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True Blood Weekend Starts Now

EW's Inside TV -
Just watched episodes 1 and 2 of the new season of True Blood. I have a big question that I am hoping you can answer: Is Bill pretending not to still love Sookie to protect her or does he truly not give a damn about her? As a Bill/Sookie shipper, I am hoping for a reunion before season’s end. Help a poor girl out here with a little scoop because it ain’t looking good. — Chris

That’s a tough question, seeing as how hot and heavy Bill is with a Not-Sookie in Sunday’s episode. You might be confused as ever; I certainly was. But my gut says it can’t be over. We didn’t have a proper goodbye (a.k.a: no farewell sex)!
Vamps and witches and fairies. Oh, my!
If you thought things were going to get bad among the True Blood monsters and creatures after last week’s episode, you were right. But you might not be able to predict how bad, says True Blood actress Rutina Wesley. “When you’ve got shifters and werewolves and vampires and witches, there’s bound to be some tension,” says the actress. “There’s going to be some craziness this season, and because her best friend is Sookie, Tara is going to get swept back into everything. But I can’t tell you whose side she’s going to be on.”
In the season premiere, fans saw that Tara had fled to New Orleans and started a new life for herself (which included a girlfriend!) in an effort to put some distance between herself and her past in Bon Temps. But the return of her bestie also meant a return to a sticky situation she’d hoped was behind her, Wesley says. But this time, with a clear head (and some mean ultimate fighter skills), Tara’s not looking to be a victim of any battles, she says. “You’re going to see Tara more as a survivor, and she’s a fighter. And she’s going to fight her way the best she can,” she says. “It’s a whole new Tara in that she’s confident. It’s the difference between someone who is completely miserable on the inside versus someone who knows they’re beautiful. But it is True Blood. The drama will set in, things will happen. She will get wrapped up in everything. A lot of it. But she won’t have a choice.”

WTF? Is the second female a poisoned vamp? She had the bloody mouth like she just fed, what is going on with this new vid from HBO?

New scenes!

HBO’s “True Blood” offers its third and best episode so far this season at 9 p.m. Sunday. The episode confirms that Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse has a dynamic foil in vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Eric finds himself in unusual territory, and that allows Skarsgard to show what he can do as an actor. He can do quite a lot. From the Orlando Sentinel.

Hey, remember this guy?

Alcide (Joe Manganiello) finally returns in Sunday’s episode of HBO’s supernatural serial “True Blood” at 9 p.m.
In “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?,” written by series creator Alan Ball, Sookie (Anna Paquin) struggles to understand what is afflicting Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). The Nordic vamp was mindwiped by a witch and shows a softer side that just might prove irresistible to the telepathic waitress - and the show’s viewers.

Sookie decides to turn to Alcide for help with her toothy problem and is freaked by his roommate situation. Despite the fans pushing for it, these two won’t be making furry love any time soon.

What would “True Blood” be without a revolting sex scene? Here, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is ravaged by his werepanther ex.
Sookie’s fairy godmother makes a fatal mistake; Bill (Stephen Moyer) flexes his power and delivers a lasting death to a fellow vamp. And that creepy doll from last season’s finale makes a return appearance. I don’t know what that doll signifies, but that sure is one nasty prop!
Boston Herald

Is anyone going to miss AB's Claudine? I'm glad she'll be gone, it was a total waste of a long lived book character.

Buzzfocus looks at the hiatus makeovers for the characters, pics at the link.
True Blood: New Season, New Looks

We all know that Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) been gone for a year and much has happened on True Blood in her absence. Tara has gotten out of Dodge; Bill is the Vampire King of Louisiana … the list goes on and on. What has been most overlooked this season isn’t the character’s personal transformations but their physical ones.
Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)
The new deputy has been seen in his new police uniform but his main transformation is on his chin. A goatee? Really? He looks so much older. His previous boyish good looks were what hooked us all. I understand the goatee helps illustrate the time lapse but it’s time fore a shave.
Sookie (Anna Paquin)
Although Sookie was only in fairyland for a few minutes, she wasn’t immune to revitalization. In episode 4.2 You Smell like Dinner her hair looked much longer and wavy. The more natural look is probably a nod to her fairy roots. Either way she is looking good.
Bill (Stephen Moyer)
The new King of Louisiana is most certainly dressing the part. His dark suits and new haircut are sophisticated and hot. Lets just hope they don’t have any more 80’s punk flashbacks to remind us he can look just as shabby.
Tara (Rutina Wesley)
The least liked of all characters is turning into one of the best looking. Her straight hair and ripped MMA physique fits her well. Thank god she didn’t end up with the curly braided crop they left her with at the end of Season 3. If the writers’ goal is to revive Tara, they are on the right track.
Sam (Sam Trammell)
It’s a fine line between ruggedly handsome and just plain disheveled and Sam has crossed it. With his little flips he’s starting to look like a young Tina Fey. Just snip the ends and were back in love with this shape-shifting puppy.
Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)
The most loved and hated transformation of them all: Lafayette’s Mohawk. Personally I think it’s fabulous and is a perfect match for his personality. Only he can make a Mohawk versatile, he jerry curls it, he braids it, he puts it up in a poly-silk scarf. You may hate it and think it’s silly but it reminds us that under all that witchcraft there will always be a girly girl at heart.

Some Ryan love from Popsugar!-
Video: Ryan Kwanten Talks True Blood, Jason Stackhouse's Love Life, and His New Big-Screen Role

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