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More Let's Boot and Rally

Why did no one CC me on the memo that Jason and Andy knew about shifters, last time Andy was suspicious of Sam it was because he thought he was a nudist. Remember he saw Sam running nekid in the woods, seemed like more than once too. Gee, TB writers, way to skip a biggee in the revelations department.
A dead body is a smell you'll never forget yet, a werewolf, 2 vamps and 2 humans didn't smell that reeking pile of death? OK. I liked Sookie better after a rewatch, she was less annoying while other things were moreso. 
We know shifter killer Sweetie is cast, but that was a crew of rednecks shooting at Sam and they sure sounded male. Sam, the most unlucky in love sap that ever was, would they kill yet another of his GFs? 
The Authority is sure a mess of contradictions, you believe in Liltih, you don't believe, pick one Roman! Dieter (I wish we saw more of the wonderful Christopher Heyerdahl this season and where the hell is Peter Mensah?) said he knew the writer of the Vamp Bible, and that the guy was high the whole time he wrote it. Anyone else see Bridget Neilsen in the Authority group?
At least we saw Russell and he mentioned Talbot, who is still revered by Urno Talbot, your humble host. I wonder what or who the title of next week's episode refers to, "Hopeless" ?
Part of the Collider review-Shall I begin with the decapitated head or the pile of corpses?  “But which pile?” you ask.  “The one set on fire that created an Ifrit, or the pile being consumed by rats?” (#JustAnotherThursday)  Let’s get the rats and Russell out of the way.   It’s a story that starts with Sookie, whose character has experienced a renaissance of redemption this season.  Instead of falling into her usual role of Lust Object in Perpetual Danger, Sookie was vomiting on shoes and truth telling.  “As you learn from any horror movie, you do not split up to go search the big scary hospital,” she says to the group, taking charge.  “I have a terrible headache and have to pee something fierce, so I’d just as soon get this over with.”  And so it went – after a medley of uncomfortable scenes involving dead humans or humans in peril, we finally see Russell, no longer looking like Lord Voldemort, resting peacefully in filth.  But never underestimate a 3000 year old vampire!  According to the previews for next week, Russell is only getting started on his reign of terror.
But chaos rules elsewhere, as a rogue band of killers target shifters and other magical creatures.  It actually adds a nice bit of depth to have human foes for once – humans are so often forgotten in the show unless they are serving as food, and while the actions of this gang can in no way be condoned, showing people attempting to serve vigilante justice just as the Sanguists are saying “we toldja so” is a nice touch (unless the gang are werewolves? Hmm …). (SEE the Castings Continued thread for who is playing not so Sweetie Des Arts)
Geek News recap- You have to hand it to the True Blood writers, they know how to go out on a high/low note. By the end of this week's episode, our heroes are up against 3,000 year old vampire Russell Edgington while a gang of supernatural killers put a couple of bullets in some characters who we really wish had ducked. Plus: vampire catfight.
Five episodes in, Bill and Eric's part in the Authority storyline will have to come to some kind of resolution by next week—Salome has given the duo until dawn to end Russell Edgington before their i-Stakes (ugh) go off. And if they do kill Russell, well, the stakes are still set to go off. We actually see some fracturing in the unexpected partnership between Bill and Eric as they start to home in on the identity of the vampire who freed Russel (and is obviously Salome and not Nora).
Speaking of Salome, she tries to talk Roman down from taking such a hardline stance against the religious arm of the vampire community, but the Authority's Guardian isn't hearing it—killing an ancient vampire kid has shaken him and made his stance against the Sanguinista movement and their sympathizers even harder. Of all of the plots going on this season, I'm actually the most intrigued by the internal politics of the vampires. I just find something so fascinating about building up this idea of creating media messaging around a species of killers and trying to manage their relationship with humanity.
I'm also starting to warm to the Tara-as-vampire story, especially since she has Pam to play as a foil. Poor Tara, blessed or cursed with immortality and super strength and she's forced to tend bar again, this time at Fangtasia (according to Pam who now owns the joint, they're understaffed). The awkward, halting first attempt at friendship between Tara and Jessica was a little clunky in its execution but it was still a nice springboard to a possible new set of interactions. Too bad stupid Hoyt and his mascara had to muck it all up.

Wonder how HBO feels about this, from

True Bloodthirst (Syfy, 9 PM): Yes, any resemblance between the title of this Syfy Original Movie and a certain HBO series is purely accidental. You have to admire their moxie, especially right after its own parent company filed a lawsuit over American Battleship, (which was renamed American Warship.) In any case, lest you worry that you won't be able to tell these two vampire stories apart, here's the full description for True Bloodthirst: Vampires and humans live in a future world where they co-exist - barely. Now, both groups find themselves under attack by a new species of super vampire. The surviving humans and vampires join forces to obliterate the vicious man-sized bat vampires which threaten to shatter the uneasy peace between the two species. A production of UFO Films, True Bloodthirst stars Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval) and Neil Jackson (Quantum of Solace).

Ok, you know your shifter friends were just murdered, you hear noises, why not go out as a rhino, a bear, a lion, something fierce like you did back in the day Mr. Merlotte? Tommy was way quicker, re the alligator, note to self, stop pulling out your hair.
Let's watch some Russell to calm me down, ah that's better. 

Oh Vulture, thank you for the jokes, we need more jokes, well I do anyway. here's little of it-
Oy, this episode. I don't know about you, but I was certainly tangled in an emotional lace of confusion, amusement, and dirty synthetic kimono (it just happens to be what I watch the show in). Now I know how the cast feels after a long day of shooting on nothing but PDX90 endorphins and cashew water.
Never mind the talking statues, disembodied heads, the high-calorie snacks, or the wigs (oh, the WIGS). The allegory here between the Sangunistas and the Authority was more thinly veiled than ever: Religious fanatics versus sexy, ineffectual ideologues? What are you getting at, HBO? Thank you kindly, but please keep your Sorkin peanut butter out of my Ball chocolate. Allow me to repeat: Ball chocolate. Why? Because it's fun to say.
I have no idea what was going on here. Let's twist again, like we did last summer: Here are the most memorable moments from this week's True Blood, ordered from least to most nutrageous.
Doug's Nachos- I love that the first part of Sookie-induced psychic regression was to relive the delicious nachos he ate. I often suppress memories of housing gas station Tex-Mex, only to come to horrible reckoning with it when confronted by the sinewy delts, firm glutes, and wiffle bat waists of the True Blood cast. Most relatable moment of the season. MORE
The first time and the creepiest time I saw a face with the mouth sewn shut was in "Harvest Home", the book is just as scary, if you get a chance t watch it or read it, DO IT. 
RicoSuave scenes, 

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