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I want to thank all the readers that come daily to this humble, wee blog, the peeps from outside the USA too. World Peace through True Blood Suckers!
Russell seems so happy to see Eric, "You and me together at last", he always liked the pretty. Time to catch up on News and more-
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 Screencaps by Skarsgardfans (she has them all from the promos too) and HBO and FYI Truebs I've been updating the Episode Guide as well as the Casting pages.
             Happy Birthday Mamasita Anna Paquin, she can't drink to it but we can! 
NBC is bringing Dracula to your TVs, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

What do you think is one of Jessica's motivating emotions in the current season? We've already seen her grow so much - where is she headed?
Loneliness. Jessica has been so alone all of her life. Even with Hoyt. As much as they loved eachother they couldn't understand eachother and it is a profoundly sad experience be feel lonely in the presence of someone you care about. She's never had a friend I think she is motivated most strongly by that
how do you want jessica to end up with? hoyt or jason? how is working with ryan?
I don't have a want for Jess in that regard. I want her to be happy and respected. I think it can't possibly work with Hoyt. She can't give him what he wants which is normalcy, and while Jason and Jess are clearly attracted to one another and care for each other neither of them seem to be in a place where they can be in a relationship. I'd like to see some growth from both of them, but I think there's more potential there.
Hi Deborah! Do you have a say in Jessica's wardrobe and make-up at all?
absolutely. the wardrobe and h/mu departments are very talented and they work with the writers and directors to get an idea of what they would like for the character, and then they come up with ideas and present them to the actors and we all work together to figure out what we like best. If I have a specific idea that I think would be cool, I might email the department and throw it in there early so that we can be prepared on the day should they like my idea. In the end the producers have final say but they have always been very cooperative.
Is their any special preparation you have to do before getting into the Jessica Character?
I do a ton of preparation. One of the most time consuming is before every season I take a month and watch every episode from 101 to the end to remind myself where we have all come from. Then I spend the last week, going over and over just Jessica's story line. Then even though it's been 5 months since we shot the last episode it feels more like it happened recently which is how it happend for Jess. That's one way I get back into it after our hiatus. Read the whole Q&A HERE
                                     That Lil blood made their fangs all wonky
Rutina does an interview with Rollingstone, all at link-
Tara has had such a rough go of it in the first few seasons, but now it seems that becoming a vampire is the best thing that's ever happened to her. Do you think that's accurate?
I don't know if it's the best thing that's ever happened to her, but I think it's going to end up being that because when you have to face something that you actually hate and learn to love it, it's a complete transformation. So, yes, it's the best and worst thing. To her, it would probably be like, "This sucks!" – no pun intended – but, I think when she finally embraces who she is, like in the last couple of episodes when she's like, "OK, I'm a vampire. I've got to feed and I've got to deal," I think she'll start to understand [her situation] more, and I think that's important for her own personal growth.
So you must be having a ball with the sexy-vampire makeup and clothes, especially that spangly purple corset. Are they easy to move in?
Oh, no. It's so funny because I wanted to be in a corset so badly. I was like, "Can I be in a corset? Can it be purple?" And I got in that corset, and after that 12th hour you're like, "Well, yeah. Maybe I should have thought . . ."
"Maybe I should've asked for a flowy dress."
Because you just can't breathe – and forget about eating lunch. But I would always eat because I was hungry and I'd go back to my trailer and be like, "I can't move!"
I love the Pam-Tara relationship this season. Pam is not warm and fuzzy, and she's a pretty cruel taskmaster. But I think she's a better parent to Tara than Lettie Mae.
Oh, definitely. I think it's been important for Tara to see the tough love from Pam, because she hasn't seen much other than, "Pam wants to kill me." But now she's seeing Pam go, "I kind of care about you. But not too much. Don't let it go to your head."
Like you said, Bon Temps is a small town. So it's inevitable that Tara and Sookie, who are currently on the outs, are going to see each other again, yes?
I can definitely say that they will see each other again, and there will be a figuring out of their relationship. Whether they actually talk about it may not happen, but I will be involved with her again, sometime later on. MORE

The ADVOCATE has an interview with Jessica Clark, Lilith
If you tuned into True Blood on Sunday, there's no way you missed the appearance of Lilith, a gorgeous, exotic vampire first seen naked and covered head-to-toe in blood. The actress behind Lilith is Jessica Clark, a British-born former model who recently appeared on the cover of Vogue India. The out and proud Clark is now making her mark as an actress, starring in well-received independent films before transitioning to premium cable bloodsucker. We spoke with Clark about everything from feminism to racism, and were bowled over by her intelligence, thoughtfulness, and Anna Wintour-esque lilt. And sorry, ladies and gents, she's happily married. MORE
GIFs from TrueBloodGIFs of Tumblr, some hysterical ones this week.
Meredith has her pros and cons up at io9-
What the hell was that? No, really — what the heck is going on with True Blood? After half the cast got high and started giving each other piggyback rides, I had to just throw my hands in the air and say "Fuck it!" Put the werewolf in board shorts for some barnyard calisthenics — because this is True Bloodtown, where your logic is shot in the head (just like the characters). There's no reasoning with it anymore, this series is just pure insanity. At least Steve Newlin is back.
Pro: "We're testing her luminescence." "I'm going to send my light through her and if the fae in her is strong." Ha! Fae CSI. I guess if we must keep beating this old fae plot line, I'm happy they can pepper it with lines like these, while the actors wave their hands about.
Pro: Jason is killing it in this scene: "Let's just plug her in and charge her up." Yes. Lets.
Pro: Hoyt's eyeliner is still all over his face. Aw. And another Pro for joining a hate group with someone named Dragon. Oh dear me. Count down until they kidnap Jessica and Hoyt has to make the decision: his old love, or the new love of Dragon.
Pro: Eric immediately tells Nora to go fuck herself. Ha! There's actually lots of great swearing in this scene. Bill even gets in on the act a little. "Bullshit, you can't play the grieving widow and the leader of the coup!" And finally "Bible-Banging Cunts!" Good job everyone!
Pro: Werewolf training montage. I don't know what is more ridiculous: Alcide's bandanna (Hey Alcide!) or Alcide's bandanna.
Con: Christopher Heyerdahl, most likely for questioning the amount of Religious Vampire Ceremonies per episode. I will miss you Heyerdah and your melodious barritone. If there was a wise old turtle in the cartoon re-teling of Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi he would have your voice, sir.
Con: So everyone drinks Lilith's blood and they get really high and walk around New Orleans. Newly discovered fact: Watching vampires get stoned is just as exciting as watching your neighbors get stoned and spend three hours looking for their keys. (Another fact: the keys are always in their pocket.)

                                    GIF Source, Dale Dickey is so good even in this teeny role.
Huffpo's Joey DeAngelis' recap here-HEADS UP, OOPS RIP!

From the Vault's YTs of HBOGO's features.
“I ain’t been to med school or faerie school or nothing, so if you could put it in terms a laid man can understand, I’d appreciate it.”- poor sweet Jason.
Some of my thoughts while watching, putting on the bottom to not slow the roll- Russell telling Eric you and me together at last is every fangirl's wish and Bill's too. Burn Guy, tempted to call him Larry, is so happy to be hanging with the vampire elite, look for his fanfic coming soon. Dieter's mistake of calling this blasphemy, oh there goes his head. Russell is so reactionary.The fairys didn't sound like family when they said they've been watching Sookie's family for centuries, why? How is Sookie half fae? Guess we shouldn't have good memories of prior seasons or granpa Earl. Speaking of bad memories, when Andy said Jesustitsonchrist this is the worse night of my life, I was thinking but Andy, it sure isn't. Hicks quoting Palin isn't anything I want to hear, even as a joke. So Hoyt feels more accepted by a hate group, that boy needs professional help. They made Hoyt one lame ass character this week and probably ever after. Eric's "Go fuck yourself Nora" was perfect timing. Russell is one guy who loves dramatic entrances and he is so good at them. Bygones! So Salome followed Marcellus and Ike when they buried Russell, sure, no mention of Bill burying Eric however shortlived that was, he did. Bill calls it, you can't be the grieving widow and the leader of the coup, but Sal shrugs. Why did she wait so long to release Russell anyway? "Bible banging cunts", Eric does it again. Alcide's so horny that a girl can kick his ass, please let him get laid and get his head cleared. So JD isn't Marcus' father, Dale Dickey rules every scene she's in, much like Denis O'Hare and Kristin Bauer. Arlene's wedding video fills in a lot of blanks for viewers since we never saw any of it. Looks so sweet, all our broken up couples are so happy in it and no Sookie.  Arlene saying Terry is crazy, well just crazy, since we know she has seen dead people and was possessed by a Maenad's spell. Andy goes to Bud Dearborn's who is shacking up with Sweetie Des Arts shifter killer! Well there goes any fond memories of Bud, now he is a shit'em too. Lala sure wasn't doing the speed limit to get to Mexico in his old gold Mercedes. Don Bartola still is evil, his wife still pregs. He had Jesus head surrounded by candles,  is he trying to bring him back as his new kid? Who knew Luna and Sookie were pals raise your hand, yeah I thought so, no one. At least we get to hear Sam say Fuck Sookie, love it. Tara on a pole, Lettie Mae still only cares for herself but really, would Lettie travel all the way to Shreveport to go in a vamp bar for a minute? In fact Lettie would NEVER step into Fangtasia, phftttt. Pam glows and is human for a bit, she's a good mommie. Salome in her Shirley Temple curls holds court around the supposed Lilith blood, where the hell did Newlin pop in from? Russell looks at Newlin thinking the same. (GIF from TrueBloodGifs) 
They drop acid in liquid form, left behind by an Owsley and Leary visit in the '60s, no doubt. Look at Rosalyn channel her inner slut as she dances down the street, Bill has some moves too with Salome. Damn, that Steve wastes no time hitting on Russ, he's a groupie at heart. Russell tells him, "Sorry kiddo you're going to have to earn your stripes, kill your first newscaster on live TV". Vampire Spring Break is on! Notice that fangs are extra, extra large on the Lil blood? Bill is being carried piggy back by his pal Eric. The switching back and forth this episode it way way too much, let us enjoy the vamp Rumspringa and not rip us from fun to none by going to Bartolo's den of darkness. Poor Lafayette, why aren't you channeling that demon now bitch? You did it for gumbo bleaching but your lips are sewn shut and you don't? Finally forever pregs gets to action and stabs Bartolo over and over again, it still isn't enough. The JD weres seem to know more than our regulars by talking about the war between humans and vamps that's coming. JD wants to be proactive and get on the vamp's side by swilling V, yeah that'll work you dumb hillbilly fucker. Hoyt and his group of hicks go on a spree, you know this will not end well for Jessica. Sam smells shifterkiller stank and gets the culprit. Meanwhile back to vamps gone wild, they walk in on some karaoke at a wedding party, Edgington, Russell Edgington has a nice singing voice. They chow down as the wedding party becomes the funeral party and a drip turns into a Lilith who shreiks some high pitch sound that only dogs can hear (maybe weres?) Godric shows up for his seasonal visit and shakes Eric out of his trip. Did you notice Eric didn't see Lilith when he looked at Nora? So yeah, I think that was some good shit and they tripped they're balls off, hallucinating Lil or she was just a genetic memory (ha, don't judge my theories). WTF, we see Terry the first time all night (besides the wedding vid) with the busy tv show smoke monster. Smokie is just messing with them at this point, all haphazard and what not. Jason (yeah they zapped us again) goes to see Jess mid coitus or dinner or both, tastes blood on her lips,  fights, shoots her in the head, Bills guards show up. Jess's night is not going well and will get worse from the promo we see. Sookie is in a field trying to use up the fairy blasts, don't ask why. So for the most part it was a good episode but they could have definitely cut down on the shifting between scenes, it ruined my mood and makes one start to loose attention. 
Allan Hyde also has a Kickstarter for his movie

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