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We'll Meet Again, Again.

We will have a sixth season as per True Blood's Facebook page-JUST ANNOUNCED: True Blood will be doing more bad things when it returns for a sixth season.

Part of Vulture's interview with Kristin, read it all at link.
What was it like filming the scene in which Eric releases Pam?
I wasn’t warned that would happen, so I really cried while I was reading it in the script. Alex [Skarsgard] and I talked and he said, “It’s so sad!” and I said, “I hate it. I’m not going to do it. I’m not gonna film it.” We went to executive producer Alex Woo, who wrote the episode, and complained. I went, “Why do I have to be released? I don’t want to be released,” and Alex went, “I don’t want to release her.” We argued with him about all the reasons Eric could protect Pam without releasing her, but they all just, you know, laughed at us and said “Action!” and we had to film it.

Well, you fought the good fight.
In the table read, I cried. In the rehearsal, I cried. When the camera was on Alex, I cried. I just thought it was so sweet and touching and emotional. I mean, the bond is going to be the same. Alex and I pretty much feel like the difference now is that Eric’s just going to have to call Pam on her cell phone. She’ll still give her life for him in a second. But yeah, I cried so much. My nose was running, and I said, “I know you’re going to turn my tears red in post, but what are you going to do about my snot? Can you take out snot in post? Because it’s going to be hideous.”
Pam is Tara’s vampire mom. How’s motherhood going to suit her?
Well, she only turned this bitch because of the hope and promise of being back with Eric. It's like she’s stuck with this ball and chain. But what’s been fun to play is two people who’ve been trying to kill each other for a whole season, tied together immortally. Their conflict is so extreme because they’re actually fairly similar. Pam’s a tough love mother and Tara’s a tough girl.
You’re going to Comic-Con next month. Is it something you brace for or enjoy?
I have a picture from the dais from our very first panel. It’s so overwhelming. Intellectually, I know millions of people are watching our show, but you can’t get the impact and the feel of that until you’re at a place like Comic-Con. I remember the first time we went, Alex and I kept looking at each other like, “Wow, this show is really popular.” It’s lovely. Without the fans I don’t have a job, so I really do look forward to it. It’s also one of the only times we’re all together as a cast. Table reads and Comic-Con.       Photos from HBO and Skarsgardfans
BuddyTV's recap in part-
The Murder of Debbie Pelt- You know how The Killing took two whole seasons to solve the murder of Rosie Larsen? Well, the case of Debbie Pelt is closed in two episodes. First Sookie confesses to Jason, wanting to turn herself in, but Jason is a good brother who wants to use his job to save her. I'm just happy once every season the writers remember that Sookie and Jason are siblings and give them a scene together.
Meanwhile, Alcide tells Debbie's parents that Marcus did killed her and that Alcide killed him for revenge. There's enough truth in his confession to make it plausible, even if it is total B.S. and adds more proof to what Tara says, that there will always be someone there to take a bullet for Sookie.
Jessica finishes up the investigation by compelling Andy to completely forget about the Pelt case, thus bringing a quick end to this annoying plot detour.

Drunk Sookie- Afraid that she's going to jail, Sookie decides to get drunk, and drunk Sookie is the best Sookie. She slurs made-up lyrics to "The Pina Colada Song" when Alcide shows up to tell her that he covered up Debbie's murder. Sookie thanks him by getting him drunk and then making out with him. It makes sense that Sookie waited until now to have sex with Alcide. She probably went to see Magic Mike this weekend and got all hot and bothered over Joe Manganiello. The only problem is that Bill and Eric both show up outside her window at that exact moment.
The Fairy Club- Judge Clemmons invites Jason and Andy to a special club as a reward for covering up his son's ticket. They're blindfolded by a bunch of sexy women and brought to the same open field Jessica went to when she chased Claude the fairy last week.
The girls open a magical portal to another dimension and they walk into a fairy club full of sexy burlesque dancers. It's like Heaven if Heaven were full of half-naked go-go dancers (which I believe it is). Andy is particularly happy to reconnect with Maurella, the fairy he had sex with last season.
Jason gets a little confused when he sees his cousin Hadley (remember her from seasons 2 and 3, Queen Sophie-Anne's prisoner who told Eric that Sookie was a fairy). Hadley is shocked to learn Sookie is alive and begs Jason to bring her to this fairy club refuge because the fairies have all been brainwashed to believe in this Fairies vs. Vampires war that doesn't seem to actually exist.
However, what does interest Jason is the news that a flood didn't kill his parents, vampires did. Say what!?! Hadley runs away before we get more info and Jason gets angry trying to chase her, ultimately getting himself and Andy kicked out of the club and zapped with some of that fairy lightning by the fairy bouncers.
Baby Vamp Blog-The Often Strange and Sometimes Unexpected Perks of Being a Vampire 
The most obvious? Glamouring… hello! You can make humans do whatever you want them to. Heightened senses! I could hear what Sookie was saying about Debbie Pelt and Tara all the way from Jason’s bedroom (where we were just talking, I swear - no funny business). We vamps can hear, see, touch and smell the shit outta everything. Our sense of taste is somewhat limited, but you can’t have it all, can you?
Investigative training? Who needs it… we’re already suited to a life of solving crime! Just ask Deputy Jason Stackhouse.
My seasonal insomnia is loooong gone. Now when I go to ground, I’m dead. I don’t have to worry about falling asleep.
Moving? Call a vampire. We can carry shit your regular Joe Shmo mover couldn’t dream of, and we don’t need any damn back braces.
I can text super-fast. Type super-fast. And read super-fast. If only I’d had that skill back in bible school…
And finally, my personal favorite, I don’t get cold anymore, or at least I don’t feel it. My body temperature pretty much stays the same. Which means I can wear these little bandage dresses no matter what the weather’s like outside. Pretty cool, huh?
Y’all got any fun ones?

A bit from MTV's Five Point Recap
Ain't No Party Like a Fairy Party-Things have been relatively quiet on the fairy front until this episode, which finds the town's least-competent police officers in the midst of a crazy burlesque fairy party. (This is "True Blood" we're talking about so anything can and does happen.) When Jason and Andy accept an invite to an exclusive club as their reward for helping expunge a speeding ticket from a corrupt judge's son's record, they of course get a lot more than they bargained for. We get the return of Sookie and Jason's cousin Hadley, who we quite honestly did not expect to see again and probably won't again for a while since she lets it slip that Jason and Sook's parents were killed by vampires(?). Jason freaks out and gets kicked out, Andy too, with both of them landing back in the middle of a field in the real world. 
*Bonus: Meloni, Like a BOSS- How awesome is Chris Meloni as Authority boss, Roman? Really awesome it turns out, and also really intimidating. Meloni's best work in this episode was his swift removal of the traitorous member of his staff, i.e., death by staking, followed by the order for his chancellors to "fall in line," the delivery of which was made extra-intense by all the blood spattered on his face.

CampBlood has the pre-vlog piece up, they also have drink recipes for those who like to sip real MIXED drinks.
I swear upon the blood of Lillith… An Anna Paquin karaoke record is shelved somewhere, waiting for release at Walmart. First 200 buyers get a discounted Orange Marzipan!
This week’s episode covered drinks, kills, clubs, and – might I add, it was all very Apple. Seriously, how many Mac products did you spot?!
Arlene‘s one line: “Barack and Hillary are askin’ fer you.”
Sam gets an invite: dead Shifters. Free wine!
Chancellor Baby Bottle Pop gets the True Death. Teeny, we hardly knew ye.
Pam – now a free woman! – saves Tara‘s very melty face and gives her the blood of lez.
Lafayette Bruja’s the shit outta Sookie‘s car, causing her to stop, drop, roll, and seriously pop some bottles. Only took her five seasons. That cabinet must’ve been dusty as hell.
Brian Geraghty is the arsonist? That guy from I Know Who Killed Me?
Jason, Andy, and the Judge take a limo ride to Cirque Du Gay at La Cage Aux Fairies… with some dropouts of those awful She Spies / Girls Club shows on, like, UPN.
Hadley has the funniest fucking career trajectory, I’m sorry.
Alcide saves Sookie‘s ass from a Pelt-ing and grants her another one.
I loved Pam’s inspirational speech to Tara: “Take her to the precipice of death and hold her there.”

THR has an interview with Jacob Hopkins, Alex is now a messy mess in the conference room. I don't know why Roman would ruin his suit, the carpeting, the ceiling etc. by staking Alexander in the Authority's meeting room, tsk, tsk, housekeeping has their work cut out for them, not to mention everyone's dry cleaners. Notice no mention of him being the last Romanov standing, except that St Petersburg remark from Roman.
On Sunday’s episode, Roman discovers there is a traitor in his group of leaders, and while many viewers probably expected it to be one of the older, shadier looking people in the room, it turned out to be Alexander. “I think it’s cool sometimes to be the villain,” Hopkins tells The Hollywood Reporter about finding out that his character would be the traitor.
After a heated exchange between the kid-vampire and Roman, Alexander meets the true death, staked by Roman. When Hopkins, whose previous work includes appearances on How I Met Your Mother and a role in Priest, joined the show to play Alexander, he wasn’t aware that he would end up being the traitor of the group, and says he was shocked when he read the script for the fourth episode of season 5.
I didn’t really know,” he says. “It really surprised me because I didn’t think that I was going to be a traitor on the show.” He says he played the scene bravely because he feels a vampire that old and in that position of power would not cower even when he had been discovered.
“I didn’t think Alexander was suppose to be scared because he is suppose be a really old and wise vampire,” Hopkins tells THR about his character’s frame of mind.
Hopkins says that the special effects crew and the director of the scene, Romeo Tirone, made sure to walk him through all the details of his dramatic death scene.
One of his favorite moments was getting to touch the pile of blood and guts that was used for after his character Alexander had been staked.
Hopkins tells THR he wasn’t afraid of shooting the gory scene. “We had done so much preparation and I knew what was happening before we shot it, so to me it isn’t like what the viewers really see,” he says. “I got to touch the stake to and even though it looks real, it’s rubbery.”
Hopkins worked closely with Meloni, who joined HBO’s vampire drama after spending more than a decade on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU. The seasoned actor walked through the death scene with Hopkins before they began shooting.
“Chris told me that he was going to grab me very close and to get in his face and be really angry,” Hopkins tells THR. “He prepared me for what he was going to do before he did it.”
Hopkins adds that working with Meloni was enjoyable since “he’s a dad.”
“He knows how to act with kids. He is a very, very nice and very lovable person,” says Hopkins.
With Hopkins’ run on the show over, the young actor said he was “sort of sad” to leave because he had such a good time.
“But I’m looking forward to keeping my fangs and it was all such a great experience for me,” he says.

Bye Little guy we hardly knew ye, except that you couldn't talk with the fangs in.

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