Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the Beginning Rewind

He's Back! He is so excited about his Authority pin and getting out of his jammies. Screencaps from Skarsgardfans, (she is fast!) and HBO
This is a just another Saturday Night to Russell.
Mine are bigger than yours, nananananana.

WSJ Recap bits, as always whole recap at the links-
Sookie’s dilemma. Struggling with whether or not to deplete her magic on purpose so she can be a regular human is a good touch.
Jason gets to have funny lines again! “Plug her in and charge her back up,” he puts in earnestly after Sookie’s magic seems to drain away. Then, later, “I don’t know how to make lunch so I made you breakfast instead.” Excellent, us too.
Hoyt and Jessica, Part 578. Hoyt clearly does not hate Jessica Hamby, but says he does anyway, because he’s in initiation mode with his new fraternity friends.
Alcide and new hot werewolf = much better couple than him and Sookie.
Oh dear, Tara is a on a pole. And then her mother walks in. Just like John Goodman discovering Piper Perabo mid-strut down the bar in “Coyote Ugly.” Pam looks on with what seems like approval. There’s a warm and tender moment between the two before Pam realizes she just looks like Vampire Malibu Barbie without actually being Vampire Malibu Barbie.
From the Baltimore Sun-Let's start with the Authority, since most of this beyond bizarre, often creepy episode centered on the newly Roman-less group. Sanguinista leaders Salome, Nora and Russell are gleeful and plan a superfun, superserious ceremony.
To drink the blood of Lilith! That Nordic chancellor dares to debate whether this is a good idea and Russell dispatches him immediately, so the other chancellors are all about this. Steve Newlin: "I'm like a tree in the wind, I'm just happy to be here." Yes, he's still folksy in the face of drinking Lilith.
Bill and Eric don't want to do it (they're as tired of this religious Sanguinista stuff as the rest of us), but for some reason they do. I assume they were forced, but Eric does say that nothing will happen to them (vampires drinking vampire blood and such), so maybe they just went along with it.
Bad move. But somewhat fun for the viewer, as the group goes on a non-mainstreaming rampage through Bourbon Street. Actually, it was funny that no one noticed how tripped out they were on Lilith blood while walking down the road. Except for that poor cabbie, who had to deal with the high Eric saying they aren't going to take him being a human any longer (cabbie just honked to get you out of the way, Eric).
This wasn't going to end well. The group ends up at a bar's private party. We're not sure what this party is, but it features a young girl singing "You Light Up My Life." Is this a debutante thing? Either way, it was hilarious to see Russell join in the duet before he's recognized and all hell breaks loose. MORE

                                            In Splat We Trust, dibs on the Nike gear!
That blood was like primo pure Owsley LSD, they were tripping balls, some joker (Tim Leary) put it in the vial in 1964.
TVLine's Ausiello's recap-
ANIMAL PLANET | For some reason, while training for his big packmaster smackdown with JD, Alcide seems to completely forget that he’s in love with Sookie and puts the moves on she-wolf Rikki. (Huh?) Martha once again insists that JD’s not on V, then is forced to eat her words when she catches him offering the drug to little Emma while recruiting four-legged soldiers for the coming vampire-human war. Meanwhile, Sam (literally) sniffs out one of the Obama-masked killers dressed as an orderly at the very hospital where Luna is convalescing, and No-Longer-Quite-So-Emo Hoyt feels so loved by the hate group that he becomes its newest member.
AND ANOTHER THING… | In Mexico, Lafayette is reunited with Jesus’ severed head, which Don Bartolo has artistically placed on Buster Bluth’s hand chair from Arrested Development. The villain is about to kill Lafayette, thereby implanting the brujo magic he apparently never should have been given by Jesus in Mrs. Bartolo’s about-to-be-born baby, when surprise! The pregnant lady stabs her husband to death. (OK… ) At Fangtasia, Lettie Mae pays Tara a visit to say hi and… Oh, right. Lettie Mae never does anything nice. She actually stops by to disown her daughter. There is a silver lining to the big “ouch,” though: Not only does Pam compliment Tara on her pole-dancing skills, she actually comforts her, leading to one of the most uncomfortable hugs you are likely to see this (or any) week. Finally, Terry – possibly as tired of the smoke monster story as the rest of us – considers killing himself. MORE

Scene by scene recap HERE, always good if you missed something.
Any man that trusts Salome is a fool, Russell is no fool. The actress I thought would be Lilith wasn't, and this one is no way the one on the bridge, if she is even more than an hallucination.
Jessica Clark agreed about her entrance-Quite the entrance ;), that was all she'd say, lol.
RIP Dieter, Christopher Heyerdahl didnt have much to do but we'll see him as "The Swede" (but I'm Norwegian!) on Hell On Wheels second season soon. You knew he was done for when he was still in Authority Protocol mode.
Eric Scenes!

Baby Vamps new vlog-
Confessions of a Vampslut  How about another firecrotch! 

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  1. Who is the actress who plays Lilith?

    1. Jessica Clark