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Let's Boot and Rally Rewind

Ouch, that's too much push up, don't squish the girls.
Poor baby, that ain't no way to treat a king. Screencaps from Skarsgardfans
We found Ginger's competition for scream queen 2012
                                     Should have a pop up timer for when he's done.
Recaps, as usual just posting bites, whole piece is at the links-
"Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady." —Eric
"If I wanted to look like a drag queen I would have raided Lafayette's closet." —Tara
"Alcide, are we going to talk about the fact that I puked on your shoes?" —Sookie
"We're going to live forever. We're going to be young forever. The world, it's like, wide open to us." —Jessica
"I've seen enough horror movies to know you don't split up when you're in a big scary asylum and there's a crazed killer on the loose." —Sookie
"New York City smells like pee and the people are rude." —Eric (oh Eric, no you didn't!)

TVFanatic-Let's start at the end: it's a long-running pet peeve of mine that True Blood so often simply cuts off a scene and uses that as a cliffhanger. That's just poor, lazy writing. It's a cop out.
Did Alcide turn into a werewolf? Did he get attacked by a werewolf? Yes, I'll tune in to find out. But a series should not rely on editing and confusion to draw viewers in.
I'll operate on the assumption that Russell somehow has a cadre of werewolves under his power and they'll help free him from the dangerous situation that closed the hour.
That's sort of intriguing. I guess. We're nearing the halfway point of the season and there's been so much talk about Russell Edgington, yet so little action from the former king. In this case, Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide and (poor, poor) Doug trekked through bodies and rats and finally came upon their target... only for the installment to simply cut out on us.
Felt an awful lot like filler. Let's hope next Sunday night gives us an idea of what Russell is actually up to.
The editing felt off all around this week. Did Roman's speech about the Authority standing up to the Sanguistas really play into the fight between Tara and Jessica? Or Jason looking at the graves of his parents? It's as if the show ran out of time and just shoved these scenes together. I didn't feel any kind of through-like at least. Did anyone else?
But let's at all stop for a moment and smile at Jason in his He-Man pajamas. I owned the same exact pair when I was five.MORE
HighlightHollywood's review is up too

Big Vampire Sisters
Thanks so much to the Nesters for this special promo for next week, muchas gracias chicas, Maria! Russell's hair/wig, are you just dying?

Screencrave said thisOverall:“Let’s Boot and Rally” is undoubtedly the best episode of season five thus far. It merged and paralleled the multiple storylines that threw us off in previous episodes. It brought the suspense with believable acting and significant humor.

IGN's review in part, good points- I'm glad we actually got to see Russell at the end of "Let's Boot and Rally," as I was half-expecting - what with the arbitrary time limit placed on Eric and Bill's hunt - that they'd come up empty handed and the episode would end with their stake-vests flashing red. That being said though - what did happen at the end? I mean, I guess I know. Alcide wolfed out. But it was shot so weird. He just kind of bent down behind Sookie, who was blocking the whole shot, and then we heard a wolf growl. Kind of awkward. Plus, hasn't it been established that wolves are no match for vamps unless they're in a pack?
I really liked the Jessica/Tara scene at Fangtasia. It seems as though they didn't decide to soften Pam as Tara's maker, but instead had Tara bond with another baby vamp. Jessica's "It gets better" speech was a well-intended, in not obvious, allegory and I liked that the two of them were bonding over the fact that being immortal isn't a completely terrible concept. It helped distract me from the fact that Tara was bartending at a vampire nightclub a mere two days after being turned. Too bad the two of them had to have that silly super-speed bathroom brawl at the end. And too bad for Hoyt that the latest in Fangbanger fashion is dressing like the drummer from Spandau Ballet. I noticed too that Jessica had to tease up her hair, Lita Ford-style, to go out on the prowl. It reminded me of how Buffy was able to spot a vampire, in the pilot episode of that series, based on the a guy's outdated clothes.

DenofGeekOk, so it’s time to talk about Terry’s Iraq storyline. We’ve been ignoring it for a few weeks, but the time has most definitely come. On the plus side, we have an almost full explanation for Terry’s nutjob tendencies, but a fire demon/monster? This could well be a supe too far for True Blood. A maenad we can just about buy; Faeries at a push, but fire curses? It’s possibly still too early to tell, and God knows Arlene needs something to do, so when it does eventually rock up in Bon Temps it’ll have her to deal with, but it’s going to take something pretty spectacular to rescue it.
Which brings us neatly to Laf’s hoodoo interloper storyline, which continues to be completely bewildering. And not just because we’ve no idea who the hell has Jesus’ head... As we’ve been led to believe the hoodoo is evil, maybe he could take care of the fire monster for us and then we can just forget about the whole thing.
Business Insider has good reviews, I forget to post them sometimes, sorry, they have good screencaps too at the link-Stuff is starting to get exciting ... and weird on "True Blood." Jason isn't sure how to cope with the news of his parent's real death, Lafayette can't deal with his weird magical voodoo and the smoke monster from "Lost" makes an appearance. (We said it gets weird.) Meanwhile, Tara's "talking" to Hoyt, Jesus' head is floating around and someone gets shot. Plus, the search for Russell Edgington gets a massive lead. Yes. A lot is going on in Bon Temps.  As Sookie pointed out, this week's episode felt like something out of a Halloween horror film. 

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