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Needy For True Blood Spoilers Wednesday

Having to push myself to get going on this hump day. Let's see what we have today,
UgoTV has a Q&A with Mrs. Emerson, Carrie Preston/Arlene Fowler. There's more at the link, I left out non spoilers.

Where does Arlene Fowler fit in the season of the witch?
Does Arlene see the baby as just human evil, because of Rene, or is she afraid there’s something more supernatural going on, given all her experience?
Carrie Preston: Well given the way she looks at the world, she comes from a place where she believed in the sins of the father will be visited upon the child. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility in her mind that he is a sick individual who will do something horrible in the world, and she will feel responsible for that, for having brought that into the world. I think that’s really her main dilemma.

She dealt with a bit of witchcraft herself in trying to abort the baby last season. But now that the witches are sort of center stage for season four, will she find more involvement in that plot line as the season goes on?
Carrie Preston: You know, I think the witch thing really scared the pants off of her. I think Arlene is somebody who’s firmly planted in the human world, and is pretty, and we’ve seen this with the vampires, she’s pretty scared of anything that’s unknown to her. Though I think then you can make whatever conclusions you want from that. However, there will be something she’s going to come in contact with that we haven’t even seen yet on the show. So, that’s an exciting thing that happens in season four for Arlene.

She’s afraid of everything unknown. Does that include fairies, or would she see that as the typical image of a "nice" supernatural thing?
Carrie Preston: No, I think that would scare her too. I think Arlene is just one of those people that is only comfortable with what she’s used to and what she knows, and everything else takes some getting used to. You’ve got to give it to her, for somebody who’s from a small town, a little narrow-minded, she’s come to at least be able to start to accept a few things about Jessica, in working with her.

She’s had to put up with a lot. She didn’t quit, and she’s definitely...I’ve got to give her a little credit for it. I wouldn’t call her tolerant. I think she’s worried for the safety of her children, not to mention herself.

Do you see her and Terry as together for good? Is that fixed in place? Because breakups happen on the show. Bill and Sookie's relationship is gone for the time being...
Carrie Preston: Yeah, I think Arlene realizes how special Terry is, and that he is someone who is extremely devoted, and she does not want to do anything to mess that up. I think that was part of season three’s conflict for her, was you know, having somebody else’s baby inside of me, is that going to mess up the only good thing that’s happened to me in...ever, as far as relationships. I think she’s definitely going to try to keep that around.

Now I’ve heard the question posed a million times that Michael [Emerson] is interested in being a vampire on True Blood and such. Can we expect to see you on Person of Interest?
Carrie Preston: I certainly hope so. The good thing about that show is that it shoots in New York, which is our home base, and also there’s only four series regulars on that show, so they are really going to have a lot of opportunities for New York actors to do some really great guest spots. I’m hoping they’ll let me come on and do something. Yeah, I know a few people involved, so...let’s hope that works. Let’s hope I can get in the door.

More screencaps at Skarsgardfans and some speculations! Here's a couple, Barb has so many done from the promos.

This one needs a caption, ay papi!

This bitty is from TV Guide-
Loved the True Blood premiere, but where the heck is Alcide? — Mike

NATALIE: He'll show up in Episode 3, but he will be "spoken for," as they say, which will provoke an interesting reaction from Sookie. Nevertheless, Sookie will need his help. "The great thing about Sookie is that she drags him off on all these adventures," Joe Manganiello tells us. "She's the key in unlocking that reluctant hero inside of him and he recognizes that as a good thing."

My Little Pony Recap-
I just watched E2, You Smell Like Dinner, I'm so lame it took this long. It was pretty damn good. Arlene is the worst mother of the year, but I never thought she was much of one anyway on TV or in the books. If anything is really wrong with that adorable baby I blame that stranger bitch Holly and whatever spell she tried on Arlene. Sam's new chick was better than I thought from the slight promos I saw (Skinwalkers was a good movie BTW). That little Ed Grimly looking Tommy has one cute butt, I did enjoy that scene with him and Sam nekid. Jason saying he was a band-aid kind of guy was funny too, those poor inbred Hot Shot kids, no schooling or socialization into the world. Crystal is outdoing her book character.That one was just a ho this one is insane, I didn't see that coming last season. Sophie Anne didnt put up much of a fight at all, she didn't run when she could have been faster than all of them. Bill being a spy was another surprise, but he still is keeping Sookie safe no matter what position he has. I guess the Vamps in the shadows from last season are the real powers behind the thrones, and Nan is just following their directions. Funny that in the pub I could swear Bill had Stephen's English accent, then in the alley it was gone. Why was Sookie even trying to stop Jessica in the middle of a feed? You don't touch a dog's dish when they are eating, so why interrupt a vamp?
I don't know what is up with Jessica really, is she just a bored teen or is it more? Marnie is mentally challenged, guess that is why the possesor (I think she will be the witch Antonia who we are going to meet in a flashback, ah the burning times!) chose her, it was so easy. Again that Holly got on my nerves with her joining hands crap to aid in Eric's mindswipe. Luanne from Son's of Anarchy was one of the circle, this week at least the actress had some lines. I miss her Cara Cara porn star ways on that show since she got offed, hope she has a bigger part on TB. Askars is doing a great job already as the opposite of supremely confident Eric. He transformed into his 7 year old self, all wide eyed and innocent looking. Pam was being Pam, which is to say she was great and sarcastic but truthful. When Sookie found his swank hidey hole, (now called a cubby ) in her house I cracked up, Eric, making himself at home. That place will come in handy now. I have 2 weeks to wait for episode 3, the big drawback to seeing this one early, but I can deal (with some spoilers to help).

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