Friday, May 18, 2012

23 More Nights Till The Blood Flows

How cool is this pic from True Blood's official Facebook
Alexander on the cover of Swedish Magazine King via Skarsgardfans
Big Dick Richie: We literally cannot handle the perfection that is Joe Manganiello. And sure, we've practically seen it all on True Blood but never before dressed as a firefighter! The always abtastic Mr. Mang has only the briefest of cameos in the trailer—as he flips a female fan and ends up hurting his back—but it was enough to make us say "Alcide who?!" We're just hoping his alter ego's nickname might have something to do with point No. 1 on this list…From Ted C at Eonline
EW has a large Magic Mike gallery, great pics of Joe
Alan Ball is working on a new movie via Variety- Elizabeth Banks will topline dark comedy "What's the Matter With Margie?" with filming set to start early next year in Los Angeles. Banks will portray a downtrodden office-worker who finally snaps and resorts to murder as a solution to her problems.
A goodie from EricandSookieLovers regarding Charlaine's last Southern Vampire Book, Dead Ever After.
Anna Paquin and True Blood nommed for Teen Choice Award
How much do you know about the Swede? Well now is your chance to prove it!
Some of the cast are in New Orleans as Carolyn Hennesy has tweeted the last few days (that she was going and that now she is there) - My half-eaten Ferdi and Stephen Moyer's now empty bowl of crawfish étouffée at Mother's! Lovin' NOLA!
AJ tweeted a pic from New Orleans of rehearsal for True Blood, Peter Mensah!
From Thizzle42's Twitter I see Kibwe, Bill, Eric and Nora. Do they all join up for the finale? Where is PAM?
Michael McMillian tweeted this one
Denis OHare tweeted this bitsie-Crazy crazy night. A shooting situation like I've never experienced before.  and the king retweeted this pic.
Fangs out, uh oh,  tweeted by @AJChamp
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