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Bloody High Five

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Hollywood Dailies via, Battleship opens tomorrow!

Finally, we get more news on Stephen Moyer's movie The Barrens, it will be shown at Cannes. Source
Synopsis from Dreadcentral, more photos HERE and poster HERE
Despite their reluctance, Richard Marlow (Moyer) takes his wife, Cynthia (Kirshner); their young son, Danny; and his teenage daughter, Sadie, to the Pine Barrens for a long weekend of camping and family bonding. As they arrive at the Wharton State Forest, a mutilated deer runs out into the road, nearly colliding with the Marlows' car. Later that evening another bloodied animal falls from a tree. Bad turns to worse when, in the middle of the night, a college boy camping nearby disappears into the woods. Nevertheless, Richard presses the family to hike farther into the forest to the spot where he used to camp with his father. He is feverish, and a past wound on his arm appears badly infected, but when it begins to rain, there is no turning back. Richard's sickness soon becomes debilitating; his headaches turn to hallucinations. What's worse, he believes there is something stalking them...something with yellow eyes, pointed horns, and the wings of a bat - THE JERSEY DEVIL. The disfigured bodies of the missing camper and another college boy soon turn up. The Marlows must fight for their lives as the horrifying answer reveals itself in a shocking and tragic conclusion.
Some new pics are up at the Facebook page for "Not Suitable for Children", they have a Tumblr now also where there are more pics.
There is a behind the scenes vid that I didn't see when I posted the trailer weeks ago.

24 more days!
RIP Donna Summer.
Janina on Luna 
By Gianna Sobol
Gianna: What's happening for Luna this season?
Janina: Ohhhh, just general insanity. I'd like to say she's ONLY dealing with losing the father of her child, but her life is just getting more and more complicated this year.
Gianna: Do you think Luna and Sam are the real deal? Are they meant to be?
Janina: Do I, Janina, think so? YES! I LOVE them together. Finally, a not-so-effed-up shifter who understands her and will adore her for her, drama and all. Does Luna think so? I think she's a cautious and smart momma. She's not trying to run to the altar again anytime soon.
Gianna: How do you prepare yourself for a day of shooting? Do you do anything specific to "get into character"?
Janina: It depends on the material at hand. If it's a morose moment, I have to keep myself in a certain headspace, to be able to burst into tears, or have the character on the verge, because I don't snap into that place easily. Otherwise, I like to have a lot of fun on set. I don't hang out in my trailer all day. I'd rather crack jokes with the crew. I was just saying to Sam last week, I think I've talked to him in silly voices MORE than I've talked to him in my normal voice since I've met him.
Gianna: What's your favorite quality about Luna?
Janina: Her protective nature. She'll cut you if you mess with her, or those she loves.
Gianna: What's your most disliked aspect of her?
Janina: Her skepticism. In some ways it’s what makes her a survivor, but sometimes I just wanna say, "Lady! He's a good guy! You can trust him! Now kiss'm and just be happy, already!"
Gianna: Alan has mentioned that a lot of Season 5 is about the Vampire Authority...How does that affect the shifters in our favorite little town? Do the species mix?
Janina: Well, look, the Authority will affect everyone on this planet at some point, so... yes. But right now, the shifters have something else to deal with.
Gianna: Any fun memories from this season?
Janina: Yeah! Your text, asking me if I'd read Sookie at a table read. Anna couldn't make it, so I gave it a go. Somewhere along the way I started finding the rhythm and melody to the way Sookie speaks. Sheer fun. Ooo! And wandering the lot after a fitting and meeting the wolf wranglers. They showed me two lil’ baby wolf pups in a cage!
Gianna: And finally, sum up the season in one word:
Janina: OMFG... that's kinda one word, right?
DVD commercial from HBO rifting on Home Shopping type shows

                       From the last promo, courtesy of True Blood GIFS.

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