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An Angy Faerie, a Belligerent Faerie and a Pissed Off Faerie Walk Into a Bar...

Update:thanks to Rhoswen7. Angry faerie is already my fave cast member
Here's an additional casting notice for episode #511:
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #511, "Finally" 
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Writer: Angela Robinson
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 5/23/12
[GONDRY] Mid 30s, slimy and conniving, with slicked back hair, Gondry is a Vampire Security Guard. He has a sort of amused contempt for his assignment. Guest star.
[BERTRAND] A swarthy Frenchman, authoritative, confident, he is the Minister of the European Vampire League. Guest star.
[MURPHY ROLLINS] Mid 50s, a werewolf, strong, a man who speaks his mind, he brings a warning about a new breed of vampires to Alcide and Jackson. Guest star.
[TEEN-GIRL VAMPIRE] This teenage girl vampire with a ravenous, feral, just plain evil look about her. Co-star.
[ANGRY FAERIE] This angry faerie gets into an argument with the Belligerant Faerie and the Pissed Off Faerie in a faerie free-for-all. Co-star.
[AUTHORITY GUARD #1, #2] These rough Authority Guards at the prison help keep order. Co-star.
[BIKER VAMP] This newly formed vampire with a feral, ravaneous, evil look is traveling around with the Teen-Girl Vamp and the Businessman Vamp. No lines, 2 scenes. (40)
[BUSINESSMAN VAMP] This businessman vamp with a ravenous, feral, just plain evil look. Co-star.
[FAERIE BOY, FAERIE GIRL] This Faerie boy and girl get all amorous and excited as they pull Jason into their Faerie Club. Co-star. 

Is this Mabe's crew, maybe no longer just wanting to capture human/fairie mixes but to dance with them too, oh noes! Now there's a Vampire prison? Is it on Alcatraz? What the hell is this about a new breed of vamps? I don't know what is going on in this call, seems all over the place but a fairie free for all might be fun. 
Speaking of which-New Faerie Claude, Giles Matthey attends NYLON Magazine and Tommy Girl Celebrate The Annual May Young Hollywood Issue at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel  Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America via ZIMBIO
Carrie Preston talks about her "Person of Interest" guest role at EW 
"A vampire story," said York with a sly smile. "Surely you've heard them before. The living dead, immortal, prowlers of the night, creatures without souls, damned to eternal wandering. They sleep in coffins filled with their native earth, shun daylight and the cross, and each night they rise and drink the blood of the living. They are shape-changers as well, able to take the forms of a bat or a wolf. Some, who utilize the wolf form frequently, are called werewolves and thought to be a different species entirely, but that is an error. They are two sides of a single dark coin, Abner. Vampires can also become mist, and their victims become vampires themselves. It is a wonder, multiplying so, that vampires have not displaced living men entirely. Fortunately, they have weaknesses as well as vast power. Though their strength is frightening, they cannot enter a house where they have not been invited, neither as human nor animal nor mist. They wield great animal magnetism, however, the force Mesmer wrote about, and can often compel their victims to ask them in. But a cross will send them fleeing, garlic can bar them, and they cannot cross running water. Though they look much like you and I, they have no souls, and therefore are not reflected in mirrors. Holy water will burn them, silver is anathema to them, daylight can destroy them if dawn catches them away from their coffins. And by severing their heads from their bodies and driving a wooden stake through their hearts, one can rid the world of them permanently." Joshua sat back and took up his drink, sipped, smiled. "Those vampires, Abner," he said. He tapped the book with a long finger. "This is the story of a few of them. They are real. Old, eternal, and real. A sixteenth-century odorotenwrote this book, about those who had gone before him. A vampire." Excerpt from George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream.
DVD Talk has more info on the extras for the season 4 DVD
As with the first three seasons, this set has an extensive Picture-in-Picture "enhanced viewing" mode.  While watching the shows (with a player equipped for P-in-P playback, many early stand-alone Blu-ray players don't have the capability) viewers are treated to a plethora of in-character interviews with the people who populate the show, trivia, factoids, and even flashbacks to the earlier seasons.  There's a lot of content here, and it's not just fluff.  They show what happened during the year that Sookie was missing, fill in some vampire history, and much more.  This can be distracting when watching an episode for the first time, so luckily most of the video content is accessible from the extras menu.   

There are also six commentary tracks with various members of the cast and crew who talk about the show, the production, and their characters.  While I didn't have time to listen to all of these, the ones I spot checked was entertaining and informative.   

Each episode also includes an Inside the Episode featurette that originally aired after each installment on HBO.  Last season the equivalent bit contained interviews with various characters in the show where they revealed what they were thinking at certain points.  This year they took it in the opposite direction and had the writers and directors discuss the events of the episode and give their insights to what happened.  While I enjoyed the in-character bits from the previous season a bit more, these are a nice addition to the show and something I wish more programs would consider doing.   

That would be enough for most shows, but True Blood has always gone above and beyond as far as extras were concerned and this season is no exception.  True Blood: The Final Touches is a half hour look at the post-production process lead by series creator Alan Ball. There's also an interactive feature, True Blood Lines, that lets viewers examine the various characters and races/creatures that inhabit the True Blood world and how they are related and interact. 
On the True Blood Facebook page they have new headers and avatars to download. I'll be using those headers for sure, being how lazy I've become.

Yahoo has photos of what they consider the most "alluring" movie vamps.
Anna has a cover and most likely an interview in NZ's Next Mag (not to be confused with the gay Next), if I find it I'll grab it.
From Hollyscoop via JConline

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