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Monday's Post True Blood Bites

I'm about to watch and will post more after that but for now here's somethings to hold y'all over. Don't forget about the spoilers at Reddit for the next couple of episodes, still amazed at them.

Great screencaps at Skarsgardfans, thanks Barb.

Never cross an Antonia.

Eonline's Spoiler Chat

Lorrainecollins: Any scoop on Eric-Sookie?
Sorry, just wait while we giggle with delight. OK, we're ready to be professional now. Sookie likes this changed Eric. A lot. And in Sunday's episode something you've probably been waiting for finally happens. Best part is that it's not a dream. No, ma'am.
sanna_o75: You got anything good about Bill-Sookie in the middle of all the Eric-Sookie stuff??
Bill (Stephen Moyer) has awful timing. Horrific timing actually. In an upcoming True Blood episode he vamp-speed runs into a mostly naked Eric-Sookie moment, and to say he doesn't react well would be putting it mildly. But between the true death orders and heartbreaking look, it is abundantly clear that Bill still loves Sookie and would do anything to make her happy. Even if that means letting her move on with a gorgeous amnesiac Viking.
Art Streiber/HBO
Cheesybones: What's coming up for Jason on True Blood now that he's turning into a were-panther?
Unfortunately for Jason (Ryan Kwanten), things are going to get worse before they get better. But let's not get too hasty on the turning into a were-panther thing. Those hotshot cats aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, so what are the chances they can pull off creating a were-panther from scratch? Besides, Jason will have other things occupying his mind. Remember all those sexy Eric-Sookie dreams? We can say that Jason is going to be having some graphic vamp blood dreams of his own, thanks to Jessica's (Deborah Ann Woll) healing powers.
Read more:

Using my friend Mari's youtube channel for the vids this week, she has a good makeup review channel also

Air Date - 7/24/11 Watch a preview from episode 5 "Me And The Devil" airing on Sunday.
Pam in dramatic black lace funeral attire, veil and all, love it!

 A recap from Digital Spy's Catriona Wightman-
I  loved amnesia-Eric last week, but it turns out that he can be even better - when he's drunk amnesia-Eric. Yes, it turns out that supping on fairy blood allows vampires to walk in the daylight, and also makes them a little bit tiddly. Sookie learns this to her peril when Eric begins pinching her butt and running off so she can't catch him, giggling like a naughty schoolboy.

The only problem is that the effects of the fairy blood can't last forever and Sookie has to track down Eric before he starts burning. Of course, to do that she recruits Alcide so that he can transform into a werewolf and use smell to track him down. Eventually, they find Eric splashing around in a pond - again, like a little kid.

After so many episodes of Eric as an intense, serious figure, it can't be overestimated how refreshing it is to see him yelling that he is Eric, god of the sea, and that he isn't afraid of alligators because he will "kill all the sea monsters". What's also lovely is the insult-trading between Eric and Alcide - "Prepare to die, stinking dog!", "Dumbs**t fanger" - which forces Sookie to come over all maternal.

Seeing her scold Alcide for growling and Eric for having his fangs out is great. All this is interrupted, though, when Eric finally begins to burn. He's suddenly, beautifully vulnerable, telling Sookie that he hurts as she approaches him with a blanket.

Luckily, they get Eric home in time and Sookie urges him to get some sleep. He breaks everyone's heart when he asks her to stay with him, but Sookie's made of stronger stuff and admits that she has "human stuff" to do. Upstairs, Alcide is furious that Eric's staying there, calling it "nuts", and says that amnesia or no amnesia, he's still a killer.

Soon, Alcide and Sookie are having a back and forth argument (which Eric overhears), but before long they're hugging and promising to stay friends. Alcide returns home - where Debbie clearly isn't too happy about him spending time with Sookie, but pretends to be all cool about it. Meanwhile, Sookie is concerned about how quiet Eric is. She points out that normal Eric might be a rascal (nice word) and a troublemaker, but at least he's happy.

Alexander Skarsgård's excelled in this season of True Blood and he continues to do so here, admitting that he is devastated that he will never be able to walk in the sun again. Sookie's desperate to cheer him up and he sneakily suggests a kiss, but as they lean towards each other - and hearts jump into the mouths of all those Sookie-Eric fans - they get interrupted.

And, of course, it's Bill. To its credit, True Blood hasn't been playing the love triangle up too much - this scene just shows Sookie and Bill navigating those tricky "civil exes" moments. Of course, it doesn't help that Sookie is plain old lying to Bill, who's trying to figure out where Eric's got to.

After not having much luck with Pam, he's come to Sookie, who's not going to give anything up. Bill wants to search Sookie's house, and despite her tears he gets as far as her front door before eventually acknowledging that she has never lied to him before. Lucky escape for Eric...

True Blood S04E04: 'I'm Alive and on Fire'
Elsewhere for Bill, Nan's not too happy that he's somehow managed to lose Eric. In fact, she calls Bill "f**king insane". Bill points out that there are necromancers out there, but Nan appears supremely unconcerned and warns Bill that he cannot spill a drop of mortal blood in his quest to get Eric back.

For a bit of light relief, he goes for a drink with Portia and her grandmother - and Andy, who can't wait to get away. Soon, Bill helps trace the Bellefleur family history with Portia's grandmother. It's all going swimmingly, until suddenly Grandma doesn't feel so good and Bill makes a swift exit.

Portia's not too happy when he says they can't see each other anymore, before he reveals that he's just realized Portia is his great-great-great-great granddaughter. Yep, that'll end a romance.

What else is going on? Jason's still being raped by all the women at Hotshots, which is really sickening. It gets worse when little Becky walks in. Jason's a gentleman and flat out refuses to have sex with her, even when she threatens to cut off his "thing". Eventually, he persuades her that she wants it to mean something when she loses her virginity and she admits that she doesn't want to do it.

She cuts him free, and Jason stumbles away, hitting the guard on his way out. The only problem is that Felton is as creepy as ever and wants Becky to tell him all about her first sexual experience. When she won't do it, he realizes that Jason's escaped and heads off in pursuit. Jason's clearly ill, but he manages to throw Felton off the scent for a while - enough time for him to climb into a tree and fashion a stick into a spear.

He successfully kills Felton with his makeshift weapon, getting scratched in the process, but Crystal shows up and seems convinced that Jason will want to be with her now. I know she's on V, but is she genuinely that stupid?

Anyway, Jason isn't keen on hanging around Hotshots any more for some reason and runs away, even though Crystal yells that she'll be waiting for him at the next full moon. Eventually, Jason makes it to the roadside and collapses. He's found by Hoyt and Jessica, who feeds him her blood in an attempt to save him.

Elsewhere, Tommy's gone missing and Maxine isn't too happy about it, but Sam claims he has no idea what's going on. In fact, Tommy's gone to visit his mom, who claims that she's left Joe Lee. We can see what's coming from a mile off, thanks to her sneaky glances - she hasn't left Joe Lee at all, and he's lying in wait to capture Tommy with a metal chain.

Lovely. Apparently, Tommy's now drawn his "last free breath" and is going to learn about "obedience, loyalty and family". Meanwhile, Sam appears supremely unconcerned about Tommy's whereabouts and instead goes to see Luna. She's a bit surprised about him turning up and it's soon clear why - she has a daughter.

Sam turns out to be great with kids and Luna's daughter is thrilled with him but later Luna reveals that she has a jealous ex. That's bad enough, without the fact that he's a werewolf. Still, Sam is reliably stupid and announces that he's not going anywhere.

True Blood S04E04: 'I'm Alive and on Fire'
The other big story is that Lafayette, Jesus and Tara are really quite keen to get Marnie to reverse that amnesia spell. For her part, Marnie's spending her time having dream flashbacks to a woman being burned at the stake. It turns out that this is the spirit she's so keen to work with, and the reflection of the flames shows up in her eyes at vital moments.

I love Fiona Shaw, and I'm kind of enjoying the campiness of this performance - I'm just hoping it stays on the right side of ridiculous. Anyway, she claims that she can't reverse Eric's spell because the spirit was behind it and hasn't slept. As Lafayette rightly points out, she will never sleep again if she doesn't sort it out as the vampires will come after her. Marnie's going all new age, though, claiming the goddess will protect them and complaining that the others are so "violent" and "perplexing".

Lafayette tells her that "can't isn't a motherf**king option" and asks her to get on to the "goddam goddess line and tell her to turn this curse a-f**king-round". There's nothing like a curse inserted randomly into a word, and Lafayette's got this down pat. Eventually, after more urging from the others, Marnie agrees that she'll try something but the spirits aren't too obliging and they have to look through books.

Finally, after reading old spells for ages, Marnie begins crying that her guides have forsaken her and Tara announces that they're "f**ked". Luckily, Marnie's goddess chooses this time to enter and points them towards the right spell by dropping a book on the floor, open at the right page. Subtle.

True Blood S04E04: 'I'm Alive and on Fire'
They call Pam and draw a circle with candles in the woods to perform the spell. Pam's a little bit impatient, and to be honest, Marnie isn't all that impressive when she reads out from the book and complains that she can't find her glasses. Pam understandably announces that it's all "bulls**t", but it appears that Marnie's spirit doesn't take too kindly to that.

As the wind picks up, Pam's face begins to melt and rot. Pam's full of fear as she sees her skin dropping away - this is genuinely unpleasant - and Marnie says: "Corrupt, unsanctified corpse that walks, behold your true self". Pam runs off, and the flame is back in Marnie's eyes. She begins to laugh - and then collapses.
Extra Bites-
"There are big gators, you crazy Viking. Get out of there before one of them chops off your you-know-what!"
  • "Debbie Pelt's an addict and attempted murderer living in your house and I'm not judging you."
  • "You like the feel of it, don't you Bill? That crown." Pam isn't impressed with Bill's rather ruthless rule, but it does at least show a different side of him for us viewers. It's not quite as extreme as the Eric situation, but hopefully we'll see some more of Bill. The only thing is, he does already seem to be struggling with his crown - that scene with Nan hinted at that.
  • Portia has "gentlemen callers". Can this phrase come back into fashion, please?
  • "I don't know why you're crying. I'm the one getting raped." - I can't work out whether this is funny, or just in incredibly bad taste.
  • Yet again, Arlene and her baby seems like such an afterthought. Yes, we get it, he's creepy. Yes, upgrading his creepiness to writing on the wall is some kind of development. But there are no links to the rest of the storylines and I'm finding it tough to care, right now.
  • "I'll never swim in the sun again, never feel the heat on my skin, never see the daylight in your hair." All together now - aww.
  • What's going to happen with Jason? Will he turn into a werepanther? How will drinking Jessica's blood affect that?
  • Lafayette was just fantastic throughout this episode. More of his amazing lines, please.
  • I'm disappointed that we didn't get to see Sam playing with Barbies. Especially because he was so excited about the "pretty dresses".
  • "Stop saying f**k. I can't concentrate."
  • I'm glad that at least some of the storylines are coming together - Eric-Sookie, Bill, the witches. I'm hoping more start to tie in as well - True Blood is at its best when there aren't too many separate plots to follow.
Joe talks to MTV about this past episode.

AV Club has a good recap also, read the whole thing at the link-
The most interesting thing about this week's True Blood, to me, was that it was one whole hour of Sookie consistently being tough and useful. So often, the heroine of this show is reduced to something between cheerleading bystander and captive object; but although she stayed pretty silly (at one point warning Eric that crocodiles would bite off his "you know what"), she at least managed to look like an adult, both in facing Bill down and in separating the dick-measuring contest between Alcide and Eric that went on for the whole episode

Bloodwork has a pre-recap up-

First Bite: “True Blood” 4.4: “I’m Big Momma Kitty Now”

OMG (Oh My Godric) – the Bon Temps Crazytown Express shows no sign of slowing down, does it?? Even though last night’s episode focused more on just a few of the 4,382 plotlines currently underway, it still served enough batshit to fill Wayne Manor.
Our full Blood Work! video recap of the episode will be up later this week, but here are a few of the highlights:
  • Nipples, nipples, nipples! Our cocktail of the week couldn’t have been more on-point, as there were glass-cutters galore last night. They could run the episode as baby porn.
  • Apparently hillbilly werepanthers are just as dumb in panther form as in human.
  • Eric is officially adorkable.
  • So it looks like Bill is boinking his own great-great-great-great granddaughter after all, eh? He and the folks in Hotshot have more in common than they’d think.
  • I’m sick of the Mickenses! Almost as sick as I am of Hotshot.
  • Worst Witches, you better watch yourself – wiping the memory of an ancient viking vampire is one thing, but you DO NOT FUCK WITH PAMELA SUGAR DE BULLFART.

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