Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Spoilers for a True Blood Humpday

Jenpero has the whole episode spoiled up at her Tumblr in 4 parts. 
Here's a lil bit,  it's very specific. You might not want to be this spoiled, it reads like someone is writing as they watch and leaving out nothing.

Eric is on the side of the road barefoot.
“You know perfectly well why I smell the way I smell.”
“Sweet. Honey. Sunlight.”
His teeth come out.
“Eric, I am not in the mood.”
“What are you?”
She drives off, and he’s still standing there. She stops the car and looks back but he’s not there, then he jumps in and tries to bite her.
Sookie gets out of the car on the passenger side and starts running. Eric smiles, runs after her, stops in front of her, and she punches him in the nose.
“I am not your fucking dinner.”
He’s holding his nose. “What’d you do that for? You broke my nose.”
“Oh please, you’ll heal in five minutes, you’re a vampire.”
“I know I’m a vampire, Snooki.”
“It’s SOO-KIE.”
“I know what I am, I just don’t know who I am.”
“What’s the last thing you remember?”
“I don’t know. The sea maybe. Home.” Now he speaks Swedish.
“Eric, focus.”
He keeps speaking Swedish.
“Her eyes, cold empty eyes. They were reaching into me. (Marnie’s) Emptying me.”
“It was her, but it wasn’t her, she was in a, a circle. Chanting. And everything I was, was taken from me.”

Shocker, we won't like Marnie and sky is blue! Fiona Shaw talks to Unreality TV UK.

Fiona Shaw has warned True Blood fans that her new character will get ever more ‘unlovable’ as the current season goes on.
The Harry Potter actress has recently joined the cast of the hit HBO drama as witch and coven leader Marnie and has already made an enemy of vampire sheriff Eric.
Speaking about her battle with the handsome blonde blood sucker, which resulted in her robbing him of his memory, Shaw told Access Hollywood:
“Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) causes major trouble for me, so I’m going to defend Marnie. Eric is a nightmare as far as I’m concerned.”
On her future storylines and character development, Shaw added:
“She becomes very unlovable, I have to say, as the season goes on. She’s a very exciting character to play, a direct hit with the vampires.”
“I think [she's] a character you love to hate, but then of course, it depends on where you’re standing. If you’re anti-vampire, I’m your gal,” she laughed.

I  see some boards are trying to figure out who Eric knows in high places, it seems to me it's someone he's known for ages (in vamptime). So maybe it's Godric's maker, a Viking relative at his family's massacre was turned or they werent there and got turned later? Is Pam his only child? Will it be a fictitious or historical character (ala Louis Pasteur)? A former lover? It is a puzzlement we must know (I'm cranky and over heated, forgive my outbursts).

New photo, new to me at least, from True Blood Source on Tumblr (assuming they are the ones whose youtube I use often). Why is King Vamp wearing gloves and it looks like that Sookie's old granny chair he is sitting in? Doesnt it look like sunlight coming through the window? Run Eric, run, run like a fairy!

OOH, Sucker Punch is back! Mark always has an opinion whether you like it or not, it is honest and usually funny.

Jessica shouldnt depend on us for advice, we are online way too much to be the ones to ask.

Wetpaint's Spoiler run down for E4

I'm happy to say I wasn't the only one who thinks the Viking is cracked out on fairy blood when he is laughing with Sooks (these promos are posted over the last couple of days here), someone told me that happened before he drained Claudine. Note to self, dont believe everything you read on a message board (I am wrong about speculations too but they are only my whimsies and I state that).

Alcide will be showing up soon.

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