Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood Drips

Skarsgardfans has an interview with pater Mickens himself, Cooper Huckabee. It's on audio file and a run down is posted also at the link
Albeit his character is not the “good guy” on True Blood. I asked if his character had any redeeming qualities or if there was any good in him. He said how a good actor will try and find the thread of humanity in any character they are portraying. But yes Joe Lee was a pretty rough character and did have a lot of dysfunctional family issues to deal with this season. It does sound like there will be a family “reunion” for Tommy Mickens when his mom seeks him out in episode 4.04. It will be very interesting to see if the passage of time has done any healing for the Mickens.

Fangoria has a two parter up about special effects on TB, the photos are from past seasons but are amazing.

To uncover the FX secrets of TRUE BLOOD, Fangoria.com engaged legendary FX artist Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS, SPECIES, THE ABYSS, etc.), who spoke with his friends at MastersFX, the studio he also serves as a consultant for.

It’s an early evening in the studio where HBO’s popular supernatural series TRUE BLOOD is being shot, when an ear-piercing scream interrupts the quiet summer tranquility. Contrary to the usual reaction one would expect to such a sound, no one blinks an eye. It’s pretty much business as usual on a series in which staking, decapitation, full-body immolation and numerous other forms of graphic violence are all in a day’s work.
Most of the aforementioned mayhem (as noted in the exclusive pics here) is engineered by the team at MastersFX, whose ground-breaking makeup work have been seen in such series as TALES FROM THE CRYPT, SIX FEET UNDER and FRINGE. On this particular evening, we’ve managed to corral four key members of that team—including MastersFX owner Todd Masters; TRUE BLOOD FX producer Dan Rebert; MastersFX visual FX supervisor Andre Bustanoby; and coordinator Mark Vinniello—for a rare interview about their contributions to TRUE BLOOD, which enters its fourth season this summer. Punctuated by the occasional unexplained scream of course…
STEVE JOHNSON: Is there such a thing as too gory? Read more, see more pics too.

I posted this at least a week ago-

Now see that there is a longer version with more scenes for On Demand, now I am wondering if he's a human vampire? Shoot me now, if the scene with Eric laughing isnt after he drains Claudine then what else could it be?-

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