Monday, July 4, 2011

True Blood Dependence Day II

The UK's Unrealitytv has some E3 info.
On the next True Blood episode…..
Sookie’s fairy godmother will make another appearance in her life. She may have escaped from Fairyland during the recent season opener, but that chapter of Sookie’s life is far from over and Claudine will come back to try and tempt her cousin to return to her ‘true family.’

Alcide will also make his return (as was previously promised) and though she will be upset to find out that he has moved on, the pair greet each other with a warm embrace. The pair will then make a deal with vampire sheriff Eric.

Meanwhile vampire King Bill is forced to punish a disobedient subject and finds himself advising his ward Jessica, as she admits that she fed on a man who wasn’t her boyfriend Hoyt.
Lafayette, Tara and Jesus get more deeply involved with the coven and Sookie’s brother Jason suffers an agonising death of sorts, after he is attacked and savagely bitten by the werepanthers.
“If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?” will air on US TV screens this Sunday, July 10 at 9 P.M.

This is in the Fourth of July history mode from The Atlantic-
The vampire show's exploration of power structures is like a mini government text book, wrapped up in blood and fairy dust.

Lessons in Democracy, Courtesy of 'True Blood'

Aside from all the sex and supernatural species, one of the most interesting elements of True Blood is its power structures—the vampire governmental structures, not the I've-got-sharp-teeth-and-you-don't power structures. Power relies on the memories of the people governing and being governed, and their ability to believe that it has been this way pretty much forever. Even on July 4th, celebrating Independence Day, Americans are all too young to remember the monarchy they broke free of, and so the fireworks and slogans are all celebrating a way of life that is already cemented into being. The people who seriously believe America is in imminent danger tend live in the hills with an unhealthy amount of ammunition and are generally considered to be out of touch with reality.

But vampires are older, and the majority of them started life in feudal relationships and monarchical structures—and they continue to use them, regardless of what the young human societies get up to. Though vampires have pushed to continue scientific progress through the ages, with vampire Pasteur inventing True Blood (and here it is clear that vampires are a bit unused to modern PR strategies as well—a campaign featuring the lifesaving Pasteur as a vampire seems like it would be such a brilliant coup), they use their existing system of government rather than build a new one. Bill and his fellow believers in humane harvesting of blood infiltrated the monarchies, but it doesn't appear they intend to change the structures themselves, or even change their original uses very much. In fact, it is unclear which is having more effect on the other—Bill on the power structure, or the power structure on Bill.
With their long-held feudal mindset, it would naturally be difficult for the vampires to understand how galling requiring a "protector" would be to Sookie. Plus, the idea of regular women being independent is still just the latest fad to someone as old as most of these vampires. Sookie has lived her whole life in a society without feudalism, whereas the vampires see those relationships as standard good sense, like starting your 401 K or shelling out for health insurance. As Pam points out, Eric is her maker, therefore she could never be expected to go against his wishes; Eric, much as it irritates him, follows Bill's orders because Bill is now King of Louisiana. With this in mind, Eric's nonsensical notion that the deed to a house includes the people in it begins to have some internal logic after all—it's more or less how things worked for most of his existence.
Times are changing, though, hastened on by technology—terrorizing a crowd quickly gets complicated if it is being widely broadcast. As Pam says, and many leaders can probably sympathize with, everyone is having to get used to allowing "these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots"—at least while the cameras are rolling. With no cameras present, Eric's dealings with the budding necromancers are decidedly undemocratic... and then someone stronger comes along. It's like a mini-government text book, wrapped up in blood and fairy dust to increase the appeal.
Happy Independence Day.

Skarsgardfans has a bunch of speculations from her episode watch, dont forget to look at the promo screencaps Barb has there.
Eric seems under the “spell” cast by Marnie. Where did he lose his clothes? I feel that perhaps he just shed all the items that were animal based ie leather (so no jacket, shoes and perhaps the shirt was cashmere). Not that I’m complaining but it is funny how he is shirtless and most likely barefoot. (we do see spoilers that look like Sookie is washing the Viking’s feet in the next episode) Another item is the necklace he has on. Is this the eagle talon? It does not look the same. Could it be the ring his father wore? Either way it is interesting to see.

Some thoughts from Campblood on the episode that they have their own name for-
First Bite: “True Blood” 4.2: “I Can Eat Who I Want”
By Buzz– July 4, 2011
So now that the second episode of True Blood Season 4 has OFFICIALLY played (what a weird, limbo-ish week, wasn’t it?), let’s talk turkey! Our full recap will be available in video form later this week, but here are a few major moments from last night’s ep to chew on in the meantime:
Arlene, honey – you seriously need to adjust your meds.

Jessica Hamby! You put down that tater tot this instant and get back home to your loving boyfriend!

Jason in the first threeway that he’s ever NOT wanted to be a part of…

Beel the Keeng, bangin’ witches, betraying Queens, and eating punk-rockers. All with Nan Flanagan’s Banana Flan Shenanigans at his side? LOVE IT.

Eric, let’s hope that when you lost your memory you also forgot where you left that fug jacket. Sheesh!

And Luna, could you be my favorite new character? Too bad Sam is 0 for 3 in the love interest department (dead, lesbian, dead).

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