Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Girl Can't Help It.

Oh that Pam, even when her face was rotting, she still dressed to the nines, the girl can't help it.  Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans

from SDCC, Pam De Beaufort
Episode Update From Spoiler TV-
Episode 5.09 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World 

Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war; anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger. WHA? A Holy War? was that what was filmed in New Orleans?
Episode 5.10 - Gone, Gone, Gone
Bill puts a spin on the rising vampire violence; Jason uncovers a mysterious scroll. Where are they taking us with this scroll? Is this a final farewell to the SVM?

Episode 5.11 - Song of the Dead Faerie 
Bill slips into religious fervor; Sookie seeks insight from the faerie Elder.
Episode 5.12 - Save Yourself 
Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity.

AND from Andy Swift at Hollywood Life-
Bill Compton  has always been Bon Temps’ most virtuous vampire — often to a fault — but as True Blood edges closer to its fifth season finale, Sookie’s  ex-fiancé might also be edging closer to the dark side. According to fresh spoilers, “Bill slips into religious fervor” on the Aug. 19 episode, which prompts to Sookie to “seek insight from the faerie Elder.” edit: who will that be, since they made Earl her link to fairyville? maybe Claude?
But wait, it gets so much worse. Apparently Eric “tries to save Bill from losing his humanity” on the Aug. 26 season finale — ironically titled “Save Yourself” — which could set up a potentially disastrous story line for the sixth season.
I’ve always been a card-carrying member of Team Eric myself, but that’s only because I equated Bill with a loaf of dry bread. If these spoilers turn out to be true, however, I think I might find myself very invested in his character this season.

From "Not Suitable for Children" Facebook page, Ryan between scenes.

HBO gave us a giftee today, Roman in a tight polo (that's hot) yelling at Russell? I somehow don't feel that will end well for Roman. 
Meredith's Pros and Cons recap from io9.com They put Jason in a pair of He-Man jammies and then had his mom ask him if he wanted a blow job. Take that, White Walkers! In other True Blood news, Sookie is infinitely more fun when she's drunk. But let me break it down for you pro/con style.
Pro: Bill and Eric doing their "cool guy" stands in the doorway. Ha. Eric looks cool — Bill looks, well, like a flopsy-headed mime. The way he always does. It's perfect.
Pro: Meanwhile Lala is having a full fledged panic attack in his Purple Rain home. His collection of religious idols dance and whisper "You're fucked now!" and "Life is suffering." Lala smashes them on the floor. It's completely wicked and exactly the kind of True Blood we have been missing out on for some time.
Pro: Salome goes to see Meloni, who is really upset because the child vampire he killed drafted the vampire rights amendment. Which is about meaningful as those "I just finished my run" posts on Facebook. Unless the Vampire Rights Amendment went, GIVE US HISTORICAL VAMPIRE FLASHBACKS OF ERIC AND BILL DOING IT. OR GIVE US DEATH! Anyway, Meloni is angry, because everyone is a traitor.
Pro: Lafayette's Mom pops up, sees Jesus' severed head with sewn up lips, looks at it and says, "Jesus? Where have you been?" I love this woman. Also, she can understand what he's saying even with his lips sewn shut.
May I have some more please? Heyerdahl, that is.
From Campblood-Jus’ gonna say it: in the first six minutes alone of tonight’s episode, three different men were almost entirely nudie. Unfortunately, they were in all different rooms, and the wrong Stackhouse was kneeling in front of Alcide, but HBO is really throwing cock at its queer audience. Frankly.
Now. Plot!
Lafayette broke all his favorite talking figurines.
Brainblast reveals a woman from the Authori-tay released Russell?!Salome and Beef Meloni enter the vault of the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Terry‘s flashbacks continue to terrorize our children.
Aw, look, the Smoke Monster from Lost got another gig!
Hide-n-seek in Abandoned Asylum of St. Jump Scares.
Luna dies (?), when really Hoyt‘s costumer should get the bullet.
Jason‘s Christmas nightmare drips red.

Our friends at True Blood News, the Nesters,  (who always have the best scans) have a scan from TV Guide-
I didn't notice Bill had such a big stick... in his hand.
Brian's recap at AE-


We catch up post-coitus-interruptus in the kitchen, as Bill & Eric tell Sookie that Russell is after her, they need her help, blah blah. Alcide steps in to defend her and they all squabble, and in Sookie's mind they all sound like yapping puppies. It's kind of cute, actually. She eventually starts laughing at herself for thinking that she will ever be free of all this supernatural drama - I feel you, girl! - and tells them to pack up, because she's going with them to de-glamour Alcide's employee and find Russell before he can find her.

At Alcide's contracting company in Shreveport, Sookie weasels into the head of Doug (the guy who witnessed Russell's exhumation in the Season 4 finale but had no memory of it) and in his memory she sees that a woman with a big hat and a bat pendant dug up the premie Russell and whisked him off to someplace to nurse him back to health. Baby Russell is seriously the most ADORABLE thing ever:

Apparently the gravedigger is a female Authoritaay member, because that bat pendant isn't the kind of thing that you could totally pick up at the counter at Hot Topic or anything, nope. So the mysterious lady in the trenchcoat is either Nora, Salami, or Antebellum Sharon Osborne. Or - and this is a longshot - Michael Caine. Any guesses? 3 pages MORE
True Blood - HBO 4.500 million viewers, #1; 3.377 million adults 18-49 (2.6 rating), #1 via FutonCritic
To sleepperchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;. For in that sleep of death what dreams may come. 
Collider has a new Giles Matthey interview up.
Collider: How did you come to be a part of the show this season?
GILES MATTHEY: I had just gone to the Globes with my girlfrie
nd, which I was lucky enough to be invited to by her. I was on my way back to New York when my agent said, “Please try to get to this audition.” So, I went to the audition and I knew of the show before I went to the audition, but I had no idea who anyone was, which was probably a really good thing. I probably would have been slightly more nervous, had I known the creator of True Blood and the writer of American Beauty (Alan Ball) was staring down at me. That added to an advantage for me, and I felt quite relaxed. It was obviously a little bit bigger than usual because there were more people in the room.
I had my bags packed and ready to go to the airport, and I had about 15 layers on because I couldn’t fit anything else into my bag, with these massive snow boots that were given to me. I was going to New York and it was really cold in January, so I just put them on. I don’t know what they must have seen in front of them. It probably looked like I was high on something because I was relaxed but sweating, and I looked so ridiculous. And all the other actors looked so sharp and pristine. I thought, “Oh, god, this isn’t going well already. I look like an absolute freak! This is going to be fantastic! I’ll just do the audition, and then go to the airport.” So, that’s what I did. And then, my agent called me and said, “You can’t get on that plane. You got the role. You’re in wardrobe tomorrow, and you’re shooting the next day.” It was a huge, huge moment for me, and a real honor that they liked me and cast me.
By the time you had finished watching the episodes, did you have any favorite characters that you were hoping you’d get a scene with?
MATTHEY: Of course! They’re insanely talented. For a relative newcomer, it’s obviously a dream to work with such a talented actress as Anna Paquin, who won an Oscar at 10, or something ridiculous like that. That’s a dream. And Ryan Kwanten’s character on the show just makes me laugh so much. I was really excited to work with them. But, they are all phenomenal, in their own way. I love Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). I love Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare). I love Hoyt (Jim Parrack). Rutina [Wesley] and Deb [Ann Woll] are brilliant. They’re all such unique characters that it’s like asking you, “What color do you like?” Maybe that’s a bad example. It’s like asking you, “What do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke?” They’re so different, and yet they’re the same kind of soda. They bring their own flavor to it. You love watching certain characters for certain things, and I think that’s a testament to their performances. You’re excited to watch any of these actors because they bring such a unique perspective to it, and that’s why you watch the show. That’s why it’s so popular. Otherwise, you’d only watch the show for one or two people. They all bring that sense of, “I love this guy! I love her!” They’re all fantastic! I know that sounds very boring and PC, but they really are. I’m very proud. More

Many Thanks to Tumblr's Ryan Kwanten for this posterior for posterity.