Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, True Blood Style.

Special Giftees!
We'll have more on this video in tomorrow blog, till then enjoy.
The mothers of Bon Temps are as diverse a group of women as in anytown USA. One thing they have in common, even if they don't always show it, is that they love their kids.  Adele took in Little Jason and Sookie after their parents died, who wouldn't  want a caregiver as loving as Gran? 
Tara sure wished she did, poor kid got stuck with the crazy drunk Lettie instead. 
Lettie has since married her preacher and Tara doesn't have to do anymore backwoods voodoo rituals to save her, we hope.

Maxine Fortenberry is a perfect example of smother love, Hoyt is still her little boy and she does not want to give him up, especially to a vampire. We saw that Maxine wasn't bad at heart when she took in scrappy doo Tommy (miss him). Maybe Hoyt will move back home now that his bad romance is over and he can keep her company, at least he won't wear her granny panties.
The much married Arlene had a rough last season thinking her baby boy Mikie was a demon (I just hate when that happens), but he is just another sweet little bundle of joy who happened to be friends with a ghost. Now she has 3 adorable teacup humans, 2 of them like fangs.
What can we say about Ruby, Lafayette's mom? Don't know if we'll ever see her again,  but she did lead Lala to Jesus and that turned out well, didn't it?
A good mother isn't hard to find on True Blood and we know you don't have to be human to love your children, I'm looking at you Pam.
Happy Mother's day to the creator of True Blood, TB's mother Charlaine Harris, thank you for our obsession.
Don't forget we are getting a new season 5 promo tonight, yip yip!

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