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Creeping towards True Blood Weekend

New Promo! Tara needs to get a set of stones.

Last 2 episode synopses from Bookies

Episode #47 – 4.11: ‘Soul of Fire’ As the Wiccan-vampire standoff reaches a critical juncture, Sookie summons her faerie powers to prevent Marnie from bewitching Bill, Eric and Pam into a suicide march, while Jesus casts a secret spell designed to un-bind Antonia and break the witch’s deadly defenses.  Sam settles a score with Marcus; Alcide confronts Debbie about her allegiances; Andy finds unexpected passion in the forest; Lafayette is consumed by the past.
Episode #48 – 4.12: ‘And When I Die’ Season Finale.  It’s Samhain, Wicca’s greatest holy day, and spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps, giving Sookie some valuable allies to combat Marnie’s newest incarnation.  Lafayette’s latest medium encounter imperils his relationship with Jesus; Jason finds confession good for the soul, but not the body; Alcide makes a heartfelt appeal to the woman he loves; Terry receives an unexpected visitor at Merlotte’s; Sam and Luna envision a storybook ending, for once; Nan wears out her welcome with Bill and Eric.  As Season Four comes to a shattering conclusion, Debbie confronts Sookie and Tara with deadly consequences, and the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face. (Can I still hope to see Russell in the finale?)

All Hail The King!
Denis O'Hare has gotten hitched, via his twitter.
Okay. It happened. Hugo and I just got married.

Sam Trammell did a good interview with NY Mag's Vulture Blog, the whole thing is worth the read at the link-
Congratulations on completing season four. What was that wrap party like?
This year a lot of the cast had already gone off to their respective countries. But last year was crazier. There are definitely people on the show that like to have a good time. [Laughs.] Me, one of the writers, [Alexander] Skarsgard, and [Ryan] Kwanten — we're not shy of doing shots, let’s put it that way. You know Kwanten … both those guys … I don't wanna speak out of turn, but they probably wouldn't mind.
They drink like champions?
Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kwanten, yeah — for sure.
You grew up for a bit in Louisiana. Do you think the accents on the show are, you know, overblown?
I think everyone does a really good job. When you talk about the Louisiana accent, the people in the north have different accents than the people in Lafayette, which are a little more Cajun. Everyone sounds a little bit different, but everyone sounds a little bit different in the south.
That was very diplomatic of you.
[Laughs loudly.]
This season, we’re getting the feeling Sam just can’t trust his brother, Tommy. True?
[There’s] a huge deception and a huge violation of trust. Tommy is definitely in deep water. He's got Maxine [Hoyt’s overbearing mom], but Tommy's running out of friends in town. And Tommy's trying to cheat Maxine out of her land, so he's really burning a lot of bridges right now.
Will he outright turn evil?
I don't know if I can really answer that specifically. We're going to find out what price you pay when you shape-shift. That's going to be a big issue. There's a lot of mess that Tommy has already created that I have to clean up, and there's potentially a lot more mess. He's kind of a loose cannon.
And what of Sam’s new relationship with Luna?
Luna has a very scary ex-husband and father to her child [and a werewolf]. Sam is going to have a major conflict with the werewolves.
What if Sam just shape-shifted into a werewolf?
[Long pause.] I wonder if I could. Probably so. I like that.
Why don’t Sam and Sookie really share scenes together anymore?
Just because of our story lines, there’s so much to resolve in hers and mine. Though we do come together. There is some — I won't say “resolution,” because I don't wanna imply how well it goes or how not well it goes — but we do get together to talk. I feel like if we end up doing a few more seasons, the writers may run out of story with that and come back to me. Sam will always have a real connection with Sookie, and he'll always love her.

The Nest has more pics up from EW's Comic-Con photoshoot and has them also

Access Hollywood has more vids and this interview with Kristin-
“True Blood” has thrown in some surprising twists and turns into Season 4, most especially for Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) right hand vampire, Pam.
“What’s great about ‘True Blood’ is they put us in [a] situation and the situation is interesting, but what I find even more interesting how we react and how Pam reacts this year, in this political post-Russell Edgington world where she’s supposed to be shaking hands and kissing babies, Pam goes a bit feral,” Kristin told Access Hollywood as she stopped at the Wired Cafe at Comic-Con 2011 over the weekend in San Diego. “It’s fascinating how the vampires in charge try to rein her in and what her reaction is to that.”
A shock even readers of Charlaine Harris’ books couldn’t have seen coming was when Marnie, possessed by an ages old witch casts a spell on Pam, causing her to begin rotting, something Kristin said her character is ready to avenge.
“Pam wants permission to go kill the people who did this to her and she’s also trying to keep it hidden that she knows where her maker is, but she’s just not a strategist,” Kristin laughed.
While on Sunday’s episode, Pam is likely to face the repercussions for lying to King Bill about where Eric was stashed, Kristin herself couldn’t keep quiet regarding how delightful Alexander Skarsgard’s performance has been as an amnesiac vampire in the past few episodes
“Alex without memory… Is that not the sweetest thing… So charming. Alex is so charming and so funny and so smart,” she said of her friend and co-star. “He’s just the loveliest guy and… the scenes with him this year… I told him, the girls are gonna be stratospherically in love, not that they weren’t already.”
Kristin’s Pam certainly wants her maker’s memory to come back and she also wants to get her own mojo back. Whether that will happen by the end of the season or not, however, is uncertain.
“She’s certainly going to try. Sometimes on ‘True Blood’ things will get worse and worse and more dire,” Kristin said.
So could there be a good turn out the end of the dire situation Pam finds herself in?
“We always hope so, but even when things get better, they’re so clever about [it], it’s like there’s always a sort of side effect of ‘better’ that we didn’t see coming that creates a new problem,” she said.

From The Monitor, creepy pics.
When J.d. Mata stepped into the audition room at HBO studios in Hollywood, the McAllen native was careful not to break character. The producers were in search of the perfect brujo – a medicine man who was solemn and mysterious, and Mata was determined to become him.
“(My agent) said ‘Be the character, do not be J.D.,’” Mata said.
The University of Texas-Pan American graduate followed his agent’s advice, and before he knew it, he was scheduled to star in one of the network’s highest-rated shows. This Sunday, July 31, at 9 p.m. Mata will appear as “Tio Luca” on the HBO drama “True Blood.” The series, which is set in Bon Temps, La., follows the lives of vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and this season, witches. Now in its fourth season, the show has made stars out of Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård, and has developed a huge cult following for vampire lovers and fantasy enthusiasts alike. Often considered the “Twilight” for adults, the show offers more blood, more nudity and more substance than its counterpart.
In just a matter of days after his first audition, Mata was on set shooting scenes with Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds, and Kevin Alejandro who plays Jesus Velasquez, Reynolds’ boyfriend.

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