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Hopeless Rewind

Namaste hot stuff, I'll miss your crazydogmaticcultishness but did you learn nothing from the Magister? As Jimmy Cliff would say, Don't Fuck, really he'd say that. 
I see a lot of people don't think Roman is dead-dead, hmm, scroll down for CM talk.

Jessica's Baby Vamp Blog-
Small Town Blues
In a place like Bon Temps, you can't avoid the dreaded run-in with the ex. No matter how you prepare yourself for it, it's never going to go as smoothly as you hoped. He's never just going to say it's nice to see you, you seem good, and then be on his merry way. He will find the most irritating button he possibly can, and then push it like twelve times with a shit eating grin on his face that makes you want to sock him right in the kisser.

But you can't sock him right in the kisser, you know why? Because you're bound to see him again. Especially if he's got it in his head that he's some sorta fangbanger who belongs hanging around bars like Fangtasia, places that are supposed to be your territory and not his.
I've learned something very important from this experience: serious relationships will only lead to break ups, which will only lead to awkward and infuriating situations like this one. So I’m thinking it's about time to cool things off with Jason. Do I want to? No. He's got the most ridiculous abs. But I don't want to risk having two guys in this town I have to avoid. Bon Temps is wayyyyy too small for that. But sometimes we have to do things we don't wanna do. I guess that's the price you pay for living in a one-horse town.

Some recaps to hold us over till tomorrow, the usual just bitsies so go to the links for the rest. Screencaps from Skarsgardfans and HBO
RIP Hotness
Vampires, Humans and Weres, part of RollingStone's recap-
"Hopeless" opens back at the gruesome Scooby-Doo asylum where Alcide is being dragged off by what turns out to be a werewolf. A brief tussle between Alcide, Bill and Eric and the mini-were pack under Russell's command (some things never change) ensues, while Sookie fights off the still-weakened vampire king with a touch of light power. Once the werewolves are taken out, Eric is about to avenge his Viking parents' 1,000-year-old death, only to be stopped by spoilsport Bill, who reminds him that killing Russell will ensure the activation of the stakes strapped to their chests come dawn. Eric petulantly relents, just in time for Chancellor Kibwe Akinjide and a team of Authority police to descend upon the asylum. Russell is taken into custody, spouting out a (hilarious, yet not-so-off-the-mark) tirade of "blasphemous" insults against the Authority's belief in Lilith, suggesting that they might as well be praying to "leprechauns, unicorns or the motherfucking Kardashians!" But Kibwe is none too thrilled that a werewolf and a human have been privy to official vampire business, so he orders Bill and Eric to glamour Sookie and Alcide (a little vampire blood on his wounds and he's back in perfect, chiseled, pole-dancing form). Except Sookie can't be glamoured (the lack of rattlesnake sound effects serve as a quickie reminder), so she and Bill do a little playacting for the Authority soldiers. Alcide, on the other hand, is not immune to vampire brainwashing – so Eric, his old self making a stellar comeback after being MIA for so long, not only wipes the werewolf's memory of the evening's events, but he also removes any romantic inclination Alcide ever had for Sookie. Evil genius.
Do you sense a theme with these vamps mushing faces?
From WSJ“Maybe you’re just bored after 1,000 years.” The show has hinted at the streak of ennui that plagues Eric, but has never crystallized it as succinctly as this. And ultimately, this is the problem that’s at the heart of any story, whether in film or literature, that presents humans with the chance to become immortal. Will things lose their beauty if they’re not short-lived? How do you not become oppressively, oppressively bored after 1,000 years?
Is Hoyt suddenly much more attractive? Amazing what some swagger and guy-liner can do. Poor guy. He and Jess are so perfect together and yet…so not. We’re happy the writers continue to find them interesting.
From The Baltimore SunLeave it to Russell Edgington to liven things up.
Captured by Eric and Bill (finally) at the Asylum of High School Student Horror House and brought back to the Authority, Russell seemed done for. He's outfitted with one of those helpful iStakes and brought before Roman for execution that night. Because Roman wants to play golf.
Sidenote: Earlier, Roman celebrates Russell's capture with a bottle of 18th century Austrian hemophiliac blood. For the record, I enjoy 19th century Austrian hemophiliac. The 18th century vintage was totally overrated. It completely bothered me throughout the rest of the episode.
Anyway, Russell's on his knees and Russell presses the button. Nothing. It's been deactivated. Salome (sneaky, sneaky Salome) sheds a blood-tear as Russell grabs Roman.
"Peace is for p------," he yells and stakes him. So long, Christopher Meloni. Did not expect that this soon!
It was excellently twisty in what was the best episode of the so-so season so far. Mostly because, you know, unexpected stuff happened. Before tonight's episode, I thought about how this was the midway point and SOMETHING had to go down.
THR's Favorite lines of the night:
"You did good out there fighting, made me proud. Proud the way a human is proud of a well trained dog." -- Pam
"You will always protect Sookie with your life. But you'll keep your hands off her -- romantically speaking. She kind of disgusts you." -- Eric
More at Wetpaint
Fom EW- Mandi is a Sam fan, yeah!
On to Sam and Luna. While they were wheeled into the hospital, Emma showed up all adorable in wolf cub form at her grandmother’s door. Once they were stabilized, Sam snuck into see Luna and managed to be sexy even in a hospital gown. It was the way he told the nurse that she’d never keep him away from Luna, so she might as well bring his IV in there. Emma came in with her grandmother, who insisted she doesn’t want to take Emma from Luna, she just wants to be a part of her life so she doesn’t lose both Emma and Marcus. Luna realized she had no choice. Someone has to watch Emma while she recovers and keep her safe. I’m holding out hope that Grandma is decent (aside from that eating her dead son ritual).
Sam told Andy about the attack being a hate crime and that he wanted to use his keen sense of smell (which extends to fear) to help him find the shooters. Andy was resistant because he can’t condone vigilant justice, but after Sam said he was going after these guys with or without Andy, Andy relented. Next we saw Andy, he was at that anti-vampire shop introduced earlier in the season asking the owner, Junior, questions.
Junior said he wondered why the government doesn’t acknowledge the existence of supes other than vampires. He thinks the people have a right to know. Then, he became visibly uncomfortable when Sam came in looking at a crossbow. Junior bent down to get some wooden bullets to show to Andy, and instead popped up with a gun. Sam fired the crossbow first, hitting him in the chest. “Jesus, tits!” Andy said, thanking Sam for saving his life. Sam had smelled Junior go into survival mode. I suppose Junior would have had to shoot Andy after he shot Sam, so Sam really had saved his life.

TVLine interview with Chris Meloni-
TVLINE | Is Roman really dead?
You saw the show last night.
TVLINE | I did, but this is True Blood. Characters have survived worse.
That is true. For the time being, he’s dead. I think that was my swan song.
TVLINE | Five episodes is an unusually short run for someone billed as a series regular. Was this a case of you only being able to commit to a short arc because of your busy schedule?
I think what happened was they got sick of me complaining about the glazed donuts at the craft services table so they decided to off me. [Laughs] We had always decided that this was the way to go.
TVLINE | It seemed like you really enjoyed yourself.
Absolutely. I think part of the success of the show is what you are truly seeing is actors who are happy and really enjoying what they’re able to do. I fit right in with them.
TVLINE | As far as onscreen deaths go, this one was fairly memorable. Did you get a chance to watch the episode yourself last night?
I was caught in traffic having just come back from Comic-Con, so I’ll be seeing it tonight. But I will say it was a lot of fun to shoot that scene. There’s no one else I’d rather get staked by than Denis O’Hare. And his final words to me were really funny. I was actually a little jealous. I wish I had been able to say, “Peace is for p—ies.” [Laughs]
TVLINE | Favorite moment as Roman?
I really enjoyed staking that kid, [Vampire Authority chancellor Drew]. Really nice actor, really nice kid. But I thought the idea of me staking a kid was really outrageous and inappropriate and very satisfying. [Laughs] I don’t know what that says about me…
TVLINE | You’ve done some really dark stuff in your career — where does that rank?
Really not that [high] because for Roman it was a matter of survival. When you are in the middle of a war, the statute of permissible behavior gets widened. Chris Keller on Oz did a few more despicable things. And let’s not forget I humped a refrigerator at a children’s camp in Wet Hot American Summer. More

RIP Nate, sexy werewolf who only showed up in one scene this ep, dead-eyed, naked  and well, dead. Brendan McCarthy never got to be awesome on True Blood. AssPic
RIP to Eric and Bill rockin' the leather daddy gogo gear.

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