Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Hogwart's to Dapper King

Talk about disorienting! I know it isn't a spoiler but it made me laugh so I figured some of you are bent like me you'll see Eric at Hogswart's. Alexander is a very real human, I hope he never goes all out Hollywood.

HBO is proud of their Emmy noms and they should be, BE and GoT are my faves (TB of course also)

Eric Planking,

ASkarsgardNet has all the Eric scenes up.

TV Guide's Mega Buzz

Now that we know Bill and Portia are related on True Blood, please tell me that's the end of her trying to hook up with him. — Matt
Well, yes and no. "It certainly puts a crimp in their relationship," Alan Ball says. But Portia isn't afraid of the stigma of an incestuous affair with her great-great-great-great-grandfather. "Her being a lawyer, she may try to argue why it shouldn't be such a big deal," he says. Ick — really? "But Bill's an old-fashioned man. I don't think he's going to be able to get past that one." OK, phew.

I can't believe Damiana (Michael Lucid Dreaming) interviewed Brit Morgan, our own Bad Debbie!

At Outfest 2011's Closing Night, WOW reporter Damiana Garcia caught up with Brit Morgan who plays Debbie Pelt, Alcide's sexy werewolf ex-girlfriend on "True Blood," and the ladies dished and chatted on the red carpet. Then Debbie's actress friend Sharon Lawrence from "NYPD Blue" and Outfest's Closing Night film "The Perfect Family" walked up, and a full-on red carpet reunion took place.

Bloodwork is camping it up too-

True Blood - Season 4 - "I Wish I Was the Moon" - Stephen Moyer
All photos by John P. Johnson/HBO

This has been on youtube but HBO just posted it-


  1. Dear, it's Hogwarts. :P

  2. I know I corrected it after lunch, head hangs in shame.