Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mixing True Blood Tuesday

Such a good scene coming up next week, Eric is all cracked out on fairy blood, still wonder if he will hang out in the sun awhile. Claudine's juice surely must pack a punch, right?

Alex has a gift for comedy, even if you don't understand Swedish watch some of his older movies.

Ok, tell me this isn't synchronicity. I posted those vids above and wondered if Eric would be high and walk in daylight, well the getting stoned part is answered below. Thanks to Iheartmrdarcy!

Campblood's Brian and Andy had their tease post up yesterday, now here's the meat. I agree Lafayette will rid Bon Temps of the bad witchiepoos, hopefully Holly gets in the way and has to be poofed.

Reposting E3 promos- obligatory Die Holly, Die

This goes with the interview posted last week from MTV, Spoiler TV made the embed code available (it wasnt available on the MTV site when first published).

Meredith has her Pros and Cons recap review for this week's episode up on io9, love these.
Read it all for the lulz at the link.

True Blood unleashes the sex panther (in your pants)

Meredith Woerner — True Blood's back with another historical vampire flashback that highlights Bill's punk years. It was kind of like watching your father do a beer bong while visiting you at college. But more importantly, WHERE IS REVEREND STEVE NEWLIN?
To the True Blood Pro/Con-mobile!

Pro: Jason awakes up to a good were-panther licking. Of course this is how the good folks of Hotshots clean themselves! I can just imagine the directing in this scene. "CUT. It's just not working, it's not catty enough yet. I don't feel like the unwashed-hillbilly-methface-V-juice-junkies are actually panther people as well. Can we get him to lick Jason on the head? Perfect."
By this logic, Alcide must drag his ass along the carpet whenever he has an itch he can't reach. Oh, True Blood.

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