Sunday, May 20, 2012

...And Sunday Always Comes Too Late

More from Carolyn Hennesy on her True Blood season from TVFanatic
Joan Crawford and Betty Davis, move over. Make room for Rosalyn Harris.
This Vampire Authority member will make her first appearance on True Blood Season 5, and Carolyn Hennesy recently described the character to me as a "great dame," one in the mold of the aforementioned legend.
"She's just a grand old broad," the actress said. "She's someone who thinks pearls go with everything and hair can never be too high. She has a tremendous sense of humor." That's not how I would have pictured an Authority member, but Hennesey said fans of this HBO series are in for a few surprises when they meet who she describes as "the Pope and the Cardinals" of the vampire world. (Chrisopher Meloni, as Roman, would be the Pope in this analogy.)
"There are two principle factions within the Authority," Hennesy explained. "There are those who believe in mainstreaming, who wish to assimilate the humans and those who… do not. They simply view humans a never-ending buffet."
And on which side does Hennesy's Rosalyn fall?
"Rosalyn is of the mindset that humans developed Tru Blood, they landed a man on the moon, they discovered Penicillin. What other miracles can they pull off? What else can they do for us?"
So it sounds like Rosalyn will be on the side of Eric and Bill when they inevitably clash with the Authority. Right? It won't be that simple, the actress teases.
"We are very skeptical when we meet them," she said. "Relationships become very convoluted and confused. There will be tremendous shenanigans within the Authority and Bill and Eric will become part of that. Whose side are they on? That will be revealed as time goes on."
Hennesy, who also promises "huge battles" to come on season five, admitted that she never saw True Blood before landing this part.
But she then say in her office for 10 days and gave "the best Christmas present to myself that I ever had" by watching all four seasons in a row.
"I became addicted," she said. "This show is the modern opium. You get everything: blood, fore, violence and sex. On a much deeper level, even, you get subtle, layered performances with brilliant writing. And it's just beautiful to look at. It's a skinny dip into a multi-colored pool."

What do you mean you don't go to Brooklyn?? Bill now knows what it's like to take cabs in the city if you are dark. From pootie27's instagram,to all you lovely people who posted pics all over the net a big thank you. I see some sites putting their watermark on your pics and I just think WTF?
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