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New True Blood Vamp in the Mix

From Celebuzz’s Meet & Greet, read the whole interview at the link
  Newcomer Aaron Perilo will be joining the cast of True Blood this season as Blackburn, an ancient vampire with an insatiable blood lust. In addition to his role on True Blood, this hunky actor will be lending his talent to the HBO series Luck, as well as the upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.Aaron took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Celebuzz about his upcoming projects. and what it was like working out with the cast of True Blood – turns out Stephen Moyer is quite the jokester!
You grew up in a very theatrical family: two out of four of your siblings are also actors. What was it like growing up, do you all know you wanted to act from a young age?
I didn’t know that I wanted to act as a profession until my junior year of high school. I began doing theater as a young child and I was inspired by my older siblings because I would watch them at a very young age in theaters, and they kind of inspired me creatively. So, I tried it out and it was really fun! I was really just doing it for fun, I mean it’s still fun, so I chose that path because my motto is that I wanted to make money and have fun at the same time.
Were you a fan of True Blood before you got the part?
Yeah, I was a huge fan! I’ve watched every single episode religiously, so it was actually really surreal being on set and being in that whole fantasy world that I was obsessed with for the last few years.
Being such a big fan, what was it like auditioning for the role of Blackburn?
It was cool because I kind of had already done my research, just from watching the show. There is a certain sick sense of humor that the show has, I would say that was what I utilized the most in my audition, because my character does kind of have a bloodthirsty attitude. I just want to get bloody at the drop of a hat.
What can we expect from your character and from True Blood this season?
Well, what I can tell you: I get brought in to Bon [Temps] on a special request. I get sent for.
What was it like working on set with the likes of Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer?
Yeah, it was great! I had a really great time. Stephen was the person who I worked with the most and he is hilarious, he’s a really funny guy. He just brings a lightheartedness to the set, which is really, really nice. Sometimes I’ve been on TV sets and its just way too serious and people get a little tensed up. But he is cracking jokes and just being funny and making things really nice. Alexander Skarsgård is a really, really nice person, he is probably the most humble actor I have ever met. He is just a really kind, kind soul.

Ryan talked to MTV but didnt reveal much, just to expect the unexpected (Julie Chenbot shoutout!), there's a video with Ryan at MTV.

'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten Promises 'A Whole New Twist'
For anyone who tuned into the season-four premiere of HBO's southern vampy soap "True Blood" last Sunday, you were treated to a fangtastic, envelope-pushing blend of all the things that have made the show so popular. We're only one episode in, and already it looks like we can expect trouble from fairies, witches and werepanthers this season. (Lost already? Check out our "True Blood" season-four primer.)

One of the characters who has already found himself in trouble with the supernatural shifters is Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten. The last we saw of him, he'd been trying to bring a bit of good will to the poor community of Hotshot and was clubbed over the head and locked into an icebox for the gesture.
When MTV News caught up with Kwanten as he promoted his upcoming Indie romantic comedy "Griff the Invisible," we asked what he could tell us about how closely his character's story line this season will follow that of Jason's arc in the fourth Sookie Stackhouse book, written by Charlaine Harris (the series upon which the show is based).
"The good thing with the show, even with people who are well-researched, is that you're constantly surprised," Kwanten said. "In season one, Lafayette was supposed to die — and he's still alive, thank God. [Series creator] Alan Ball prides himself on doing a very TV-savvy version of the books," Kwanten explained. "Keeping the fans of the books happy and also making it appealing for an audience."
But what about the trouble Jason has already gotten himself into and what we've seen teased in the trailers?
"I'm kind of sworn to secrecy. The disclosure agreements I feel are getting bigger and bigger every year, in terms of how much we can and cannot say," he said, before giving us a few hints of what to expect in upcoming episodes. "He has to get out of that icebox, first and foremost. He's got to fight for his life. I think out of everyone this season, he has by far the hardest time staying alive — if he does," Kwanten added with a smile.
The Aussie went on to say that we'll be seeing a lot of Jason and Andy scenes, followed by a lot of Jason and Crystal, and then after that, expect the unexpected: "Toward the latter third of the [season], there's a whole new twist that you'll be very, very surprised by."

Marshall Scrappy Doo Allman was talking ro TV Guide, they are all doing a lot of talking this season. Read the whole thing and watch an interview at TV Guide.

True Blood's Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) has finally found a family this season — albeit an unconventional one. Unfortunately, Maxine Fortenberry's tendency to treat Tommy as a substitute Hoyt (Jim Parrack) will bring on a new set of problems in Season 4.

"What he wants deep down is a family," Allman tells "He wants to be loved, so that relationship just serves both of their needs. Max feels abandoned by Hoyt, and Tommy, even though he left his mom, feels abandoned by his mom because she chose her husband, my dad, over me."
Though Max provides a roof over his head, early on Tommy will make an ethically dubious decision in hopes of, among other things, mending fences with his brother, Sam (Sam Trammell). "Everything Tommy's doing, he's always trying to do it for good," Allman says. "He thinks he's doing something right and he's justified in some way."
Allman says it will be a tough road for the estranged brothers though. "Sam and Tommy are trying to see if one another is trustworthy to be brothers. That's what we're working toward."
The efforts to repair their relationship will be made more difficult by a new shapeshifting discovery. "There's a new animal that's going to kind of rock everything and shift the dynamic of the show because, as of this point, all of the animals have been kind of non-consequential, but the new animal is going to be game-changing."
Amidst this, Sam's past will come back to haunt him once again. "Sam's got his own closet of enemies that we're going to see. It's not like Sam's past is done catching up with him." Whether their family will return to also shake things up remains unseen. "Until they're dead, I wouldn't rule that out," Allman adds.
Even though Allman insists that in Season 4, "Team Tommy is on the rise," Tommy won't go through the season unscathed. "Whenever he does these things, he's not getting away with it," he says. "It's not like he doesn't miss out on what's coming to him. He gets what he deserves."
Having already filmed the finale, Allman says this is True Blood's bloodiest season-ender yet. "I would say last season was 34 ounces of blood. This season, it's going to be 96 ounces of blood. Nobody's safe in Bon Temps."

The Dish Network Promo, we had some mentions of it yesterday, when will HBO give us these? I wonder if Eric drinking Claudine dry will let him walk during the day? She's full blooded and it way more than when he did it with Russell.


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