Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Rewind of Me and the Devil.

I was hoping they used Gil Scott Heron's version of "Me and The Devil" , the one I posted yesterday, and they did. Sometimes I think Ball has my place bugged, that and using the names Antonia and Toni has me paranoid. 
Let's get a recapping, 

Opening with Skinwalker talk sure takes the guess work out of what will happen to Tommy, poor lil Scrappy.
I was wondering why Alcide didn't smell the bad hair-do pack master before he even was at the door, tsk tsk, bad wolfie.
Worst parent lifetime award goes to the Mickens, hands down,  (on the show not in RL).
Gran popping into the emporium was a nice surprise, though Sookie sure didn't listen to her warning about loving the vampire. Maybe because of it being temporary is why Sookie went for it, hmmm. 
I like King Bill, he is like a whole new character and doesn't everybody love a sharp dressed man?
I hope Terry and Arlene have fresh batteries in the smoke detectors, that dolly is a bad seed (a Barbie would never do that).

Inside the Episode"I think the real interesting themes of this episode are people fighting their true nature." Writer Mark Hudis and director Daniel Minahan go inside last night's True Blood®

That granpa looks like he stepped off the set of Sons of Anarchy to me, which is cool as Kevin was on the show till he got shanked. Little Jesus sure didn't protest much about hacking up his new pet,  that Abuelo just ain't right, Sucio!.
Next week-

Perfect, that greasy packmaster and Debbie Pelt!
Best line of course goes to Miss Pamela-
"You fuck with my face, it's time to die." 
Add the hair to that and it's one of  my lines.
"Gators love marshmallows, you should know that."
I should and now I do, thank you Sam!

So ol' Lettie Mae got hitched to the Rev that she was doing the nasty with and she is crazy as ever but sober at least. I hope Hoyt gets some happiness because that guy sure got the short end of the stick in that department, starting with Maxine as a mom (tho compared to Melinda Mickens, Maxine is June Cleaver).
I think they stole the Vamp Priest look from Stargate's Ori, when Skarsgard Fans had the screencap last week I laughed. I wasn't laughing when I saw that Holly again, why is she still on the show? Obligatory Holly must go speech.
 Some recap links- LA Times NY Daily News Buddy TV EW  Skarsgardfans
Remember Godric was like this before his epiphany at Newlin's church, another good use of an old character. 

I see Barbara has mucho screencaps up already HERE
I notice Eric tricked out that hidey hole with lights that come on the second he moves, motion detectors, but if he had used "The Clapper" it would be better. I wonder what books he has on his nightstand?

More from SDCC, I'm sure we'll keep finding bits for a while to post. From G4TV
Steve Newlin too!

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