just remixes of information we've had for a while. No one has anything to add or to lessen the sucking so just hold tight and the time will fly by till tomorrow evening, or not. I'll post some of these mishmashes just to fill in the hole of the night (evil laugh), does that sound like a plan or what?
THR now has the most counts in their compilation with not, 4, not 5, not 10 BUT a whopping 14 things to know about S4. Heck, they even have Zap2it's Jethro in the mix. Pics and vids at the link.

1. It's a crooked path to Fairyland, but Sookie's taking it. For those of you who saw the first 8 minutes HBO released from the premiere, you know that Sookie (Anna Paquin) will probably have some issues about being a fairy. Don’t despair, the microwave fingers aren’t going anywhere. “Now, she realizes she has some fairy blood in her,” producer Alexander Woo says. “She doesn’t know what that means yet, but she has to come to grips with it and take advantage of what that power could be to her. So, I think this year Sookie is going to grow a little more comfortable with what she is.”

2. Bill turns into a PR man for vampires. After Russell Edginton (Denis O’Hare) sets the vampire movement back a few thousand years, Bill is tasked with doing damage control. “Bill ends up in this situation that he wouldn’t necessarily have chosen but he gets pushed into it,” Stephen Moyer says. “Ultimately he’s trying to not only rebuild what vampires are to the greater outside community but rebuild what he represents to Sookie."
 3. This is Alexander Skarsgard’s year. It has already been  revealed that Eric will have amnesia this season and what that does is feature Skarsgard’s acting like this show has never done before. “The huge challenge is he has to portray someone who has an almost completely different personality, yet is at the roots still the same character and what he’s done with it,” Woo says.“Seeing how Alex was able to almost instantaneously turn into a different Eric, yet one that was still rooted in the same character at heart is really extraordinary. I think it will be great, great fun for everyone to watch.”
4. Alcide and Bill have something in common besides Sookie. While we’ve been used to seeing Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Bill in opposition of each other by nature of who they are and for the affections of Sookie, we’ll learn this season that they may be more similar than we thought. “Alcide is in many ways like Bill in that he is reluctant to participate too much in the world and the politics,” Woo explains. “This is at least the Bill we knew at the beginning of the series was trying to mainstream and live among people and Alcide is very much the same. He's a bit of a ‘lone wolf.’ ”
5. Fairies, vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, Brujos and what? “There’s a new twist on shapeshifters,” showrunner Alan Ball says. “There are disembodied spirits -- ghosts if you will. We get more into the Brujo tradition: the demonic black magic that Jesus may have inherited from his grandfather.” And as if Bon Temps doesn’t have enough to worry about, Arlene will encounter a new force. “She will be facing something that the show hasn’t even seen before,” Carrie Preston teases. “It is something new and you can put two and two together if you want.”
6. Debbie Pelt has a softer side. After Season 3’s big throw-down with Sookie, Debbie is still alive and at-large and we’ll see another side to her. “Debbie was really, really bad last season to everybody but in every bad girl, there’s a soft spot,” Brit Morgan says. “There’s a wound behind every bad girl -- maybe a little bit of emptiness. Why else would she be doing that vampire blood?! To fill the hole, man!” But that soft side doesn’t mean she’s letting Alcide off the hook. “She’ll be a thorn in Alcide’s side for a while,” Manganiello adds.
7. Terry becomes Mr. Mom to Arlene’s creepy baby. “The last time we saw Arlene she was definitely worried and concerned that the sins of the father of the child are growing and being vested upon the child inside of her,” Preston says. “Those fears don’t go away.” While the burden of the baby’s temperament becomes a heavy burden for Arlene, she and Terry (Todd Lowe) are as cool as can be. “For Arlene, she’s really lucky that she’s found a man who will put up with her histrionics, neuroses and will stand by her side, so she feels lucky.”
8. The Bellefleur family reunion may not be a fun one. When Andy’s sister Portia (Courtney Ford) returns to town, Andy doesn’t exactly roll out the welcome wagon. “[Their reunion] is awkward and uncomfortable because my sister got the looks and the brains,” Chris Bauer says. “Our grandmother loves her and dotes on her. The chip on Andy’s shoulder is so high it bumps into the moon. She’s no exception. She’s part of the problem as far as Andy is concerned.”
9. Jessica really wants things to work with Hoyt despite behavior that isn’t always in line with that desire. “She’ll definitely explore her vampire side, which Hoyt isn’t that comfortable with,” Deborah Ann Woll says. Adds Jim Parrack: “If you’ve ever been in a relationship, it’s a test.”
10. Shapeshifters 101. Luna winds up being a teacher both professionally and personally and teaches Sam a thing or two about the “full range and capabilities of shapeshifters,” Janina Gavanka says. Could that lead to a teacher-student relationship? “I think that people who are rooting for Sam will really be happy Luna is around because she sees how good of a guy he is and she honors that,” Gavanka says. Adds Sam Trammell: “You get to see the mythology of shapeshifters and the specific problem being a shapeshifter.”
11. Nan has her hands full. With Eric’s amnesia, Bill handling PR and a coven of witches in town, Nan is caught in the middle. “I’ve got the AVL and the Authority yelling at me,” Jessica Tuck says. “Then I’ve got all these vampires that I’ve got to deal with and I’m the middle man that everybody seems to hate. But really, I’m just doing my job.”
12. Lafayette trusts Jesus. A lot. With Lafayette still freaked out by Jesus’ (Kevin Alejandro) Brujo roots, he’s hesitant to explore whatever abilities he may have, but begrudgingly takes one for the team. “Lafayette doesn’t completely come around [to exploring his abilities] but Jesus asks him to do it and he trusts Jesus,” Nelsan Ellis says. “I don’t know if that works out for the two of them, but we’ll see.”
13. Jason turns into a man. “This is the season of the biggest growth for Jason,” Ryan Kwanten says. “He started very low on the evolutionary totem pole, so he could only go up. This is a real season of where the young boy turns into a man.”
14. Get ready to go back in time. There are going to be a lot more chances for fans to see our fave vamps as they were earlier in their “lives.” If you can imagine that Pam (Kristin Bauer) is considered young at about 100 years old, then you get a sense of just how many story possibilities there are for flashbacks. “All of our vampires have such a long back story that at some point, I think, we’ll get to everyone,” Woo says.
“One thing we’ve realized when we had Godric who was really ‘alive’ on the show for maybe three episodes,” Woo continues. “Was there were so many opportunities because he had such a long life with Eric and still a long life in general as a vampire that we could always go back to it. So, one of the opportunities that we have with our vampires that we could always go somewhere in their past to dig into something that informs what’s going on with them now.”

OnTheRedCarpet has this from Big Joe Manganiello-

At the show's recent season 4 premiere in Los Angeles, the actor told reporters that "if you like the tension between Sookie and Alcide then you'll like this season."
When audiences last saw Alcide, he settled the debt he owed to Eric by allowing Eric to bury Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, was under a slab of concrete on his family's construction site. His reunion with Sookie was brief but filled with romantic tension.
"This season's really exciting," Manganiello said. "You're going to see the werewolves. "There's a new pack of werewolves and Alcide does not get along with them very well."
He adds, "So you're going to go see some fighting with them, you're going to see shape shifters and werewolves not getting along that well, this season too."
Manganiello confirmed to OTRC last year that he was made a full time regular on the show for season 4. "Yes, Alan Ball has asked me to be a full time werewolf. It's going to be a lot of fun," he said.
The fourth season of "True Blood" is said to loosely follow the event of the fourth novel in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series, which the show is based off of, called "Dead to the World."
"In the books Alcide goes from being a construction worker that wants to be left alone to & he winds up becoming pack leader," he said last year. "There's all this fighting and basically this pack war to see who is going to be the alpha."
The actor told the press during the season 4 premiere event that his character's future remains a mystery to him. "Every single script I flip to the end to see if I'm still alive," said Manganiello.
He also admitted he was a fan of the series saying: "It's sexy, it's funny, it's poignant, it's about things bigger than vampires and I think that's why people love it so much."

What the hell, this is HD and worth a repost-


Collider has their review of the premiere, no spoilers but interesting in that they actually seem to watch and know the characters. More at the link.

Each character is re-introduced in a new and sometimes negative light, bringing in a whole new perspective and an energetic change to the characters we know and understand; But also blending a cluster of new people into the ever-changing mix. As we know, with each new season, a new magical specimen taints the seemingly calm water. Last season, werewolves roamed the streets and immediately presented an intense and passionate disgust for vampires, but not without creating an interesting love “triangle” involving the brawny but soft-eyed, Alcide, played by Joe Manganellio. However this season, we are quickly introduced to a coven of witches, led passively by Marnie Stonebrook (Fiona Shaw) that can only be described as hopeless until one of our adored characters becomes the active element that flips the switch on who is in control.

Every season since the first there has been a slow but ever-growing push on the theme of vampire politics constantly tracking back to our favorite two-faced spokesperson, Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck). Since the King himself was “dethroned,” we can only speculate how Nan will manipulate the next successor. Although we perceive a seemingly rule-positioned hierarchy that exists in the vampiric realm, we all know that this is a long time demented and determined plan of none other than Nan. We are constantly fixated on the dramatic relations between all the Bon Temps players, but it isn’t until later that we are reminded of the on-going resistance between the rights of the living and the dead. Luckily, from what we can tell, this is going to be a good season to parallel the characters struggles to the bigger picture themes.
This season is transforming everything that we know about True Blood; a transformation so majestic in nature, that I was specifically written and asked by Alan Ball himself not to divulge specific matters at hand. In merely three episodes, almost every character can be re-defined as the opposite of what they were before. The only character we can hold as a true constant is our favorite brazen and sincerely more independent, Sookie. We also are noticing this significant transition from supporting characters that are becoming major characters, which in turn take their own story that eventually molds into the final and fantastic season ender that we all expect. If we know anything about True Blood it’s that the last two episodes of any given season are the key to that sudden moment of clarity and understanding, where we can recognize exactly how everything ties together and what it means for our Louisiana locals. Fortunately, we are a long ways away from that giving the show enough time to thoroughly confuse us for our own enjoyment.

More things we saw before but it takes a lot to fill the aforementioned hole.

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