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Lil Scrappy Doo Makes Everything Better.

Slow spoiler day, but what can top yesterday's E3 reveal?
Nelsan did an interview with Vulture Blog, much more at the site.

Do you think we'll see same-sex marriage on True Blood, with either Tara or Lafayette?
I don't think Tara's gay; I think she's in a phase. But Lafayette? I don't think Lafayette is the marrying kind. He's that person who floats and doesn't want to be weighed down by a ball and chain.
This season, Lafayette has a boyfriend. What will this whole witch thing do to the stability he's finally found?

You'd think it would sort of shake up the relationship, because Jesus is a witch and Lafayette don’t want nothing to do with that business. It's a world he's, quite frankly, afraid of, because his mother — we found out last season — may be somewhat supernatural in the witch world. But it actually brings a closeness. While they're navigating this world, things happen and they have to protect each other.
It wouldn't be Lafayette without the drama.

Oh yes. That's [executive producer] Alan Ball's recipe for success. The witches bring a whole lotta drama into everybody's lives. They're the ones shaking up the whole season, in terms of all the supernaturals.
Up to this point, the most traumatic thing to happen to Lafayette was in season two, when he was chained up like a slave by Eric. One of our readers wants to know how you felt about this.

I had a premiere party at my house, and one of my friends, as soon as they saw it, was like, "You look like Cinque [from Amistad]." But that's Eric's thing; he'd chain everyone up in the basement. I was uncomfortable, but it wasn't a race thing at all. If I felt it was not for the right reasons, I absolutely would've said, "Alan, I don't want to do this."
It's going around in the trade publications that Kevin Alejandro, who plays Jesus, is up for a regular role on Law & Order: SVU now. Does that mean there's an end date on their relationship?
No, 'cause if you know Kevin, he always has two jobs at the same time. He's the only actor I know who can be a regular on two shows [the other being Southland, last year].

Marshall is very into his Scrappy Doo role, very. Wetpaint has an interview which can be read in it's entirety at the link.
Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you relate to Tommy at all?
Marshall Allman: Yeah, what I love most about Tommy is that at his core, he really does want family, you know? And that’s something I really love. I love family, I love the whole idea of family, and for him that’s what’s driving him. The fun part about Tommy, opposite to that, is that he kinda always messes it up, and it’s tragic. He can’t ever really make five decisions in a row that are right. He may get two decisions right, but then the third one he’s going to do something impulsive and dumb. I’m not like that, but that’s kind of the way Tommy is, and he’s a tragic character.

It looks like Sam is excluding Tommy from his shifter friend group. Will Tommy eventually get involved in the shifter community, or stay on the outskirts?
The fact that Sam is already [excluding] Tommy is totally against the idea of family, and really it’s only going to cause trouble. Of course Tommy wants in on a cool shapeshifter group! That’s like the coolest thing for a shapeshifter ever, you know?

We were really surprised to see Tommy hanging with Mrs. Fortenberry. Can you tell us about their relationship, and what Tommy stands to gain from her? He doesn’t seem like the type who would respond well to excessive mothering.
Exactly. Here’s the bottom line: Tommy didn’t want to leave him mom, but he had to because of his dad. Tommy’s mom chose his dad, so Tommy had to choose to hit to road. Remember when Tommy was like, “You gotta leave this guy,” and she was like, “I cant”? She was ultimately loyal, even though he [Tommy’s father] was abusive and manipulative. So when we had to tell her to get out and pack her stuff when she came to to the door, that was truly heart breaking for Tommy. So his relationship with Maxine was quid pro quo — like, hey you know what? She’s missing her son, he’s missing his mom — let’s help each other not think about that for a little while. I think that’s where their relationship makes sense.

Last season, Tommy made it clear that he has the hots for Jessica, and now it seems like her relationship with Hoyt is on the rocks. Will Tommy finally get a chance?
You know what, I don’t know, but Tommy would like nothing more. I think she’s the pinnacle of possibility for Tommy and his love relationship. Whether he really gets to be the suitor for her, I don’t know, but I know if given the chance to be together, Tommy’s going to go for her.

Most of the supernaturals in True Blood are power hungry and dominant, but shifters are definitely angsty about their abilities. Now that a pack has been formed, will they seek more power?
There’s nothing that I want more. I hate that. I think that is a total injustice and my goal is to bring more glory and power to shapeshifters, because they’re awesome. I think that’s what Tommy wants more than anything, he wants Sam to embrace how powerful he is. He’s like c’mon man, stop letting people push you around! Tommy doesn’t really get the shame Sam has. For Tommy, he never had that shame with the shapeshifting, he was always the badass of the family whether he liked it or not. They made him support the family, but he was still the big dog. I think that’s definitely the number one thing that Tommy would like to influence about Sam. Get the word out, shapeshifters are badass!

Hey, isnt that the same jacket Eric had on when he was mind swiped?

Where's Sookie's cousin Hadley and her touched by  fairy son this season? Sophie Anne's demise should have us seeing her or something, why intro the telepathic son if we never see him again?

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