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Another True Blood Weekend Begins.

More Promos! Great Abuelo, geez, but then Jesus is the kid that didnt cry or protest stabbing a goat repeatedly so apple/tree.

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Oh noes, why more Holly, why. 

From TV Guide's Natalie Abrams

Alan Ball on Bill-Sookie-Eric Triangle, Season 4 Finale

As TB starts charging towards the Season 4 finale, executive producer Alan Ball was on hand at HBO's summer TV session to dish out a few spoilers — and when we say few, we mean very few. Here is the transcript of our rapid-fire lightning round with the very cagey Ball:

What will we see in the war between witches and vampires?
It will go places that surprise you. It's not linear.
What can you say of the Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle?
It's complicated.
Will Sookie be able to forgive Bill ?
I believe forgiveness is possible for everybody for everything, but I'm a Buddist, so...
Were you careful with the relationship between Eric and Sookie because of Team Bill?
Ball: I don't worry about Team Bill or Team Eric. I love [the fourth book] because I thought it was a great story, but I'm Team Sookie.
Because Jason drank Jessica's blood, will his sex dreams continue?
He's had her blood and he's already a very sexual person, but he's going to be attracted to her.
What is the season building up to?
The fate of vampires as a whole.
What's the big, bad villain for next season?
We are just in the beginning of Season 5, so it's too early to say, but we're basing it on the books.
Do you feel pressure to top each villain?
I don't think that way because that's only a recipe for trouble. I love my job, I enjoy doing it. I'm not going to put pressure on myself to top. I just want to tell the best story and the most fun story.
Why did the show really jump one year in the future this year?
The root of that was how we get Jason to be a cop.

Some nice photos (I like Anna's dress)from yesterday's Television Critic's Association Summer Tour that was live blogged at THR. From our friends at The Vault-

Couple of blurbs from the panel via the live blog , TB starts at 5:14.
Ball says he signed on for another season, Anna dares AB to comes up with something she'd say no to, talking about the rock star reception they got at SDCC and here it's just "whatever", not much more of interest to post.
This was made by Michael Coelho for the TCA Conference and has scenes from the first 9 eps. Worth watching a few times, whew!

What's Debbie holding behind her back? Fire up that fairy hand Sooks! Pic via Skarsgardfans

True Blood Scoopage from TV Line
Worried that SDCC may have drained all the bloodscoop out of the True Bloodgang? Fret not: Showrunner Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer took the stage at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday, and actually divulged a new tease or two — including ample details on the yet-to-be-ordered fifth season of HBO’s vampy saga.
True, HBO has yet to pick up True Blood for Season 5, but based on Ball’s announcement that he recently “closed a deal to do another [year],” it’s looking likely. “Everything ends, and there will be an end for me on this show at some point,” he offered. “But I don’t have any desire to leave because I’m having more fun than I have in my entire life.” What’s more, Ball explained that the writing staff is already breaking stories on the fifth season, which will “explore how one of the vampires was made,” as well as introduce new characters.
* If there’s a standout moment between Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Sookie, and Bill, in Season 4′s ninth episode, Paquin gets all the credit. The actress says she gave Ball some rare input on an upcoming scene, and it may end up on air.
* That super creepy baby storyline has really just developed organically — much to the amusement of Ball. “I had no idea where that was going to go [when we first showed the doll],” he explained. “And now the creepy baby doll has found its way to creepy baby. They’re teamed up now. There’s something going on between those two, I can tell you that.”
Moyer confirmed : That the Queen of all Things Zing, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), has a “one-liner coming up that is probably one of the great lines of all time.”
How could a line be better than the "Fuck with my face" or 'He pulls good string" ones? Wow, can't wait to hear it.

A lot of the same from MSNBC

Beyond talk of Season 4, Alan confirmed that the writers have already begun work on Season 5 and they plan to reveal one of the character’s back stories next season.
“We’re gonna go back and see how one of the vampires was made,” Alan noted, not naming the character whose past will be revealed (although rumors point to it being Pam).

Stephen Moyer told reporters he’s been enjoying Season 4, especially since the usually-serious Bill finally got to say a few funny lines, including last week’s beekeeper reference to Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Pam, who wore a hat and net to cover her decaying face.
“Kristin’s got one coming up that’s possibly one of the great lines of all time,” Stephen said, slightly envious of his blonde co-star’s upcoming dialogue.“But she does them so beautifully,” Anna added.

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