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Spoiler Warning for Spoilers.


In the books CH describes Jason after the change as looking more like this iconic Lon Chaney 
were. I'm wondering after reading these spoilers if Jason will even be turned. It might be better if he doesnt since Hot Shot is full of skanks and it serves no purpose for him to be attached to these shitems who kidnapped and raped him.

Think before going further, this is supposedly from someone who watched the episodes, maybe the same one who spoiled last week's ep, I don't know. It's a Reddit Blog, also posted on  
by Jenpero.
TV Spoiler

Oh man Tommy is done for, no character could kill a mother and father and still be a regular cast member for long. I might have missed a bit, so go see the Reddit link, I'm still reading all. Sounds like the person is legit and the same one who leaked last week.

here is NOT a lovely shower scene. But this is a BIG SPOILER, so be warned to anyone that reads this.

I totally get where you are coming from. It's not like I'm providing proof. But I really can't without getting into trouble. That is why I'm keeping everything hush hush. That said, I have no reason to lie. You guys will see this weeks episode this Sunday, and will know I'm lying (if I was lying). I've already given plenty of spoilers from this weeks episode, that if they didn't come true you would know. That said, you are right this IS the internet. And people lie all the time. Let me try to give you some proof. Hmmm.
Okay, in this Sundays episode, Marnie will cast a spell on Pam that makes her rot. Her flesh literally starts melting off, and she looks like a walking skeleton. Sam visits with his new shapeshifter love interest and spends time with her kids. Bill finds out he has been sleeping with his great grand daughter (Portia) and even after the fact, she wants to keep sleeping with him. So he glamours her so that she screams when she sees him.

Does Eric recover his memory? If so, how does it affect his relationship with Sookie?

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I can only speak for the TV show. But so far, Eric does NOT regain his memory. Keep in mind I've only seen Episodes 4-6. And by the time the 6th episode is airing for you guys, I will be able to see Episodes 7-9. So I can only comment on what's in episodes 4-6.
That out of the way, Eric is ashamed of who he used to be. In episode 6 Pam and him have an emotional moment when they are in Bill's jail. Pam says: "I spent 100 years with you Eric, we traveled the world, killed, fucked. You will remember" and Eric screams: "I DONT want to remember!" .."The vampire you used to know, that's not me".
Eric is basically a new person. And he feels ashamed for what he used to be. And doesn't want to go back to his old ways. That is all I know up to this point (in regards to the TV show).

Sorry for the ads overlap, I tried, lol. It really looks like crap.
Almost forgot, Jason escapes Hot Shot and hides out as a worker at Medieval Times

Any info on this other than it's after Fairy OD and Eric is swimming during the day?

What do y'all think of Pam's new design for AVL SWAT gear?

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