Sunday, July 29, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know Rewind

He's evolving? Looks more like de-evolving and going back to Lorena times, quick get a piano!
Stephen in directing mode.

Think I had enough fun for one night, I hear you Eric and concur. 
Joe finally has some fun, seems like he is a wolf of a different color too.
If he was like that with Debbie maybe she wouldn't have strayed with Cooter and Marcus. Doesnt make sense that the cure all V isnt used as a medicine in hospitals everywhere, talk about Nan slacking. That would have made the vamps welcome everywhere if you ask me, solving so many problems for humankind, Newlin get on this marketing strategy stat. oh wait I forgot the new deal. Strange turn to drive the story go into, vamps taking over the world. Especially since it's based on the vamps coming out because of a blood substitute, you know, the name of the show and all. Destroying all the production of TruBlood is sort of telling us the premise of the show is gone now as well, what do you all think? GIF Source and there are more there.
The Authority clean up crew sure are busy, at least vamps are helping with the economy. Vamps are very messy.
The Sam on Sam action reminded me of Tommy, RIP, but it was some weird shit. Will another Sam GF bite the dust? Tune in next week kiddies. Poor Andy he just is overwhelmed and they are doing it all in front of a shifter killer! I approve Sam's interview techniques though, yessssss.
Then Luna smelling ol Sweetie's and who knows who else's menthol cigs, that made me laugh. The weres in Louisiana are just as skankie as the ones in Mississippi, Alcide has his hands full.  I laughed at the thought of them reading "The Most Dangerous Game" though, when they let the guy go running. 
Eric tries to save Nora from Salome's influence but she disses Godric and he should have killed her. We need to drastically trim this cast and I'm doing my part with suggestions, see HBO, I am here to help, call me. 
This years faes are worse than last seasons, they might dress better, fancy and all but they are bimbos. Einstein never would have run in this particular circle, he was allergic to jazzhands for one.  Hoyt is a creeper forever to me now, glad he met Sweetie on the road, she can take that trash out. One huge thing that the show didn't address (one of many), who the hell is running Merlottes? Is it shut down since they all are preoccupied on one plotline or another, none having to do with their place of employment? Lala doesnt even take a break to recoup his hellish Don Bartolo visit and that Holly and Arlene want a favor, he charges at least. When the Iraqi woman entered Lafayette and said one would have to die, did you laugh at Patrick booking out so fast?
Warlow? Did they really call the vamp on the bridge Warlow (Harlow would have had some panache at least)? Hmm, some clue or anagram?

Thanks for the screencaps Skarsgardfans (Barb has a great site) and HBO. 
Recaps as usual, just tastes, go to the links to read in entirety-
The development of Bill. There was a danger of Bill’s character stagnating but the writers are speeding up his so-called “evolution.” The plan to bomb the “True Blood” factories is pretty genius, if decidedly antiquated – there are only five factories in the world that make it? How much supply is there? Come to think of it, what is the actual vampire population figure? Either Bill has turned into an evil mad scientist overnight (or during the day, rather, while he’s asleep) or he’s positioning himself to be the savior of humankind and the ultimate mole.
More on Bill. Salome asks him a piercing question we haven’t thought about yet: “If you really loved your human children, why didn’t you make them vampires? Keep them with you forever?” It’s a compelling point, but as Bill explains to his dying daughter, “Immortality is a curse.” Of course, to his daughter, his showing up at her deathbed all youthful and preserved while she rots away is the height of cruelty. Bill immediately realizes he’s made a mistake in letting death commingle with life in this way (just like Brad Pitt does in “Meet Joe Black,” when he visits a dying grandmother and she can tell who she really is. Don’t think we need to give you a spoiler alert here).

The Pam and Tara show: I officially love everything Pam and Tara do, say and wear this season (spinoff?). When an old mean girl from Tara's high school appears, she tries a battle of the words with Tara, and clearly loses. "Now you're a member of two minorities!" the friend says to Tara after Tara bares her fangs. Tara reminds her that she isn't going to take her s--- anymore ... and that she slept with her boyfriend in high school.
Pam rewards Tara's gumption by tying up the high-school friend and glamouring her into being Tara's human slave to feast on. Tara had thought Pam was mad at her. Line of the night from Pam: "You don't know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same."

’TIL DEATH DO THEM PART? | To welcome No-Longer-Emo Hoyt to the fold, the rednecks kidnapped Jessica so that he could shoot her with a wooden bullet. Instead, being the good guy that we all know he is, he set her free. Unfortunately, there seems likely to be more heartache ahead for him: When Andy, Sam and Luna-as-Sam showed up to rescue the redhead, Luna-as-Sam smelled a big human woman… and Cheetos. Hoyt’s mama, maybe?
ETC., ETC. | Though Pam intervened when Tara publicly threatened a former high school nemesis at Fangtasia, she privately gave the bitch to her progeny as a present. On Godric’s orders, Eric appealed to Nora’s saner side, only to discover that she no longer possessed a saner side. (Duh.) And in case you couldn’t have guessed, no, Sookie did not lightning-bolt away all her magic. Jason talked her out of doing so, even mentioning that, had she not been “different,” she never would have met Bill. (Foreshadowing?)

CinemaBlend has a good recap too.  IGN's here.
TLG's HighlightHollywood- While Salome’s rule as Vampire Authority Guardian found a new ally in King Bill Compton of Louisiana, Russell found a cute new boyfriend in Steve Newlin. They seem to be hitting it off, talking about traveling and enjoying their lives as vampires, while Salome calmly tries to destroy the mainstreamers. But it was Bill who came up with the devious plan for how to destroy the mainstreaming agenda. “Let’s bomb the ‘True Blood’ factories. There are only five of them in the U.S. Without ‘True Blood’, we’ll force the mainstreamers to have to feed on humans,” said Bill. Eric looked on in horror, while Salome found her true soul-mate, or soulless-mate.
Why was Sookie seeing this from the Vamp's perspective, I think she had his blood.
 I am happy they used the late Elliot Smith's song instead of Gotye, yeah to Calamar!

This casting call was off by one thing, it was 1910, not 1931 and so it was his daughter after all.
[SARAH COMPTON-HARRIS] Female Caucasian 40-45. Seen in a flashback to 1931, in a scene with Bill (Stephen Moyer). One day guest star That's an interesting change. She can't be Bill's daughter unless he made her a vampire around 1900. If she's human and 40-45 in 1931, then she's got to be his granddaughter or a neice. This revised casting notice doesn't mention anything about her being sick or near death. 
Also thought the chick on the bed with Sal was Nora freaking out thinking she was Lilith, was just another way for Bill to be a twunt and feed on a human.
                                At least I have these two, "love, all shiney and new".


  1. I think there are WAY 2 MANY FUCKING PLOT LINES GOING ON & IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME TO GET THRU EVERY1OF THEMS IN 50-55MIN. Ur always left with a empty still hungry4more fucking wholes in the plot to be filled & thet just kinda ignoee that. I truly believe that bill is being sucked in as a pussy to young of a vampire 2 b leader matarial jus young enuf to b a follower... Eric always has and still does care about himself but is at least smart enuf not to b sucked in2there madness. Bill cud "conviently" b playing double agent like a guy whos acting seduced but is going along for the ride til he gets a chance to assume power just like he did to queen sophie ann. Salome is just trying to have others subscribe to her radical mania much like hitler did w/the nazi's created mass hysteria. & warlow idk I think that he mite b sum1ahe knos better than she even.knos conciously. Really anna paquin is preggers so I dont kno how or if they will factor that in but if she is fae & has had a connectooms w/ vampires I believe a child cud put an end to this war bill and sookies kid. But teally these self entitled fucks (vampires) really need to stumble appound sumthing bigger than then & just have me(or the character ive created) take them down a notch & laugh whole heartedlly at the vampires attempt this coup is when my h character says u are a game of chess2 me & are nothing, etc

  2. They arent putting her pregnancy in the scripts, they said that. I know what you mean about all the plots, whew. I think if she is looking on the scene from the vamps viewpoint she has his blood or he has had hers, some shit like that, otherwise I dont know how she could do it. I was thinking Bill was a double agent again, playing the Authority till he came up with that grandiose idea. That was too much to give them to even ponder and too dangerous. I guess Warlow, Warhol is the big bad for next season or who knows. I have to watch it again and try to hear what that name is, has to be a clue.

    1. I wish Hoyt had really shot Jessica. Maybe not killed her, but shot her in the head. :)

      I like the multiple story lines, it's fun to see how they all connect or resolve by the end of the seasons. Plus they offer something for everyone. There are people who are burnt out on the Authority, The Supernatural Killers and the Fairies and the Djinn. Why force those people to watch whole episodes of those storylines? Why cut them just to please a few vocal complainers?

      I also like proper grammar and syntax. I gave up reading the comment above after the first sentence.

      I can't wait to see who was cast as the fairy elder. Janet Louise Hubert would have been perfect. She is regal, matronly and has skill in dance.

      I like Claude as he is cast. I also like Claudette. The fairy subplot and setting is much better than the alien world and white party from earlier seasons.

      I think Patrick is going to get ready. I don't think he's scared at all.

      I'm enjoying this season in general.

  3. Thank you for commenting but no need to put down anyone else who posts for whatever reason. We'll see why Patrick ran without a word and a terrified look on his face soon enough.

  4. That wasn't a put down. It was a valid comment, it was hard to read. I had to look to your comment to get an idea of what was said.

  5. Ok, I was thinking it was just not nice to a poster but intent is hard to gage online, sorry. I think kids text so much that they use that when posting places too, I can read it, we used to call it back in the dark ages of the WWW, "netspeak". Some forums would ban you if you used it, lol. I'm hoping this Warlow or whatever isnt a huge red herring and turns out to be something interesting and fierce, even if it is a bad fae or a new vamp. Yet distorting the voice and image is leading me to think it is someone we know, again could be BS.