Wednesday, July 27, 2011

True Bloodville's Wednesday

Lack of spoilers have led me to just post some newsy stuff instead, but I'm not giving up~
Joe was on Chelsea Lately -

Antonia info from Times of India
In the HBO fantasy series about vampires and werewolves and their passionate love lives, Turbay plays "a role very different from me, although sometimes at home they call me a witch", she laughingly remarked during a telephone interview with EFE from Los Angeles. However, she added that the role is "a challenge because of its complexity and depth". Antonia is a victim of the Inquisition, a spirit who is not at peace and who now arrives to complicate the lives of the protagonists, a telepath played by Anna Paquin and a vampire portrayed by Stephen Moyer.

The SDCC panel in one video

From Extra TV
Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire King Bill Compton, tells "Extra" how he keeps tabs on co-star and real-life wife Anna Paquin's character Sookie Stackhouse during her sex scenes with vamp rogue Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgaard.
The 2011 Comic-Con crowd loved them some "True Blood" -- and "Extra" was there, catching up with the show's stars.   
Moyer explained, "I went up to Alex at the beginning of the season and said 'You've got a lot of sex stuff coming up with the misses, it's totally cool,' and then I literally went into his trailer and put a little GPS in his c*** sock."

The Ancient Pythoness has some frames and plot ot Tainted Love #5, the Newlins are still hysterical I see.

Since all the spoilers at Reddit were deleted I'm re-posting what I saved, this was posted by the person who said he saw several episodes. I do wonder why they were deleted and if the person is now jobless because they spilled info.

Also a few lines about Tommy going skinwalking as Sam, sleeping with Luna as Sam and firing Sookie, lol. 
I will not comment on what this trailer makes me think of the movie, the look on Askars face says it all.

This needs to be re-posted often

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